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June 08, 2007


Rex Gore, District Attorney for 13th District

On Thursday morning (June 7) I talked with the Assistant US Attorney handling the matter for which subpoenas were issued to members of the Brunswick County Sheriff's department. While I am not privy to the exact nature of the investigation, after talking to the AUSA, I feel safe in saying that we are not dealing with any issue of illegal activities by officers that would jeopardize any cases we have pending or awaiting trial, or their ability to investigate and help prosecute cases. I also feel assured that the investigation does not involve any issues impacting the public's safety or protection. I am also confident that the department's ability to provide those services needed for the smooth operation of the court system will not be compromised during the investigation. I do not have enough information to offer any additional comment on the matter.


How come you got to even bring it up? You trying to prove something? Hewett is a better man that you will ever be and a damn good sherriff too!


Mr Rex Gore's administration should be investigated. This DA does as he has for many years by way of dismissing cases with forged evidence etc. This DA has never investigated the "GORE" video poker machines that are strewn throughout "his" district. These machines are owned incidentally by the resident superior court judges family(William Bill Gore).

E Ward

Actually the present DA in the 13th District isn't all bad. Its the crooked assistant Sarah Garner that he lets run his agency. She lies about defendants, allows false dismissals, starts frivilous rumors about the public in general and all this while her husband has a law practice in the town where she works. Probably had something to do with Mr. Gore narrowly returning to office.


I was thinking. It is said that absolute power corrupts absolutely. All politicians become corrupt or stagnant after awhile. If its good enough for our governor or the highest office in the Nation namely our president, then the same should be for small "g" gods like Gore. After 2 terms in office, send them home.
Term Limits + Judicial Corruption =1 less dishonest political terrorist subverting our system


On Sarah Garner. I have heard she is a practicing witch and is not ashamed of it. Can this be true?


I don't know about witchcraft but I do know from personal experience that she has on at least one occassion advised Lisa Friedman(another ada) to "throw a case" then go back after the fact and write a lie on the dismissal. This was sent to Rex's attention "certified" by a local businessman. Rex did nothing. The 13th district needs another corruption sting.Alot of people have alot of proof from different areas about what is going on.


The attacks made by the Gore administration and their falsified crime figures during Mr. Gore's campaign against Jon David shows the caliber of politics and the corruption of "the machine" in the 13th district. There is no greater a candidate(nor more qualified) than Jon David. I have a strong feeling that Mr. David will be the elected DA and the people's choice for Columbus, Bladen and Brunswick Counties next term. A vote against Rex Gore is a vote for an honest change.





show fan

hey how come these names always pop up when someone mentions corruption? Well one name has been left out. RC Soles. why is it that these seem to have always been the poster chidlren of coruption?

Why do we keep election them?

KMaybe we are as stupid as my typing and spelling and grammer.

but still why?


well pal Mr. RC was tried in federal court by judge Fox during columbus corruption during the 1980's and found NOT GUILTY. i will tell you that judge Fox is honest and nothing was rigged. judge Fox has said many times that his hands are itching(before he retires) to get the "gore klan" in front of him. everyone knows that rackateering, money laundering, tax evasion, abuse of office, moral turptitude, corruption etc, etc is waiting on the machines family in columbus, bladen and brunswick.


One thing I'm curious about is this mansion that Ronald Hewett has. I have been told time and time again by extremely credible people that it has surveillance cameras, a electronic gate, and is huge? I'm not accusing anybody of anything, but what do you guys know about this mansion?

Honest John

I don't know about Mr hewitt. Although he has been in office way too long in my opinion. What is they say, absolute power corrupts absoutely, even honest joes. I do know that I have flown over Judge Gore's "Gore Mansion and it is bigger than the Governor's Mansion in Raleigh. Something is wrong with a "public servant" living in such. Gotta wonder if his income hasn't been more than what he has reported on his taxes as a sitting superior court judge. Um Hum.


Hi Guys,
I just came across thif forum on the net. It has the famous judge gore.

