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October 21, 2007


Tre Benson

At around 9:30 tonight the show was canceled.


You broke the story 9 minutes quicker than the Red Star!

Breaking news | last modified October 21. 2007 10:17PM

Lil Wayne doesn't show for concert, crowd rushes stage

By Tyra Vaughn
Staff Writer
Rapper Lil Wayne didn't take the stage at tonight's hip-hop concert at Brogden Hall.

When the announcement was made from the stage, members of the audience pushed over a security barrier and attempted to rush the stage. New Hanover County sheriff's deputies who had moved into position in front of the stage before the announcement was made repelled the rush.

The concert spokesman who made the announcement that Lil Wayne would not appear told audience members they could get their money back by going to the place where they bought their tickets.

The concert, billed as a stop-the-violence concert by promoters, was preceded by controversy after New Hanover County School District, which owns the hall, learned Lil Wayne was facing drug charges in Atlanta and gun charges in New York.

The school district later allowed the show to go on after demanding the promoter hire extra security inside and out of the hall.

The show started at 7 p.m. and opening acts played to an audience of about 1,000, only a fourth of the hall's capacity.

Word started circulating in the crowd about 9:30 p.m. that Wayne would not take the stage. No reason was given when the announcement came about 10 p.m.

Other than the fans rushing the stage, there appeared to be no other acts of violence during the show.

For more on this developing news story, read Monday's Star-News.

Tyra Vaughn: 343-2070

[email protected]

Tre Benson

Around 2AM a fight broke out at the ILA Hall. Over 100 people involved. Shots fired. No other information at this time.

Tre Benson

The fight involved a female. No officers were injured.


fuck the police

Steven Mark Pilling

Dear Tre: I guess "JD" sums it all up, doesn't he?! Next time, why doesn't FSU just invite Ahmenajinad (damn, I can never get that spelling right!) and have him recite his favorite Martyrdom poetry or something. It couldn't be any worse for the kids' state of mind than what these rap "artists" serve up.

Tre Benson

Steve I remember my father, a Commander in the Naval Reserves, wanting to break every record I had that had a "peace" song on it. The Beatles, Stones, Jimi Hendrix and don't forget Country Joe and the Fish. The later it was Pink Floyd, and other groovy acid bands.

Of course these bands didn't have lyrics as explicit as most of these rap artists. Lil Wayne's lyrics have him rapping into the microphone words such as:

Yeah yeah yeah (I got army gunz)
Yeah yeah yeah (I-I-I got army gunz)
Yeah yeah yeah (I-I-I-I got army gunz)
Yeah yeah yeah (I-I-I-I-I got army gunz)
Now ya know I play it like a pro in the game
Now ya know I play it like a pro in the game
Now ya know I play it like a pro in the game
Now ya know I play it like a pro in the game

[Lil Wayne]
Okay I'm out 'chea you niggaz done started it ya ordered it
Bullet find a home in ya arteries pardon me
But them niggaz won't touch not a part of me bet on it
Them niggaz belong in a sorority ain't that a bitch
Burn they bodies up for the authorities no evidence
You gon' stop f**kin' wit' them warriors from New Orleans
And I really think that it'd be better if
I just hit ya block wit that baretta and hop out and let her rip
Let her bang let her bust etcetera etcetera
You niggaz is scared of the southern part of America
Here it come got a gun never caught without one
Niggaz wanna ball so I guess I gotta bounce 'em
Smokin' on a ounce of that shit from the mountains
People say I need to stop no I need a counselor
And I'm here you are gonna need a chopper
And I'ma need a lawyer and you gon' need a doctor
Why? Because...


[Lil Wayne]
Get at 'em we hit 'em up if they rattin'
Niggaz ain't f**kin' wit' the boy them niggaz softer than satin
I'm feelin' awfully aggy yes I walk wit' the maggy
[Army Guns lyrics on]

I tell him park in a alley and leave 'em parked in the alley
Niggaz talkin' about me but they ain't talkin' it at me
'Cause if they talkin' it at me then I'm just talkin' to caskets
All that talkin' is pussy bitch you better make ya words strong
'Cause the shit gettin' chiseled on ya tombstone
What they do I got a chopper in the UHaul
Make a real nigga bring it back to '92 dog
Bring his ass to the river drop the fool off
Hope he can swim wit' them concrete shoes on
I got the gun right beside me who don't?
Got beef homie I was just gettin' hungry
When you come bitch you better bring a army
We can do it in the streets and throw a gansgta party nigga
Why? Because...


