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July 13, 2007



You have no idea what you are talking about you fool! I hope you can move your fat ass to the door when someone comes a knockin. Chris is 10 times the man you are you fag. Doper! Lier! Cop hater! Your brother and you are slow targets just like some others. Why dont you go up to Chris and tell him to appologize to his face. I know why cause youd get a smackdown!

Tre Benson

Send me an email Barepost and let's get together for a beer.


Great article, Mr. Tre Benson; Barepost fell right into the shitpot stereotype of cops gone bad with his post. Keep up the good work! He sounds like Creasybear better known as Greasybear for the likes of us who know him on Star News posts, and KNOW what happened was excessive force that resulted in the death of an unarmed 18 yo with the promise of the world ahead of him. Yet the same cops gone bad/good old boys seem to make every excuse in the world for him. The fact that Long has never apologized is indicative that he knew what he did was wrong. Time for a change in the NHCSD in this county.

H. Brandford

Mr. Benson I have been in law enforcement for 32 years prior to retiring to one of the area's beach communities. I wish to point out to you that it took me a good year to understand your critique of law enforcement. Then the more I listened and read I began to see where you are coming from. You pop the pimple. I believe this is a first for me to write such a thing but I think you guys are doing a bang up job. Root out bad even if it is the town sheriff. Thanks for all you and your brother do to protect the image of law enforcement!

Lady Biker

Bearpost is very uneducated and needs to go back to elementary school to refresh his spelling and grammar skills, before he gets on a public website. I surely hope he is not a cop, but just some deranged fan of Chris Long. It would frighten me even more to know somebody so ignorant is on the force.

marshall stewart

I agree that a few bad apples spoil the whole bunch, but I also feel that the good officers need to rein in their more villainous associates to end this scourge of police murder and brutality of innocent citizens. Beat the child molestor senseless instead of and 18yo man.

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