13th District Corruption Blogs


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Brunswick County sheriff, affiliates, subpoenaed
Submitted by WWAY on 8 June 2007 - 3:31pm.
READ MORE: News | Bladen County

Story body
BOLIVIA, N.C. (AP) -- Brunswick County Sheriff Ronald Hewett has been ordered to testify before a federal grand jury in Raleigh this month.

Hewett says subpoenas also have been issued by the US Attorney's Office for members of the sheriff's office and people who worked on Hewett's re-election campaign.

Hewett says he doesn't know the focus of the investigation and hasn't been accused of any wrongdoing.

County Attorney Huey Marshall says he also received a request from the US Attorney's Office for timecards, finance records and employment records pertaining to the sheriff's office that cover "a period of years."

U-S Attorney's spokeswoman Robin Cier says she can't confirm or deny an investigation.

(Copyright 2007 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

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Last Laugh
Submitted by Happy at last (not verified) on 18 June 2007 - 3:38pm.
I recently had dealings with Brunswick Co. I was not in trouble but needed there help in executing some things. However, the ppl I were dealing with are big supporters of his truly. When I called I was told bring the papers we will help you. But when the papers where read and the opposing name was good friends with the him, I was told "we cant help you" ....I guess all the years of blowing smoke up the right butt covered these ppl..of course a lawyer and a few friends in the right place on the other side of the court paid off. Not everyone in Brunswick county can be bought, but it's nice to see the winds of change are blowing...maybe things will change for the good citizens and the few good deputies that are there. Maybe he will find out now he is not the "walking tall" beaufort pusser the thinks he is.

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bc sherif
Submitted by Guest74 (not verified) on 14 June 2007 - 4:35pm.
Remember when he 'fell out his tree stand' and was in ER for bumps and bruises? Someone should look into that story...

» reply | e-mail this page
Submitted by LETS GET IT OUT (not verified) on 16 June 2007 - 3:34am.
The tree stand was 6'1" and married. That is a story all it's own

» reply | e-mail this page
Submitted by ME (not verified) on 14 June 2007 - 9:49pm.
I heard the bumps and scratches from the "fall from the tree stand" were actually caused by a State Highway patrol trooper ;-)

As far as the tax value, I understand what you mean, though, about tax value going up if you bought the property, say 15 years ago. According to Brunswick County Tax records, the house and land were purchased in 2003. There is a third piece that has a house on a third of an acre that was purchased 21 years ago. It is all public record, and can be checked on the internet. You can even get a picture!

There are other rumors about other pieces of property, but I have not been able to verify any of that information.

» reply | e-mail this page
Submitted by me (not verified) on 14 June 2007 - 4:27pm.
What is the annual salary for the sheriff of Brunswick County? I see he has some property that has a tax value of about $733,000.00, according to the Brunswick County Tax office....

» reply | e-mail this page
Salary has no bearing on tax value
Submitted by Mountaineer (not verified) on 14 June 2007 - 5:50pm.
The sheriff's salary has no real bearing on the value of property he owns. Assume for just a minute, that he purchased property 15 years ago. Brunswick County real estate has appreciated significantly over the years.

Look at your own property. What was it's valuation when you purchased it compared to its valuation today.

» reply | e-mail this page
Submitted by LOCAL COP (not verified) on 13 June 2007 - 3:44am.
I am in law enforcment and have been for some time, I hear what most people only fear. I am good friends with a lot of deputies present and past. I guess now the good sheriff is finding out how it feels when you have no job security. When you don't know when the hammer is going to drop and some one is going to show up at 2:00 AM and take your job and your life away because they can. It's sad that one person who has so much power to do good can let it all go bad..... It will all come out in the wash...

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Mark Benson lives in Brunswick County
Submitted by voter (not verified) on 12 June 2007 - 2:05pm.
Mark Benson lives in Magnolia Greens and would be an excellent choise to replace Hewett. He owes nobody nothing and he has already torn Rex Gore a new one when he made Rex let Johnny Beck out of prison an innocent man.

