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February 11, 2008



Everyone has been so quick to turn on these 3 Marines that SUPPOSED posted these comments. Has ANYONE stopped to think that it wasn't them? How often does MYSPACE accounts get hacked into?
The facts are:
1. Yes these posted were made UNDER THE MYSPACE ACCOUNTS OF THESE 3 MARINES.
2. Yes these Marines were questioned and RELEASED due to more indebt facts that REALESED to the public at this time.
3. These 3 Marines have been slandered due to the public jumping at what the posts states.
Yes what was posted is HORRIBLE however who did it? I would bet money on it that there is MORE to this WHOLE story then anyone here thinks they know. There are WAYS of the FBI and NCIS finding out IF these is indeed what happened. There is always a way of tracing everyone on there internet. If these Marines have NOT been charged and in fact release from holding has it entered anyone's head that you are bashing possible innocent Marines that fight for your freedom? This has made me sick to think that these 3 people are going through this without anyone's support and speaking out on their behalf Cole Parikh Knight. All I am wanting from this post is to RAISE the awareness that the INVESTIGATION in on going. You will feel horrible in the end if the person fighting for your freedom is the victim in this. I pray for all of you that have bashed these Marines without any facts. People have speculated that they knew this guy Lauren someone even stated the race of Parikh and other incorrect statements. Infact I know for a fact that Parikh does not know him and is not a relative or even Mexican. I pray for these 3 men that they get through this and pray that the person WHO really posted those statements is caught and charged.


Thought you might be interested in the latest headlines printed in the Desert Sun News. You can google Desert Sun News and read about it online.


Joe, that is a great article!! :)


Losing faith in the Marines? Killers? Excuse me?
Do you seriously know anything about the marine corps? With anything in life you can't generalize an entire branch of the military by some of the idiots that join up. Give me a break.


Well it's been more than a year now since this article but you people should know that this Marine was found NOT GUILTY of having posted these threats and furthermore that the creator of the website in fact fabricated these threats to gain her own media attention and 5 minutes fame.

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I think everyone is free to publish what we want over the Internet with respect, but all tastes are diferenteses is a disrespectful if she wants to do a tribute to the dead to write insults on his blog

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Well, anything that numbs your eyes has to have a load of bad ingredients in them. Just because these companies are trying to green up their image doesn't mean they are really moving forward. I think that the care of our babies has to be the first and foremost. Glad you shared this with so many.

Sgt Joe

All of these Marines have been investigated and cleared of being connected to posting the threats over Myspace. It turns out that the creator of the Myspace memorial page completely fabricated all the threats that appeared on her page in an effort to gain her own personal fame and advertise her Myspace Memorial Page. These Marines have all reenlisted in the Marine Corps.

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There are a very Few good marines in fact!!


I've talked to parikh first hand, he said all of these things


Siran, I do not believe you truly know Parikh and if you really did know him then you would know that he was investigated by the Marine Corps Criminal Investigation Division in Twentynine Palms, Ca and found to not have been involved in making these threats. Parikh has been cleared of the allegations made against him and was not charged. If it will put your mind at ease, feel free to contact the Marine Corps CID Office in Twentynine Palms at (760) 830-6820 if you have any questions or want to confirm this. Thank you and have a great day.

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