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September 07, 2008


Steven Mark Pilling

Dear Tre: Good column... and thanks.

Dear Crimeblogs Readers:

I prepared a reply for Tre's informative (and personally flattering!) column. However (and is often the case) I found that I had written an entire column myself! Rather than weigh down his space with that, let me direct you to my site via the link that Tre has thoughtfully provided. It'll be something of a "public service announcement" as to what the decent and concerned citizens of North Carolina (and the country) can do to further the cause of child protection. I'll try to post it by tomorrow.

Please note that the cases of these child exploitive films- "Hounddog" in particular- have ramifications that extend far beyond the depravity now routinely inflicted on child actors and models. It extends, through those children, to every child in the country and threatens each and every one.

Okay. I'll cut it off here before I wind up writing another column! Best wishes to all who have followed this story and do their share for children by their actions in everyday life. You're the biggest "movers and shakers" of all. God bless.

Steven Mark Pilling

Dear Readers:

Hurricane Ike is bearing down on me! I may be offline for a while. If anyone has any queries here or on my webiste, don't be surprised if I'm tardy in answering.

BTW: Paul Petersen reports that "Hounddog" will still be seen in Los Angeles. Apparently some theaters around the country will still present it on September 19th. If anyone is aware of other screenings, please forward that information to one of the links above or to Dr. Ted Baehr's "".

North Carolina "Had Hanna". Here in Texas, we DON'T "Like Ike"! God bless.


BEVERLY HILLS, Calif., Sept. 12 /PRNewswire/ -- Empire Film Group, Inc.
(OTC: EFGU) ( will release the highly
anticipated drama, "Hounddog" to theaters on September 19th, with a coalition
of support from top film critics, major media organizations and women's and
children's support groups. The film will launch in New York, Los Angeles,
Chicago and selected other markets, with two major waves of expanded release
set for October 3 and October 10. Ultimately, Empire plans to reach all of
the top 100 markets in the USA, with more than 400 total play dates.

"We have been pleasantly overwhelmed by the support being generated for
'Hounddog'" said Eric Parkinson, CEO of Distribution for Empire Film Group,
Inc. "This is truly one of the most important films of the year, and it's
encouraging to see the momentum building so powerfully."

"Hounddog" stars Dakota Fanning as an Elvis-obsessed 12-year old in the
late 1950's, who must endure a difficult family situation compounded by a
life-altering assault. The film was written and directed by Deborah Kampmeier
("Virgin"), a rapidly rising star among women film directors. Producers on
the film include Jen Gatien ("Chelsea on the Rocks"), and Scott Franklin,
whose most recent production of "The Wrestler" just won the Golden Lion Award
at the Venice Film Festival. Other principal cast members include Robin
Wright-Penn ("Forrest Gump"), David Morse ("The Green Mile") and three-time
Academy Award nominee Piper Laurie.

"Hounddog" will be featured in a variety of national television
entertainment programs and major newspapers over the next two weeks, including
feature stories in the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times.


'Hounddog' ready to face its public

By Susan King, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
September 14, 2008

WRITER-director Deborah Kampmeier was nearly run out of Park City, Utah, during last year's Sundance Film Festival after critics savaged her coming-of-age drama "Hounddog," in which a 12-year-old girl, played by Dakota Fanning, is raped by a much older boy.

Even before the film's premiere, such conservative groups as the Christian Film & Television Commission and the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights strongly objected to the scene.

"People were petitioning to have me arrested for child pornography," Kampmeier says. "There were petitions to have Dakota's mother arrested. We had a bodyguard at the Sundance screening. There were death threats against me. Dakota gives a remarkable performance, and she's being shamed for having done this role. It was so painful to see people attacking her that way."

Over the years, other filmmakers have run into problems with their movies dealing with sensitive issues involving children, including Anjelica Huston's 1996 pedophile drama "Bastard Out of Carolina" and Louis Malle's "Pretty Baby" (1978), in which a preteen Brooke Shields plays a child prostitute in New Orleans. But those complaints seem mild compared with the firestorm surrounding "Hounddog."

Kampmeier insists she wasn't courting controversy.

"I didn't make it to make a social commentary," she says. "I wrote it from my heart, and if it touches someone else's heart now that it has become a controversial film and is dealing with a lot of social issues . . . I am really trying to embrace that."

Truth be told, the rape sequence, though harrowing, is discreetly shot. Kampmeier says Fanning ("I Am Sam," "Charlotte's Web") was protected during the filming. "It was carefully orchestrated," she says. "You are crafting it in the editing room."

