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February 25, 2009



hey maybe UNCW can get a art show with artistic pictures from some pedofiles computer!




dude wth


Institutions who are sick are too sick to know they're sick. God, please help them for they know not what they do.

D. C.

You say that Janet Ellerby of the university's Women’s Resource Center "is pissed" because nude photos of underage girls cannot be displayed.....Ohhhhh poor Janet, my heart just bleeds for her. What a piece of work, this sick b***h doesn't even deserve to be called a women let alone be allowed to work in a "Women's resource center. It's quite obvious she sees these little nude girls as a "resource" to swell her own ego and spread whatever sick agenda she has, with no care as to how this may impact these girls later in life. My God people (you at the university), what hell is wrong with you, have you no freaking morals. And as for rest of the freaks working at the university who approve of displaying nude photos of children,.....arrest these bastards and the idiot photographer who wouldn't recognize "art" if it hit upside his head. Why don't you people grow up!!!!!!!!

Richard Stewart

y arent they craking down on this stuff better? but i guess they dont have enough staff too see if this stuff is going on till its too late.


Here in the UK it's perfectly legal to have sex at is the problem with showing a nude 16 year old!? Only in the sexually repressed US...and this is supposed to be the most powerful country on earth...God help us all!!!

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