[Lil Wayne]
Thirty shots in the clip niggaz let's trip
Line 'em up put 'em down on the guest list
These niggaz 'bout to make me go Rambo
I'ma take the shit as far as it can go
War is the answer if ya questionin' the general
Snap shots at'cha baby you are just a centerfold
And less Kenneth Cole niggaz seem plenty bold
Pull that bitch out alright don't make me get my fishin' pole
Them niggaz hoes really doe
I would swing down there wit' any O Forty-Fo' and let 'em go
Let 'em know that I ain't never been sweet and won't be
Yes I'll be right here on the ground when you want me
Make a nigga have to come back like wit' the smack
Thomas bitch I promise I'll kill ya and that's a fact
And I ain't never killed no one jack
But I'm honest bitch I promise I'll kill ya and that's a fact
Why? Because...

I say let buyer beware. Be very aware.

But just as the cops had it out for Jim Morrison and the Doors, cops have it out for rappers. To me it is a violation of the First Ammendment to supress freedom of speech, no matter who says it...

Crazy things are said all the time.

"My only regret with Timothy McVeigh is he did not go to the New York Times Building. "
Ann Coulter


SHERIFF Spending our money

140 deputies
X 30/hour (overtime)
X 5 hours (min)
= $21,000

+ 5,000 benefits, social security, workman's comp, FICA etc

= $26,000

Helicopter, gasoline, wear and tear on equipment etc ?

And he siad he has no idea how much it costs? how do you run an organization with out knowing the numbers prior to spending it? no accountability!

If Little Wayne charged $20,000 to appear, we could have given him that and saved 10 grand minimum so he would just go away.

but now we are going to have to pay Causey and the rapper. We are out of our minds to have paid anything in the first place. Let the kids blow themselves up who cares. I don't understand this at all!

Billy Freeman

My son went and told me everyone knew the show would be canceled once they got there. He wasn't surprized when they finally announced it. Problem he got is that he bought his tickets from a person and not a store. He learned his lesson.

But Itell you I just read about the girl missing from Laney and thought how can they spend money to keep a rap singer out and not protect kids from being jacked in school? Did you see the WECT thing about how unsafe schools are? A UNCW sponsored investigation shows that strangers can walk into schools and hang around talking to students and teachers and not get caught. And this girl in Laney no one has heard from her in what two weeks? Iwonder if they even searched the buildings.

Upside down priorities.

Steven Mark Pilling

Dear Tre:

Like most boomers, I'll NEVER forget Country Joe and the Fish! Nor will I forget those young "warriors" from New Orleans who brought their gangs and turf wars to our schools here in Houston after Katrina. BTW- does "Thomas bitch" mean what I think it does?

As to First Amendment rights; I have to disagree here. Scummy as Morrison and Hendrix could be, they never tried to glorify or encourage wanton criminality and murder in their lyrics or personal behavior. At least, not to that extent. As for Ann Coulter, she made that remark (unwisely!) as an obvious joke when Alan Combs, in the context of commenting on her "unpopularity" with the NY Times editorial staff, was also venting on her position on terrorism versus their's.


you know i love you tre but your predictions about the concert were off base slightly. There weren't 3,000 there were more like 1,000, one report even said it was 400 people in the audience.

My if there were 400 people then that means there was one deputy for nearly every 2 kids.

So you were right about the overkill.

Tre Benson

According to a police report (2007-042744) a woman was assaulted at the ILA Hall afterparty for Lil Wayne. It was reported that approximately 100 people were involved in a fight and shots were fired.