"Hounddog," set in rural Alabama during the late 1950s, was considered too much of a hot potato to attract a distributor after Sundance. But earlier this year, a small, relatively new company, Empire Film Group, acquired it and will open the film Friday in limited release, including in Los Angeles.

But it was a different aspect of the Sundance experience that inspired Kampmeier to take another pass at the rough-cut version she screened there. The responses at the public screenings, Kampmeier says, were far removed from the critics' reactions.

"I had lines of women who came up in tears thanking me for making the film," she says. "I had women stand up in the Q&As; mothers who had literally seen it the day before brought their 13-year-old daughters to see it. I had a man come up to me after a screening and say he hadn't cried his entire life but this made him cry. Those responses really gave me the courage to continue to trust my voice and my vision when I went back to continue working on the film."

The Sundance version of "Hounddog," says the filmmaker, was more about action; the release cut is more about reaction. "I had time to go in and dig into the performances and let these incredible actors tell the story. Fifty percent of the footage is different . . . because we went in and chose the performances. I think the film is much more nuanced."

Structurally, the biggest change occurs after Fanning's character, Lewellen, is raped. "What I wanted to focus on was what was important to me -- her voice was silenced and her spirit was silenced. So I decided to move all the scenes after the rape so she doesn't say a word after the rape until she screams at her father," played by David Morse.

Empire Films believes in the new version too. "We knew there was a lot of negative publicity," says Eric Parkinson, chief executive of distribution for Empire. "But we predicated our deal not on the Sundance cut; we made it on the new cut, which is substantially different. We thought the film's reputation was not deserved."

Steven Mark Pilling

Dear "Me":

I read that propaganda piece from Empire Film Group quite some time ago off their seldom-updated website. Old data... and utterly obsolete.

The second item was forwarded to me by Paul Petersen a couple of days ago. You should have seen his reply to it... which he was kind enough to forward to me. Susan King, who is an obvious Hollywood sychophant, was dutifully quoting "the party line" as given her by the spew machine. Again; old, oft-quoted and oft-refuted diatribes. We've been all over this ground before.

Tre Benson

"What I wanted to focus on was what was important to me -- her voice was silenced and her spirit was silenced. So I decided to move all the scenes after the rape so she doesn't say a word after the rape until she screams at her father" Director Kampmeier in recent press statement.

Dakota doesn't speak after the rape? OMG that would have been an unbelievably brilliant artistic move on the behalf of the film makers had it have been thought of during the 12 years the writer claims it took her to write the story. Silencing Dakota would have been a cinema's recreation of Robert Rauschenberg erasing de Kooning's drawing. But wait, nothing really changes except one scene. Pathetic. Kampmeier gives us some "story" about an artistic change in the edit, no change, still the same.

Such bullshit.

Here's how it goes:

Page 66 the character Lewellen gets raped by Wooden Boy.

Until page 72 Lewellen has only about two or three words, but on page 72 is a scene in which Lewellen gets sick at church, it is this scene that leads some to believe Lewellen may have internal injuries from the brutal rape or perhaps she is pregnant.

Grammie beams. They move down the steps and into the yard.
Grammie dartin her gaze around lookin for Marge. Grasshopper
and her granfolks and Buddy and his folks emerge from the
I don’t feel good.
Whats the matter with you? You sick?
Yes ma’am.
There’s your boyfriend Lewellen.
I wanna go home.
Well just wait a few minutes for me
to go around an check on ma jelly.
Lewellen there’s your boyfriend.
Hi hi hi.
Daddy starts wavin at Buddy.
No! I wanna go now. Please!
In just a minute.
I’m gonna throw up!
You’re fine Lewellen. Just calm
yerself down an I’ll be right back.
Grammie leaves them, movin around the side of the church

Page 77 Daddy slips naked into bed next to Lewellen, she never says anything in the script and doesn't until page 84

On page 84 Dakota yells at her Daddy for being naked in a bar.

For some reason I thought Dakota would be silent until the end of the movie when her father reaches for the dead snake. Oh that would have been so clever.


"But wait, nothing really changes except one scene."

That goes against Steve's claims that there was a major re-edit. Which is it? Did they re-edit the film or not? Not sure about scene 39 (that wasn't in the Sundance cut) but all the other scenes will be in the movie just moved around a bit. That's not uncommon. The last Rocky movie was changed three times before the final cut.

New Trailer:

Making of Hounddog Video:

Fox News is reporting that Dakota may get an Oscar nomination for "Bees". So much for the claims that this movie ruined her career.,2933,418062,00.html

Steven Mark Pilling

Dear Tre: I just managed to finish my column "Hounddog: Sex, Lies and Children" this morning! Hurricanes can be such a bother!! I just read you post and, I think, you'll find that we share a number of conclusions. I'll try to forward it to you. I've never attempted that before, so we'll see what happens!

