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March 05, 2009


no name

It always pisses me off to be driving and run into a long line of traffic because everyone needs a look at the accident on the side of the road. This is no different, rubber necking I think it is called, catering to the rubberneckes.

Pied Piper

I'm all for transparency, but seeing when the Star News decided to air this video, and knowing what it depicted, makes me realize why Causey may be a little tighter on the media. Because occasionally, the media is irresponsible with the information they receive. By irresponsible, you can read: Unempathetic, uncaring, contrite, etc. Their only motivation for showing the video (which confirmed the incident as originally reported) was for financial gain. They could have got the video, and once they found out that, yep, there was a box in the road, stated, "We have viewed the video, and confirmed that the incident happened as originally reported, however, out of respect for the family and the department, we will not be airing the video at this time." That may have gone a long way towards establishing a trust to maintain transparency.

You have an agency that has been consistently cooperative with the media, no history (lately) of stonewalling. Why ruin their trust. You don't think their lawyers can find ways to make your lives more difficult? I don't want that, the public doesn't need that, but in the end, the only thing the WSN has done here is made their job far more difficult in the future.

Pick your battles.

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