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September 27, 2007


True Blue

Here's what you need to know bro'.

Two brothers, Jaron Collins and Jeffrey Collins are residents of Carleton Place. They, along with Shawn Boone, their brother, and their cousin, Mark Jones, were all in the townhome area on September 23, 2007. Doug Reece was also a resident of the Carleton Place and had with him a visitor, Samuel Flinn, a student at East Carolina University.

When Doug Reece, in the early morning hours of September 23rd, accompanied by Samuel Flinn, approached Jaron Collins, a 17 year old UNCW student and his brother, Jeffery, a senior, and offered them the opportunity to smoke marijuana and drink at an adjacent apartment, it set off a chain of events that led to the death of Mr. Flinn. Jaron Collins and his brother, Jeffrey, declined the offer because they did not condone marijuana use. Doug Reece then discussed their purchasing tickets to an upcoming rap concert that he had a part in promoting. The brothers again declined, as they had objections to the nature of the act by the rap artist that included kissing a man on stage. Doug Reece then accused Jeffrey Collins of being a “fag” and approached him in a threatening manner. Doug Reece then threw a punch that missed. Jeffrey Collins then struck Doug Reece with a glancing blow in defense of himself. Shawn Boone attempted to restrain Doug Reece to calm the situation.

Samuel Flinn, who had, according to Doug Reece’s statements, been drinking and smoking marijuana that day and evening, then voluntarily entered the affray and Jaron attempted to restrain Sam, who tried to strike Jaron. Jeffrey pushed Jaron aside and told Jaron that he needed to leave the scene. In the meantime, Doug Reece was restrained some distance away. Samuel Flinn then threw a punch at Jeffrey. Jeffrey responded with a blow to the chin of Samuel. There are various accounts of the number of punches thrown during this mutual fight. What is clear is that Samuel fell to the ground, and Jeffrey went to the aid of Shawn. There is nothing to suggest that Jeffrey, or anyone else, continued to assault Mr. Flinn while he was on the ground. Doug ran back to his apartment after being released by Shawn Boone. The brothers and their cousin left the scene with no idea that Mr. Flinn was seriously injured until they were later informed of his death by Detectives of the Wilmington Police Department.

The statement of Doug Reece indicates that Mr. Flinn had ingested Xanax pills earlier in the weekend, had attended a party at which jello shots, beer and drinks were served and then came back to Doug Reece’s apartment where he drank beer, reportedly took some Xanax, and smoked marijuana. Mr. Flinn had a history of multiple underage alcohol violations and charges of resisting a public officer. Mr. Reece, who is also 19 years of age, admitted to drinking 7 to 8 beers that evening. His statement also admits to having hosted a party with 14 or 15 people at his nearby apartment where alcohol was served and marijuana used.

The accounts of witnesses indicate that Mr. Flinn still had a pulse for some time after the affray, but he was pronounced dead by the EMS personnel who later arrived on the scene. There is no evidence that Mr. Flinn was attacked by anyone after he fell to the ground as a result of the blow to his chin. A witness, who was attempting to help Mr. Flinn while he was lying on the ground before EMS arrived, has indicated to detectives that someone bumped his head with an elbow and was heard to say, “Get everything out of his (Mr. Flinn’s) pockets”. The coroner has found the cause of death to be a brain hemorrhage that is typical of one suffered by someone who is intoxicated and receives a blow to the chin.

Jaron Collins, Jeffrey Collins, Shawn Boone, and their cousin, Mark Jones, who was only a witness to what occurred, all reported to the Wilmington Police Department when asked and gave full and voluntary statements to the detectives assigned to the case. Doug Reece and other witnesses were also interviewed, and all of the statements are consistent with a finding that Jeffrey Collins struck Samuel Flinn in self defense. While the death of Samuel Flinn is both sad and unfortunate, it was not the result of any criminal act by Jeffrey Collins or any other person. The affray was initiated by Doug Reece and joined in by Mr. Flinn. Therefore, no charges will be filed against any person arising out of the death of Samuel Flinn on September 23, 2007. Both the investigating Detectives of the Wilmington Police Department and members of the District Attorney’s Office, concur in this decision. Only the toxicology results from the autopsy of Mr. Flinn remain open in the investigation and will be released when those test results are received.


Thank you. That is what I've been searching for. Are you a cop? You seem to know information the rest of us don't.


Sounds like he got his ass beat sticking his nose in the wrong place.

Steven Mark Pilling

"Me's" got that right! Prudence dicatates that you don't go where you're likely to not be wanted... unless you're looking for trouble to begin with. If there's an obvious racial divide, you cool it and show proper (if wary!) courtesy to the others. Stand your ground... but don't be openly provacative. If the others are punks, they'll take anything else as either a sign of weakness or a threatening gesture. Either way; that's how riots start! And it's just a plain fact of the matter that when you compare a man to a known or alleged pervert, it's like setting a match to a powder keg.


Aside from that, my personal experience says that people on Xanax are a LOT more volatile and often look for fights.
One night me and a couple of my buddies were bored so we went to skate at this gas station across from my apartment. While we're there my buddy Travis runs into this dude he knew from his apartment complex and he starts skating to. He tells us hes "so f***ing barred out" and how he almost got sponsered. So he starts busting ass all over the place and kicks my board back to me and starts saying that its a piece of shit. I'm like 'ok whatever' and go about my business. Well I go to pull a 'shove-it' but I can't skate so I lose my board.
The board rolls across the parking lot and rolls into this dude's foot. And then he wanted to fight because of it. Travis tries to get this dude to back down and keeps telling me "He's barred out, just don't worry about it." But this dude was just relentless. Then he got in my face and said he was about to grab his heater from the car and piece me up. So he got a skateboard to the face. Xanax is bad news kids.

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