Dear "Me":

Firstly, thanks for the links you provided to my website. You're a good source! It's your conclusions that I find problematical.

Once again, you're stressing the state of Dakota Fanning's career as some sort of vindication. Again: I couldn't care less about her career or that of any other film actor's- except where they negatively impact innocent children. You keep trying to divert the issue into some Hollywood gossip column.

BTW: Have you forgotten Joy Fanning's infamous remark about "Oscars"... vis-a-vis "Hounddog" in July 2006?

Check out the full text of my column as per this morning as to the answer for your "re-edit" question. And how on Earth can you compare "Rocky", and inspirational movie devoid of any hint of child porn, to "Hounddog"? The mind boggles!!


"BTW: Have you forgotten Joy Fanning's infamous remark about "Oscars"... vis-a-vis "Hounddog" in July 2006?"

Link please? I've never seen a direct quote about Oscars from Joy or Cindy Osbrink. How can we remember something that doesn't exist?

"You keep trying to divert the issue into some Hollywood gossip column."

Irony much? It was Lloyd Grove's gossip column that alluded to Joy Fanning and Oscar talk in the first place.

By the way, Hounddog had it's premiere last night. So "ha-ha!"

Tre Benson

Link to the comments about Oscar potential.

And yes there was an opening in NYC for the movie. I saw about 30 or 40 people there. Good turnout I suppose.

O I believe the buzz about Bees is Dakota's co-stars.


"Link to the comments about Oscar potential. "

Sorry, but neither Anderson nor Grove are Dakota's mom.

"O I believe the buzz about Bees is Dakota's co-stars."

If you don't believe me, maybe you'll believe Fox News?,2933,418062,00.html

Dakota Fanning, Divas Get Buzzing

The only bad thing about a wonderful new drama called "The Secret of Life of Bees" is that when it opens, the word "buzz" is going to be overused to ridiculous length. Let's be the first and get it out of the way now. The buzz is very, very good.


The real revelation is Dakota, who’s 14 and still has to endure the misery of "Hound Dog" being released shortly. She carries the film with a quiet dignity. Not since Jodie Foster has a child actor made this kind of impact. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s nominated for an Oscar for Best Actress."

WOW weee..

who care's
HOUNDDOG is a Fucked up movie ill never pay to see a movie like this or anything like it.

got to go happydays is on..

Steven Mark Pilling

Dear Defan:

It's ironic that you should mention Jodie Foster here. It was her example in the film "Taxi Driver" that was used to bring about the Fannings' compliance in presenting Dakota as a pre-teen tramp in "Hounddog". Of course, what they apparently failed to tell little Dakota was the psychological trauma Foster suffered from playing a whore at the age of 12 plus the later stigmas and personal trials. They likely also failed to mention that, even in that disgusting film, Jodie didn't have any direct sexual interaction with other cast members... unlike Dakota, who was sexually active with just about everyone.

And this is the movie you're trying to promote? Could you (as Joy Fanning did) bring yourself to sit on a movie set and watch your little girl enact scene after scene of sexual depravity and your only reaction be, "I hope this will win Dakota an Oscar?" Are you capable of detaching yourself from a parent's loving responsibilities to a daughter just to keep the money flowing into your coffers? Remember: When you calculate in Joy Fanning's take as her daughters' manager plus the allotment for "household expenses", you're talking about roughly half of the total income. That's a LOT of money.

How much are the hearts and souls of YOUR children worth to you? And for what price would you sell their good names and betray the trust of millions of their young supporters to enrich yourself? These questions, indeed, lie at the "heart" of the issue.


I worked the movie, Dakota was so unbelievably perfect, so were most of the other kids. I wasn't onset when the rape scene took place but I will say that I was told it was tough to watch. It was shot on the stage and Christoph was definatly there with her. Dakota did not act the scene out alone. And yes Dakota at times looked to be naked. She wore various tops and manytimes the crew would even joke about how perverted they felt for seeing her nearly naked like that.

Still I am proud to have worked the movie. It gave me a chance to find my spot without unions stopping those of us that want to work inthe business. It was hot, and yes we had to deal with stop and starts and no money. My good friend that got me the job on the movie is still owed money and she isnt the only one. I think it is a good movie. It is a story women can relate to.

Koty will go on to greatness and look back on all this and have her own story to tell about it. And yes her mother is every AD's (assistant director's) nightmare. Maybe Dakota's too.

But Dakota is not naked, she did not have sex and no other kid did either. I dont know why everyone wont just drop it. Dakota is older than you think and I'm sure she knew exactly what she was doing the whole time. And my god she was in like every scene, Ive never seen anyone work as hard as she did WITH A SMILE TOO!