Officer J. Marcel (remember him he was the officer that in an heroic effort confronted a gun toting man on Front Street and got shot in the foot trying to apprehend him in a shootout that happened less than 20 feet from each other) responded to the call. There is little to no information on the report except that the woman sustained injuries.

Tre Benson

"Scummy as Morrison and Hendrix could be, they never tried to glorify or encourage wanton criminality and murder in their lyrics or personal behavior."

Steve I know what you are saying. But ask my dad what he thinks of Jane Fonda, The Yippie movement Abbie Hoffman, etc., and you will hear curses and hate come out of a conservative church goers mouth.

I believe art imitates life rather than the other way around. Lil Wayne et al. mirrors of our youth's popular culture. You have to remember what sort of world they are growing up in. Where we grew up ducking and covering imaginary mushroom clouds, these kids are being raped, shot, abducted, used and abused more so than any population since I dare say Nazi Germany. The Cuban Missile Crisis is happening every week it seems and when you look at the disparity between rich and poor in America the gap is wider than ever. Kids have a warrior mindset, a worthless self evaluation and a desperate vision of the future. Lil Wayne and others, I feel, express that in their message and if didn't resonate in the souls of their listeners no one would buy the crap.

And you know the misogynous raw language used to degrade women is a result of the cult of sexualizing young girls by objectifying them sexually as young as preteens. This conditions both boys and girls into these roles dividing families before they even have a chance to start.

Steve of course I don't know much of anything but I don't mind sharing what I think I know with you. I'm not arguing because I honestly don't know anything, I'm just guessing. Thanks for your valuble work fighting for children's rights and your efforts to bring about an awareness to the violations of human decency in Hounddog.

K Fed


NEW HANOVER COUNTY -- The promoter of the Lil' Wayne concert says he will proceed with his lawsuit against the New Hanover County Board of Education even though the controversial rapper never performed.

Alonza Mitchell of the Mitchell Entertainment Group wants over $10,000 because according to Mitchell, the board of education violated his contract.

The board cancelled the concert at New Hanover High School after concerns that the concert could ignite violence. The board later gave the green light for the performance after the promoter agreed to hire additional security.

Mitchell added that the board's initial decision hurt ticket sales. There were 3000 tickets available and only about 800 were sold.

As a result of the low ticket sales, Lil' Wayne refused to perform.

Reported by Kelli O'Hara

Steven Mark Pilling

Dear Tre:

You make some very good points. My late father (who wasn't a Christian, but was very WWII vet-patriotic) said some mighty derogatory things about Comrade Fonda, et al, himself. He was wiser than I! As a Christian, I wouldn't use his terms, but I can now appreciate the dangers he forsaw. In that context, I suppose that guys like Li'l Wayne were an inevitable consequence.

The fault is ours. Perhaps, being youths ourselves at the time, we can be excused for not realizing what demons we were letting loose. We were then, like kids are now, being led astray by a coarsening popular culture, self-seeking politicians and depraved educators. That we failed to wake up to our follies as adults and take action for our children's protection is to our undying shame... and to those children's nightmare.

If our present efforts turn out to be too-little-too-late, history will condemn us. If there is a future history, that is! All we can do is share our terribly belated understandings with today's youth and try to keep them from making even worse mistakes than we did. Correcting forty years of neglect and selfish existance will not be easy!

Thanks for the kind words and best wishes.


It may have been over kill but at least Causey's private army was well dressed!!

Law and Order magazine has announced New Hanover County Deputies as being the best dressed county law enforcement agency in the nation.

The NHC deputies were voted the best dressed out of the more than 3,000 agencies in the United States.

Sheriff Sid Causey says the honor makes him proud.

Source: WECT

WOW, best dressed, new jail, tons of publicity, nationwide attention, this Causey guy is something. Wonder if the hermit would be proud?

Steven Mark Pilling

Dear "Me": Do you suppose Sheriff Causey is angling for Hillary's VP slot? If your interpretation of this is true, then he's got the "symbolism over substance" factor all sewed up. What else is needed? On a more pedestrian note, however, maybe he just wants his men to look professional and take pride in their appearance in sight of their fellow citizens. I don't live there. You tell me.

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