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October 24, 2007



I thought I would spit out my coffee when I saw this!!!

you guys crack me up!

Ive been a fan of those island girlies since I first moved down to the beach. Always felt like a dirty old man. Mabe they will do a sexy calander to raise money for the schools, deputies showin skin!

Best undressed award coming soon!

kitty kat

mark i bet you looked delicioso in your coverspread. youstill modeling?

Lt B. A. Betterman - retired

Why is it you continually have to attack the good sheriff and his men. Marc you used to care a great deal about the men you worked with. Now you are consumed with hatred for no legitimate reason. You and your brother should work harder finding the good things about the sheriff's department. This is a silly attempt at humor at the expense of the pride these troops have in their appearance. How dare you mock this award. They look great! Really great. All crisp and smoothly pressed. The white gloves and campaign hats cocked down always gets me standing at attention.


betterman you be gay


Who would have thought a 20 year old uniform could stand the test of time. You know what they say, if it's not in style now, wait 20 years. I guess it's true.

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