I do think you are being thoughtful trying to protect her but really its ok.


"It's ironic that you should mention Jodie Foster here."

No it's ironic that you thought I mentioned it when I was quoting Fox News.

It's ironic that you apparently read little of what I write including when I point out *your* irony: "Irony much? It was Lloyd Grove's gossip column that alluded to Joy Fanning and Oscar talk in the first place."

It's not ironic, but disturbing at the amount of guilt by association going on here. So what if I or Fox News mentioned Foster? Stick to the point. Don't go off on a tangent about Foster.

But it *is* ironic that you make up lies about Foster in addition to Fanning. Here's what Jodie said about her role in Taxi Driver:

"I say that Iris was a good role, that I like portraying such tough little wenches, that I never felt I was a whore, just that I was playing one — a naive little one at that. Film people talk sex a lot. In fact, I think it's probably the main topic of conversation on sets. When I was around, though, that kind of talk always receded into the background. So I wasn't corrupted, on screen or off."

she was on set but she was told humm..

Still I am proud to have worked the movie.
REALY! K-dog..

hey dee will become the next celebrity sex goddess..just like..

/ jodiefaster / britneyspears /
jenna malone / Brooke Shields /
and so.on

have you scene celebrity sex tapes ?
this is what they doo to little princess.
like dee when they become of age.. i hope not.
but you know she did turn down a remake of lolita.
now elle ask to do a remake of the exorcist.
WTF.. hollywood sucks big time

Steven Mark Pilling

Dear K-dog:

Thanks for your witness. You've further corroborated a few items as to what happened on the set and the general attitudes that prevailed there. The infamous "rape scene", the financial difficulties, the mindsets... even the character of Joy Fanning. As a studio exec once said of her, "She's the complete stage mother. The negociations go on and on!" Is it any wonder that her daughter was so compliant (and even happy) while performing in a landmark work of child porn? It's what Mommy Dearest wanted her to do.

However, I think you're perceiving this film too much from an Industry standpoint. Let me make these observations.

1. Under law, presenting a child in sexual situations in simulated nudity (i.e. a body sock) is the equivalent of actual nudity and is therefore a major felony. This may be one of those laws with no statute of limitations.

2. Morally, there can be no difference in requiring an impressionable child to enact sex and gross violence as opposed to the real thing. The concepts alone are destructive of their hearts and minds and are carried along into adulthood.

3. Perversion with children is no laughing matter. I understand that your co-workers were likely trying to come to terms with what they were participating in. It would have been far better, though, if they'd followed the example of others and walked off the set. It was their children, too, who were being degraded and endangered through Dakota's proxy. Some things money can't justify.

4. Few of the women I've discussed this movie with could "relate" to it in any way. Especially those who were molestation victims themselves. They tend to feel (rightly!) that they've been cheapened and exploited in their travails... as Dakota was.

5. Of course, Dakota didn't realize at the time the consequences of what she was doing. She was a 12 year old child and, actress or not, vulnerable to the influences of the amoral adults around her. She's hardly the first child to be led into infamy with a smile on her face. It must be remembered that, despite the Hollywood line, intelligence in a child does not equate maturity. They're two completely different things. That's why good parents are so important.

That's only a few reasons as to why this movie is NOT okay. If the sexual exploitation of children on such a scale- across the barrier into actual pornography- is allowed to stand and flourish, then the ultimate nightmare will be here. Children are the crown of creation in any healthy society. It's essential that they remain so.

Again, though, thank you for your testimony. Please don't be a stranger here. Insights from the "Hounddog" set are valuable. If you have more to offer, please post here or at my website at "". Both Tre and I will respect and guard your anonymity.

Kindest regards;

Steven Mark Pilling

Steven Mark Pilling

Dear Defan:

I mentioned the "irony" of your statement because it was. "Taxi Driver" and Jodie Foster's role in it was likely the prime justification used on a clueless little girl to inspire her ambitions and to make her compliant in a movie that took Foster's example over the edge into pornography. That Jodie Foster, now an adult (in the Hollywood sense!) has tried to justify herself since is understandable. Her own mentality was twisted as a child during "Taxi Driver's" making. As an adult actress, she's since performed in numerous scenes of sex and gross violence. Her erratic personal life is likewise noteworthy.

Sure, that might have happened anyway, given Hollywood's perverse climate. But the lingering effects of sexual exploitation as a child cannot be discounted. Nor can the example and trend that such things set. Without her's, "Hounddog" might never have happened... and America's children would be safer.

