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February 23, 2009



Such a tribute to a fine man. The 10-42 call made me tear up.

Rebecca Sanderson

I didn't want to listen to any of the news about this. My brother died in Iraq 2 years ago and although I didn't know Officer Matthews I know what his family is going through. I finally broke down last night when I saw the news report on TV. I haven't stopped until I found this blog. I stopped because it seems that you get it. Its like when I listened to the last call thing everything came out of me, Im sure my neighbors were concerned. But I have a smile on my face now, his life didn't go unnoticed. My heart was broken and the tragic death of officer Matthews mended it. I now know why my little brother died. He died because he was a hero. They are all heros.


Thank you for posting this 10-42.

IT Services Seattle

I totally go along you! I have often felt that way but nobody really would like to take it as seriously as we do apparently. Excellent blog anyway, I am going to have to stop by more frequently.

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