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July 11, 2007


Edwin G. Purser

My son is 32 years old and is serving in Iraq. I have never met Mr. Strickland but my greatest fear is his nightmare. I have a box my daughter in law gave me for fathers day 2 years ago, just before he left for duty. In that box is a photo album she put together of him and me from day one to the fishing trip we took togther just before he left. I admit I take it out almost every week or two.

I have other children, and 4 grandchildren. I have a trunk load of pictures and crayon drawings and report cards. Mr. Benson if my house ever catchs fire you are right, those treasures will be the first things I reach for.

May God Bless the Stricklands and give them strength to endure such a loss. And may God be with that deputy that made such an awful mistake. No man can live with that sort of guilt.


my son is in my wallet. he died 11 yrs ago and everyday i look at him and kiss him. That policeman should have never killed that boy.

Kelly dumbutt

i can't believe I posted in the wrong place. I did it under the other story. But what I said was this is a sad story and everyone should read it to know how sad this is. damn boy you made me cry!


Mark you come to me with your bullshit about how Chris is a killer and you and me will go around and round. You know Chris, he did what he was supposed to do. Mark 2 grand juries said no bill! What more do you want? And this business taking some punks side over a brother is treason. No wonder you can't handle it anymore and got to bully people on your radio show. Oh and say one more thing about FOP, I dare you. Traitor!

One of Peyton's friends

Please take the time to see the pictures of Peyton's life.

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