Steven Mark Pilling

Dear Aubrey: You have to remember that things often look different when you're happy to hold down a lucrative job and are surrounded by the Industry's "it's just business" attitude. I'm sure that K-dog is a decent lady. She's just trying to work things out in retrospect and sharing her thoughts with us. It's important that she be encouraged in this. What's dangerous in the Hollywood dogma is that morality not only plays no factor in things, but is actively discouraged. More people from that set need to reconsider and come forward. Especially now, with this issue on the rise again.

Amanda Ransom

I hadn't heard about Houndog (I was looking at another Dakota film Push when I came across Houndog and wondered what it was about), after reading parts of the shocking script I can't believe that a mother subjected her daughter to make this kind of film. This isn't the first kind of film with adult context that a child (male or female) has been in that could have effect on them.

Horrible things go on in this world, and sometimes writers and/or directors want to send a message. Maybe a message that a child or woman can survive an act of abuse or that unless people pay more attention and speak out the monsters of this world will not be held accountable for their actions. But this film seems to cross that line, again I haven't seen this film and I'm sure the actors are good, the location and filming good but its the content that is awful. Who would want to see a film were a girl is abused over and over and then abuses her friends? There are three main children subjected to not only doing sexual acts with/infront of each other but also in front of adults, whilst being filmed. WHAT WAS THESE CHILDRENS MOTHERS THINKING???

I'm a open minded person, I'm trying not be a person who prejudges a film before seeing it first hand, but if this was done in a closed room somewhere the adults involved would all be locked away, not making money out of it.

I understand that a lot of child actors read scripts themselves but sometimes a parent has to say no.

A lot of female actresses have been exploited by their parents and agents and it needs to stop.

Also Mr Pilling, Jodie Foster is a great actress, as a adult she has been in films with sex and violence but so?? She's an adult making adult films, sex can be meaningful in a film, when done right. People have sex, its an important part of life and most films are trying to capture life. Also is the phrase erratic personal life a jibe at Miss Foster being gay? Being gay doesn't make someone a bad or a unmoral person.

I hope that more parents of children in the limelight be it film, TV or music show less interest in money and more about their child.

Steven Mark Pilling

Dear Amanda:

Sorry I've been so tardy in answering, but I've just had one of those weeks on the job where I've been considered indispensable by my bosses!

One of the prime points I've tried to make is that of parental (and prosecutorial!) responsibility. As I've pointed out, there are parents now in a federal penitentiary who pandered their children (mostly on the internet) to a much lesser degree than those other children were on the set of "Hounddog". Yet, the Fannings, the Hanfords and the Fuhrmans were never even questioned (to my knowledge); much less indicted. Nor did their agents and the filmmakers ever see a day in jail. At least; not over that!

The incidence of internet child porn is so prevalent that the FBI has put all its resources into that effort. They don't even TRY to take on Hollywood and face all the difficulties that would engender. Nor do prosecutors on all levels. Resultingly, stage parents, et. al., get a pass and child actors remain their helpless, mindwashed tools of profit.

As to Jodie Foster... I never said she was a lesbian and have never heard that she was so inclined. That her personal life has been "erratic" is what I draw from her history of personal relationships and her own, often disjointed ramblings during interviews. When I compare that to the sharp, focused kid she once was prior to "Taxi Driver", the differences are stark. I already see some of that in Dakota Fanning's story; before "Hounddog" and after.

We'll probably have to agree to disagree about the merits of "adult films" in the modern day. As I've related before, I remember how, in the days before the MPAA rating system made those kinds of films possible, ALL films were family films. Some were stupid and some were fairly rugged... but they were also made in the times that were considered Hollywood's Golden Age. I consider it to be a symptom of Hollywood's lack of both talent and morals that they make 80% of the movies they do.

As to parents in the limelight: It's now hard to get away from them! Before, they used to pander their kids in virtual anonymity. Now, they flaunt it! And it's not just Dina Lohan, either.

Last month, the entire Fanning family (including the rarely-seen father) posed together at a red carpet event in Los Angeles. I'd never seen that before after all this time. And this was only weeks after their oldest child had showed up at an adult theater in Greenwich Village, surrounded by the worst sweepings of the Industry, to premiere the first openly child pornographic movie in Hollywood history... starring her! That- and the fact that the movie was widely decried and failed miserably- did not deter them from smiling for the cameras in L.A. One big, happy family!

