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March 28, 2008


Dont worry about it.

Porsche Maher is African American/White mix. Hanover County is a joke. And they will not catch him unless the Feds get involved.


A couple of things you should know:
A) I am from Pinehurst and went to high school with Porsche Maher. She does not come from a wealthy family at all. She does not know who her dad is and lived in an appartment with her mother right outside of Southern Pines ghetto.
B) She has been in trouble numerous times before and paid for it all herself, her family has absolutely no money to bail her out. She had a hard enough time paying for her cheerleading outfits in high school. She was always mixed in with the wrong people and just asking for trouble. She has hung out with thugs, gangsters, and drug dealers since she entered high school. She is considered sketchy to the max by everyone in Moore County. It really is a shame since she is such a nice girl. Everyone tried to help Porsche but no one was able to reach her or get through to her. She is set in her ways and has been asking for trouble for a long time. She knew what was going on and should be charged and punished this time.
C) You should get your facts straight before revolving a blog post you make around false information. This activity was in no way out of the ordinary for Porsche Maher and as far as Moore County is concerned, we feel she has gotten off far too easy FAR too many times. Had they actually gone through with punishing her for her NUMEROUS drug charges, DUIs, etc. before perhaps she wouldn't have landed herself in this situation. You should have written a blog on how "If you always do what you always did, you'll always get what you always got."


you think the grl aint rich? How is it then she doesnt have a court date like Chavon do? Somebody got the charges dropped.


This article is giving free coverage for the above two robbers world wide.

Porsche Maher

hahahaha. My name is Porsche Maher. Everything I have read on here is completely and utterly absurd.No, I do not come from a "wealthy family" but I am not broke either. I believe you call that "middle class". And yes I am mixed, black and white, quite proud of it. Henceforth, whomever commented that went to high school with me...I have only been in trouble this one time and never in my life had a DUI, other drug charges or anything or the sort. I know who my father is and lived with he and my mother for many years. My mother and father divorced, which is quite common now-a-days and resided with my mother in a condo on the east side of southern pines, downtown. Definitely not the hood. Nothing against it, but my mother works hard and provided for she and myself very nicely.(before I went out on my own and to college, of course) Obviously you did not know me too well. And if I am "sketchy" so be it. I am not perfect and have my I faults, as does everyone else.I moved away from the racist and pretentious town of Southern Pines for a reason.

P.S. I am extremely appreciative of all the help and support from the "people" of moore county, as noted by mr. or mrs. anonymous. I don't know where my life would be without all of you. I would probably be dead, in jail, or prostituting somewhere. Thank you so much for making me see my unscrupulous ways. I am a reformed sinner...and I owe it all to you. :-)

if you didn't note my sarcasm, then you too are as idiotic as the blogger, and "anonymous".

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