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April 20, 2008




Man to remain jailed in marijuana case
Pastaskala resident, girlfriend accused of forcing tot to smoke pot
Saturday, April 19, 2008 3:08 AM
An 18-year-old Pataskala man accused of forcing a toddler to smoke marijuana won't be released pending his trial, a federal judge ruled yesterday.
The order came after U.S. District Judge Michael H. Watson heard testimony that Melvin Blevins admitted to helping unload two truckloads of marijuana for a drug ring, which brought up to 3,000 pounds of marijuana to central Ohio weekly stowed in recreational vehicles.

He was indicted along with brothers Tim and Don Dailey, who were arrested in Pataskala in March with 2,100 tons of marijuana, $4 million in cash and more than 80 guns.

Blevins was arrested April 3 after a camcorder he sold to a pawn shop showed him and his girlfriend, Angel Dailey, forcing a toddler to smoke marijuana, Assistant U.S. Attorney David DeVillers said.

Angel Dailey is Don Dailey's 16-year-old daughter. The toddler in the tape is Blevins' niece, testified Patrick Ellis, a Columbus police narcotics officer. When Blevins was arrested, he had a loaded .22-caliber revolver, 14 Ecstasy pills and a list with five names of people who owed the Daileys money, Ellis said.

Blevins later told police he didn't know what he was to be collecting from the five.

His attorney, Michael Siewert, said in court that the charges are based largely on a time period when Blevins was still a juvenile.

Siewert questioned whether there was marijuana in the pipe and whether the toddler inhaled.

"He has no prior record. He got caught up in something a lot bigger than him and that's where we are," Siewert said of Blevins.

Blevins' mother, Dorothy Wolfe, and his stepfather, George Collins, were in court hoping to persuade Watson to let Blevins go home. His stepfather said he had been working at the family's landscaping business.

"I would like to go home with my family to spend more time with them and work," Blevins told the judge. He also wanted to go back to school next year to finish the 10th grade, which he has not done.

Blevins didn't know it was drugs he was unloading, his stepfather said.


This is gross, sick. I am 45 years old and smoke pot. I also have a 8 year old son that I would never ever even show him what I was doing. These people didnt even want to give this kid a fighting chance at life. They wanted to kill the tot before he could walk. there should be child abuse charges with the same results as petifiles. the should have a prison tail and have to regsiter in what ever county or state they live in they want to mess some little babies life up well lets mess theres up. inbread loosers. and there is no getting around it

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