These people have no shame at all. Is it any wonder that their children have none either?

steves right K-dog
im sorry if i upset you in my last post

Steven Mark Pilling

Just dropped in to say hello! As I predicted, the election and its aftermath have pretty well drowned out all developments on the "home front". At its final count, "Hounddog" made about $100K in its 2-theater run. That's about 1/100 the amount it took to make, re-make and promote it over a two-year period. Any other CEO (even in the auto industry!) would have been fired over something like that. Instead, Eric Parkinson has now been made head of Hannover House (a subsidiary of Empire Film Group). It's almost like the plot line from "The Producers". Promote a sleazy, rotten production... and get promoted yourself!

SO if Hounddog!! is band Y Isit Playing in movie theaters. and this myspace. is Dakota fannings. she dakota is on it all the time or frineds she has it on there that hounddog is playing in states of philadelphia / tennessee Dates and times and lots of little citys in and around CA, where she from.
she talks about being a hater and a poser and a roleplayer she also points out that she dosent want hate mail. tipacle or norml of what a teen would say.
I dont think she anything like it is here in gamming world the kids need parental guides bad kids just 10 yr old on net talken about sharing photos about sex curing and profanity. these kids hide from there parents ahaha..

Steven Mark Pilling

I have had a close contact for a while with a blogger who knows just about all there is to know about Dakota Fanning. I've found him to be an excellent and reliable source of information. He's of the opinion that the person on MySpace is just another poser. In fact, between the two of us, we've exposed a number of them!

If that MySpace poster IS Dakota, she's managed to circumvent her handlers... who would be outraged if they knew. If Dakota was to flap her mouth all over the internet about "certain" sensitive issues (like "Hounddog"!), she could still send some of them to jail. As Tre has pointed out, some of the crimes committed in Wilmington in 2006 have no statute of limitations.

BTW: To my knowledge, "Hounddog" ran in only two theaters; "The Village Cinema" in New York and "The Roxy" in Philadelphia.

And yes, it's a bitter thing to see children being sexually corrupted on the internet. It's the same sort of thing for which I opposed "Hounddog" and movies like it. Kids are being led into unnatural sexual attitudes by the examples from the popular culture. Of course, it's even worse when they have the visual example of a child star like Dakota Fanning to make it "cool".

well if this is a poser then he/she must live next door to her becouse this person knows way to mush i looked over this myspace page and its pretty convincing
and if this is a poser then my grandaughters will be crushed.

from dakota fanning ..
Wednesday, November 12, 2008

This is the "real" Dakota Fanning personal myspace page. I do not appreciate other people out there pretending to be me. Please do not send me messages asking if I am Dakota fanning, because I am. I will add anyone including bands and role-players--please do not send hate mail or ask me for proof. If you believe I'm not really who I claim to be, then in your best interest, do not add or contact me.

from Dakota fannings myspace page..

Wednesday, November 12, 2008 Blogs - Hounddog - Dakota Fanning MySpace Blog

"Hounddog" is now theaters. You can watch the trailer attached bellow. It can be seen in Chicago, New York, Tennessee, and several cities in California. For the listings, visit movie phone
and type in your zip code or for more information please visit

11:10 AM - 4 Comments - 6 Kudos - Add Comment -

~*HaZeL*~ =D

i love the privew i have a felling it is going to be a graet move... cant wait to see it... =D ;):b

Posted by ~*HaZeL*~ =D on Jun 1, 2008 7:57 PM
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Dakota Fanning

Thank you so much! It really is a good movie!!!! I had a great time filming

Posted by Dakota Fanning on Jun 2, 2008 2:53 PM
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Dakota Fanning fan site

the preview is great and you are the best!

Posted by Dakota Fanning fan site on Jun 9, 2008 4:56 PM
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Posted by MICKEY ROURKE ONLINE© on Jun 17, 2008 3:40 AM
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Steven Mark Pilling

I'll check it out when I can. However, you might note that the site hostess states that she will not entertain any questions by those who doubt her authenticity. I once composed a list of ten questions for those who had sites and claimed to be Dakota Fanning. I must have driven a half-dozen posers off the internet that way! This one, however, isn't going to allow that. If she was real, one would believe she'd be eager to establish the fact.

I've seen a lot of those "role players". I try to run them out- not because I think they're bad and not because of any animosity toward any child actor- but because it's bad for both the posters and the poser alike. The posters end up heartbroken when they realize they've been duped and the poser, by living a false life not her own, degrades herself in the process... particularly if she's still a kid herself.

Steven Mark Pilling

Dear Readers: It should be noted that Empire Film Group managed to pull off a "cutie" in regards to the movie. "Hounddog" was given a limited, week-long run at a San Diego theater- the Gaslamp 15- ending last Sunday. This is one of seven theaters in California owned by the Australian firm of Reading Cinemas. Interestingly, no other theater of the chain, either in America or Australia is carrying it or has... as far as I can tell. It seems that Empire is attempting a "potshot" strategy to circumvent public protest. If anyone who's concerned with this film has knowledge of a screening elsewhere, please post it. Remember: We're talking about a landmark work of kiddie porn, here. This is the concern of every decent American and parent.


hi guys
anything new!!

