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September 27, 2007


UNCW gal

Sam was murdered, plain and simple. I guess if you die while drunk no one is at fault. I'll have to remember that the next time I want to kill my drunk-ass boyfriend.


How is it you think the young man was murdered? The DA ruled it to be self defense. Collins hit Flinn as a result of Flinn jumping in the middle of the fight between Collins and Reece. Collins responded with like force which seems resonable. However I believe if someone took a swing at me and I shot him the same law would apply.




First of all if you've seen one you've seen them all.

Secondly UNCW has to crack down on these young adults. YES they are ADULTS. too late for parental involvement. UNCW has a responsibilty to this community to penalize bad behavior. Now that I know the head of the homeowner's association out there in Carleton Place is associated with UNCW I will knock on his door the next time I'm called out there.

Lil Kim

I know preacherman did nothing wrong. I saw his post when I clicked on it I could read it. I mean my God there was even a comment saying there is no evidence Dean knew the kid.

My guess is the gay Mr. Dean got scared he would lose his job if his boss knew he was gay. It must have been the picture that ticked him off the most. Surely he would have explained all the rest away.

Sammy RIP

regardless of race or drugs.... what that DA is saying is that it was okay for Collins to kill Sammy because he was drunk. Great way to send a message to the next generation, who is already doing harder drugs than those being discussed here, saying that its okay to start a fight with someone WHILE YOU ARE INTOXICATED (since Collins no doubt was as well) over something so petty as a rapper and kill them as long as they were messed up and it was self defense. Great justice system we obviously have. A lot of people on here keep talking about how there are consequences for the choices we make, well Collins chose to throw a punch that killed someone so where's his consequence? And you people that are posting on here acting astounded and appalled that there are kids underage drinking, did you not ever go to college? I mean do you honestly think there aren't a million other kids out right now doing the same thing? If you do then you are obviously very naive and need to just step back from this because you couldnt possibly have something of value to say. How dare some of you sit there and try to justify what this guy did to our friend by turning all of this into some huge anti-drug or alcohol example. What gives you the right to get on here and offend someone you didnt even knows memory and family and friends by saying things like it was his consequence or he was with the wrong crowd? Look at those statements before you tell anyone else how ignorant they are.


I believe you will see that the facts do not show that Collins did anything other than defend himself.

I am concerned that all these different speculators spread false information that could cause a riot or another death.

How can we learn from this? Maybe there is nothing to learn except to wait things out.

Lil Mojo

I predict a single metal detector booth and a hand held wand will cause a line 2000 people deep trying to get into the show. Weed will be lit up in line, 100 cops will be there aching to bust heads, once inside the lights will come on at 9:18, the plugs pulled and the show will be canceled. 3,000 ticket holders who never got the chance to see much less hear Lil Wayne will refuse to leave without a fight. The place will be gassed to drive out the protestors and helicopters will chase a couple of kids who fire shots into the air to no avail.

A 15 year old white girl will get grabbed by some black kid and a major fight will break out causing 12 people to be hospitalized. For the next 3 weeks groups from both sides of racial hate groups will dook it out in the media saying whitey did this, black folk did that.

the promoter will sue the city for lost money and the taxpayer will pay out 100k to have Lil Wayne drive by in his tour bus and thumb his nose at the spectical.

From here on out there will be no more Harlem Globtrotters, no Christian revivals, no Big Buddy basketball, no nothing on school property.

And all the people will say, "Thank God we have a convention center being built."

All in favor of the Convention Center cost overuns , full speed ahead, damn the torpedos... ramming it right down your throat. Mm-m-m-mm yummy!

That's one way to get the masses on your side, race riot headlines.

But will the media buy it?

Of course.

They will have a blind eye to the Sid Causey slight of hand forgetting how he caused it all in the first place by over reacting and shutting down the show.

How quickly we already forgot the whitewash of Sam Flinn's murder over Lil Wayne tickets. Didn't want to stir that pot of stink then but are ready to dump a truck load of it right now in the laps of the taxpayer in a well orchestrated riot caused by the "man".

Don't say I didn't tell you so.

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