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January 11, 2008



Maria drove around town with a huge stuffed teddy bear in the backseat of her car. This is what was left that I can see of a dream she once had.

Mr. DA please bring that bear into court when you put this killer on death row.


i heard the guy pulled apart his fense in the backyard to buld a fire and burn her. thats why you see so many holes in his fense.

Reba McGraw

My heart goes out to the family of this poor girl and baby. Thank you Blue Line for your support of this marine!


Why is it that the military did not protect this woman? She was jumped outside her apartment and brutally raped. Ria reported this to her superiors in April. No charges were ever filed. She was scheduled to testify at an Article 32 in January, 8 months later. The best that the Corp could come up with charging Cesar was Adultry. Had the baby have been born it would have proved nothing about the rape. The Provost Marshalls lack of action killed Maria Lauterbach just as if they hacked her to pieces and threw her lifeless body into a burn pit.

I will miss her and her son.

I hate Mexicans

The murderer/rapist/child killer was a mexican who married a white girl and got citizenship. The white girl is in on it. White babies sell for a lot of money.

Jean Smith

My gosh people. First of all, he did not burn his fence. Second, she was raped in his office...not outside her apartment. She didn't live in an apartment. She lived in a house with Sgt. Durham. He rented her a room.
As for the discrepancies in the pictures and the body types not maching: Marines are all the time working out and building themselves up. I have lived in Jacksonville all my life. I have many friends that were in the Marine Corp and some that still are. I could send you pics of them when they were slim and after working out.
AS for the pictures being similar: I think more that it is him than it isn't.
AS for his tattoo and why it isn't showing: I studied the pictures closely because it was a good point. I noticed the back of his arm where the tattoo is a little higher up his arm than on front. As for the front of his arm is hidden because he is turned around a little. I do see the tip of a tattoo in the picture at the tip of his sleeve.
As for the truck being registered in someone elses name:I am sure his wife has explained that and I am DEFINATELY sure they have checked on who the registered owner is. They have the truck in the gate at the back of the Sheriff Department.
As for shame on John Walsh at AMW: there was a lot of complaints when the sheriff was giving no evidence and more pictures.Now that they are releasing information there are complaints. This is definate proof that you can't make everyone happy. I think that most people are upset that they don't know everything the Sheriff and the Military know in the case. Time will tell and everyone needs to let them do their job. Would you have thought to go to Lowes and ask for videos? There is a lot we don't know and I am sure it will all come out if we just remain patient. I think this is a way of helping to get the case solved.


The camera angle makes a difference in how a body is perceived. From above, it makes the upper body look large and the lower body look smaller, it's a distorted view.

What does the guy with him know about the murder?

Cesar's probably been beaten and robbed if he went to Mexico. Even though he's a native, he looks more well off than your average Joe.

smoke 3890

The arm does not seem to have a tattoo even though you are right about the wide angle lens used by the ATM machine you do see enough of the arm to see that the tattoo is no there.

There is no way someone can change body mass so quickly, notice Lauren in Lowes all beefy and the ATM less upper body mass.

I'm with you Tre this seems to be two separate people.

And if I saw a brand new wheelbarrow in the garage of Cesar's house I would go to Lowes to see what they knew about the purchase. The guy with him should be of interest.

And Maria was on base until she couldnt take it anymore (raped for the second time outside) and then she moved in with Durham since he was going overseas.

ex-woman Marine

I served in the Marines in the late 70's. Women were not wanted, respected or treated fair then. It is still a man's world in the Corps. If you were a female, you were gay or there just to have a good time. He was senior so they believed him and not her. There is more to this, it is a bit of cya. Think of it; when you see commercials on TV; are there any women in them?

Myra Kinderknecht

The Camp Lejeune USMC JAGS got on TV and lied through their teeth about LCPL Lauterbach who had sought a second protective order against Cesar Laurean. It's ALWAYS ABOUT THE USMC IMAGE AND MISSION -- Report Rape in the Military and you will be PUNISHED TO THE FULL EXTENT OF THE LAW.

NOW - the military unit that found Saddam in an unmarked unmapped remote area hole in the ground in Iraq should have been sent after CPL Laurean. Cesar Laurean left a trail a mile-wide and the Media kept up with him. How ineffective are the people looking for Laurean?

The rantings and threat postings of military men and threats are PROOF that they are trained to be inhumane so they can do 'their job'.
-- or -- PROOF that the military will enist anyone today; gangs, waivers given to felons, -- we've come a long way. It's too bad we went in the wrong direction. Endangering the lives of the military personnel and their families who joined when requirements were "higher" are put at rish by enlisting felons and gang members. Who was the moron who thought this was a good idea?

The HORROR is that "it's always been this way" - as if RAPE is a benefit for the Male Military as opposed to being a crime.
GASP! Pretty much the same with spouse and child abuse.

The Commander-in-Chief sucks! The Joint Chiefs of Staff SUCK! The DoD sucks! All these big old cowards hid behind PFC Lynndie England's skirt. How brave of them!

Well seems like when Stormin Norman (Gen. Schwawrzkopf) retired, the brave, the successful, and the intelligence retired too. GOD Help US

RIP LCPL Maria Lauterbach - and child

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