Steven Mark Pilling

Just sweetness and syrup, "Me".

Steven Mark Pilling

Dear Tre and all posters: Let me take this opportunity to wish all here a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Let's not forget to offer our prayers for all the children of our nation, particularly those who have been abused, exploited, degraded and, sadly, those who have lost their lives (like little Caylee) and are otherwise lost from sight and from soul. May God bless and keep them, dry their tears and deliver them to the arms of those who love them. Amen.

Steven Mark Pilling

Dear Tre:

I understand that "Hounddog" is now available at Blockbuster in the Wilmington area. "Me" tells me that it's initially doing well. Nor do I doubt it. After all, it was made there!

I just hope that, at least, the clerks are diligent about who they sell or rent it out to. My worst fear has always been that of kids getting ahold of it after being attracted by the Fanning name. Naturally, there's not much you can do about the pervert clientele. The filmmakers are, no doubt, counting heavily on all these factors.

I only hope that parents are as aware and discerning as they ought to be about this movie. As you know, a number of the worst scenes were, in this latest version, removed or moderated. Nevertheless, its core theme of depravity and horror remain. Some things you just can't edit... like the reality of its making.

P.S. Like I said earlier, the guys who prostituted out the Orton Plantation for the making of that sick scene with the semi-nude kids and the snake are probably breathing a sign of relief right now. That scene was, indeed, cut from this version. They should still be in jail, though, for their complicity in its making.


Just go through this website.

Steven Mark Pilling

Dear Suzain: Do you have a personal site, there? Getinforum seems to be a commercial site based in India.

Steven Mark Pilling

For anyone who's interested, a new company- Gravitas Ventures- has undertaken to license and distribute "Hounddog" through a broad range of outlets. This follows on the largely unsuccessful efforts of Empire Film Group/Hannover House to place the film in theaters and distribute it in DVD form over a broad range. Now, through Gravitas, the owners of the film apparently hope to successfully cash in on Dakota Fanning's name (and increased stature since her involvement with the "New Moon" film) to make "Hounddog" available on cable, satellite, the internet, stores (again) and even on iPod. They're trying to push it in venues that make it difficult for parents to oversee. For more on this development, reference my May article "An Open Letter To Nolan Gallagher" (the CEO of Gravitas) on my site at It seems that the threats posed by this movie are never laid to rest! SMP


hi steve..
yes it is out but limited.. iv seen the movie they have taken out alot of the bad sceens. i stell wouldent let my kids see it though.


to steve..
dakota fanning has a real myspace page and iv not sceen anything about hounddog but she is talking about newmoon and now runnaway.. lots of new photos of her at newmoon out takes and now runnaway..
about a movie in the 70s. i know this becouse she is on my friends list for my granduaghters. there are some posers. but this one is real i could txt her right now. but im not going too.. if anything illagel was in the hounddog movie i dident see it.


here you go steve gess what dakota fanning into now !!..

Reports are saying that Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning share a kiss and participate in a steamy lesbian sex scene in the Joan Jett biopic The Runaways. Could it really be?

According to a source, "In one scene, the girls share an intense lip-lock and their clothes end up scattered all over their hotel-room floor." And Kristen Stewart allegedly said, "Dakota's very controlled and poised... She's going to have to lose herself in this, because it's really pretty heavy."

It has been rumored that Joan Jett is a lesbian or that she may have experimented while in her all-girl group, The Runaways. So it's certainly possible they're exploring this in the biopic as well.

19-year-old Kristen Stewart and and 15-year-old Dakota Fanning are quickly becoming close friends as they recently finished filming New Moon and are not filming The Runaways together. And with kissing scenes, they seem to be getting even closer! We wonder what Robert Pattinson will say. Or do you think this is a rumor and a way to get more publicity for The Runaways?


iwouldn't doubt it if Dakota was a carpet muncher!

it about the money and fame

iwouldn't doubt it if Dakota was a carpet muncher!

thats not nices to say to a chid
but its ture
steve ben saying all long dhe thinks its an act its not real but it is real it is happenning and she realy is kissing and maken out with a girl its not fake like she thinks it is so ya she a les or bi
thats fucking hollwood for you

Steven Mark Pilling

Sorry I've been away so long, guys. I lost track with all that's been going on. You can now find me on Facebook, BTW.

