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March 03, 2008


bunny foo

OK first of all you guys are the shit. I mean it you guys have it all. How do you not get kilt? I bet kausey hates you bitches!

Ilove ya though!!!

Will you send me a Benson for sheriff bumper sticker?? I swear to god ill stick it on my car!


OK if I were to give deputies free meals at my restaurant and free drinks at my bar it would be unethical right? Because my "gift" could be seen as a bribe.

So how does a businessman with undocumented immigrants working for him and in one case paying rent to him get away with a "gift" of a helicopter?

Ain't nothing free amigo!


I have heard that Marc will be at the Commissioners meeting on the 10th. Good for him. It's about time someone stands up to this renegade sheriff. When his willful neglect for office led to the loss of life of a teenager it should have been his swan song. But like his butthole buddy Thomas Wright (you do know Causey's wife was Wright's campaign manager didn't you?) he will sit it out until someone physically removes him from office. At least you guys are sticking it to him every chance he gives you.

I've been around for more years than I can to recall, I've known Sid for at least 20 years and have to say I bought into his good old boy system for years. I know his MO and have noticed little by little an erosion of support. You guys have absolutely turned the tables on the status quo. We have never formally met but if we do I owe you a beer for all you have done. Hell make it a sixpack!


Causey has already bought the helicopter, the commissioners meeting is a formality. He also has two chief deputies now. Major Hines is now a co-Chief Deputy. The sheriff has lost his mind.

BTW guys he can't stop talking about you. Must be a fan.

Tell him you know about the corvette.

Kim Thomas

What I don't understand is why wouldn't you want support the sheriff in this. If we don't get a helicopter someone else will. It's not like that money is going back to the taxpayers.

Tommy Boy

You fags don't know what you are talking about or are so full of crap you wouldn't know the truth if it bit you in the ass. Where were you yesterday? Don't tell me you turned to chicken shit? Scared of a few of your ex-friends? You should have been there. A bunch of us wanted to say hi. You picked the wrong team to play for that's for sure!

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