Dear Aubrey:

I've heard a lot about Dakota's alleged sites on MySpace and Facebook. Plenty of obviously bogus sites on both. If any is genuine, I have yet to nail it down from my other sources. I've prepared a "Twenty Questions For Dakota Fanning" column on my blogsite as a challenge for the claimants. So far, no takers.

As to the "Hounddog" DVD: Remember that this is likely the FOURTH major edit of the movie that you see. Of the twelve most obscene identified segments, half have been deleted and the others cut to the bare bone. Even then, it's still revolting and indecent in concept.

Also: I'm now in possession of an even earlier edition of the "Hounddog" script than Tre Benson's. It's likely the one that the Fannings would have first viewed back in 2005. It's because of some new Hollywood insider contacts I've made- one of which (a stage mother) provided the script- that I've been away like I have. Believe me, that document is an eye-opener into what was filmed and what was discarded in the process.

Dear Hmmm: I think that this publicity over the lesbian scene is a red herring for the entire film's content. Much as the "rape scene" in "Hounddog" was. The idea is to center criticism on one part, then edit it nearly away... thereby disparaging the critics and, at the same time, drawing attention away from the other child abusive scenes that must occur to unfold such a story. When you consider how tawdry the real life story of The Runaways was, it could hardy be otherwise. Also remember that Joan Jett, herself, is an executive producer of the film.

Dear It's About: It wouldn't surprise me at all if Dakota is munching carpets the way Hitler was alleged to do! I still maintain that she is, to date, the most exploited child actress in Hollywood history. When you twist a girl's mind to get her to become a porn star at 12, functional insanity is hardly unlikely. That is a danger that many child actors have faced before... and succumbed to. And none of those ever carried the baggage that Dakota has or from such an early age. God help her.


hey steve
gess whos the star in ORPHAN..Anyone ..??
ya co star to hounddog!!

Steven Mark Pilling

Dear "Little Me":

I call you that to distinguish you from the other "Me" who comments here!

Yes, I've been watching the "Orphan" situation and am trying to collect data for an article. I haven't seen it, yet. Still, given what "Hounddog" alone taught me, I'm aware that often the full story on a film, especially a rankly child exploitive one, is in that of its conceptualization and actual, pre-edit shooting.

As you note, it features Isabelle Fuhrman in the title role. In it, she plays a eastern European child who's adopted by an American family. Her character, to all accounts, makes Patty McCormack's "The Bad Seed" look like "The Little Princess"! Not only is the child crafty, psychopathic and murderous, but it further devolves into sexual realms when she attempts to seduce her foster father.

That any film company would sink to the level of using children in such roles as this would be unbelievable... but for previous incidents. The Hounddog Legacy is exposed here. But for such films as that, something like "Orphan" would have never been possible.

As you are also aware, Isabelle's first film, "Hounddog", called upon her to be filmed in nudity or semi-nudity (at 9) in a sexual scene with a 10 year old boy. When you've been made compliant with something like that- and that young- then what isn't off the table from then on? All it requires is amoral producers, unfit parents and a criminal agent. Isabelle not only has those, but shares that same agent with Dakota Fanning; Cindy Osbrink. This is what I call the "Fanning Factor" at work.

My own regret is that I was unable to give this event the attention it deserved long ago. With "Hounddog", I and others were able to restrict its distribution in theaters and elsewhere due to its obscene conduct with children. "Orphan" is the litter-offspring of that movie... and just as abusive in a number of ways. Unlike "Hounddog", it got its distribution. As to whether it will prosper on the circuit; that remains to be seen. That it should never have seen the light of day is certain.

One can only wonder what perverse offspring may derive from this. That it also defames children from East Europe- an area where child abuse and child prostitution has become rampant... and where so many children NEED adoption into good homes- is just another negative factor of "Orphan". They can't claim "raising awareness of the issue" on this one!


Isabelle Fuhrman in orphan said they fuck ..
walks in on the step mom and dad. talks about cutting off a little boys hirless willy. ya lots of editing in this one too its a sick movie not good for kids to see
so how can kids film in r movies but cant see them..

Steven Mark Pilling

Dear Aubrey: Sorry I was so long in answering. This has been a tumultuous summer! Your question about kids in R-rated films is a common one. As I've often said, the law is only as good as the willingness of legal authority to uphold it. Also, there are many other ways to skirt the intentions of child protective laws. One way is by encouraging the concept that a film be judged only by what is seen in the final edit. Other common ones are claiming that the child was filmed separately, that "her parents were good with it", there was a "social worker" present on set... and other standardized excuses that become obviously duplicitous after a few seconds of thought. The fact is, Hollywood has virtually no standards of decency left in regard to its usage of children in films and that few legal authorities have the courage or resources to challenge them. That includes the FBI!

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