» reply | e-mail this page
response to your mail
Submitted by Patrick O'Dell (not verified) on 14 June 2007 - 1:23am.
I have seen a lot of bad cops, more so than good ones. they think and saw they ARE the olaw and Ronald Hewitt threatened my live, his buddy Anthony Cummings threatened my life. I have been beaten while in handcuffs and assaulted while in hand cuffs. My home has been ransacked and security cameras I had set up have been destroyed and when I asked LT. Mikey Smith about it he told me that his guys story doesn't match mine. His people would not need a story if they did nothing wrong. ronald Hewitt is a criminal and should be put out to pasture or better yet share tthe same jail cells as those he has harrassed and threatened. If you look up top my name is on there becasue I will not tell the story without telling my name. I stand behind the truth and the truth is that I have even been accused of having child pornography on my hard drives and when they did not find any, they returned them to me destroyed and I lost all the informotaion on both hard drives. In closing, I would just like to say that I will not hide behind the words cop, police officer, etc. I stand behind my name for I am not lying when I make my accusations.

» reply | e-mail this page
Mark B?
Submitted by YankGolfing (not verified) on 12 June 2007 - 4:37pm.
Which one of the Benson duo ran against Sid Causey in New Hanover county a few years ago? Wasn't it Mark? If he couldn't beat out Sid in an election then it makes me wonder what kind of skeletons are in his closet...

What qualifies somebody from Mag Greens to be a good replacement? We don't even know what the real deal is with Hewett yet do we?

A real issue for a sherrif would be illegal aliens. Now going on in Mag Greens are all the building projects utilizing IA's, where is Mark Benson in reporting all the illegals to ICE?

And yeah, IA's worked on my house there too I bet, but I'm not running for sherrif, just golfing.

» reply | e-mail this page
new sheriff has to be a brunswick resident
Submitted by brunswick voter (not verified) on 12 June 2007 - 8:09pm.
yankgolfer, it was Causey's closet chocked full of dead bones (hermit, rummer, strickland etc) Benson has no closet he is an open book. I guess you have to hear the radio show to know that. You'd have to hear it to know how he'd arrest them border jumpers for tresspassing if he had to. And him being in Mag/Greens is that he is a resident of Brunswick County and so he would qualify to be appointed.

The real deal on Hewett if you live in Brunswick County is he is history, him and about 20 others.

» reply | e-mail this page
Benson is no better than
Submitted by Guest1234 (not verified) on 16 June 2007 - 10:16pm.
Benson is no better than Causey. He just has his stripes painted in a different color.

» reply | e-mail this page
Looks Like the Truth Is Coming Out
Submitted by I love Brunswick County (not verified) on 12 June 2007 - 1:06pm.
Well, it seems that things are coming out on what he is being investigated for.

» reply | e-mail this page
brunswick county sheriff
Submitted by blood raw (not verified) on 12 June 2007 - 4:52am.
I once got pulled over by the police an they ran my name it came back i was good and had no warrants, they let me go 10 minutes later roger and more crooked cops ran up own the spot an said i needed to turn myself in. So im thinking why would they do that so i waited an called up there[253 2777] spoke to roger he said to get up with crook strangeman aka bat man so i got up with him he talking about come to long beach an turn myself in I laughed at him like are you smoking or what he then replied im going get your black you already know i aint got to tell you. So a month goes by time for me to appear in court an i see batman an just s happens i got to stand up an say my name so im thinking if they got something own me why not get me in court why did he rather catch me in the street? so i made it out of court a month later i go back now i got outstanding warrants now they got 5 cops run up own me lock me up talking bout conspiracy. so im like what ok how i get a 5 thounsand dollar bond own a conspiracy to sell 200 grams to somebody i dont even know go to first appearance an Crooked Chris Thomas aka D.A. throws it out of court. all i want is for somebody to read this fbi sbi or even ronald h an do me some justice Roger harrington, strangman, an Chris Thomas had something to do with this an it was wrong. They owe me an everybody else they set up.

» reply | e-mail this page
i have no idea what you just
Submitted by Jessica (not verified) on 18 June 2007 - 4:04pm.
i have no idea what you just said. can you please use spell check and repost this?

» reply | e-mail this page
spell check can't help u
Submitted by Not Jess (not verified) on 18 June 2007 - 8:12pm.
you're just mad about the points made and cannot say anything more critical but say the person cannot spell? let's leave the 3rd grade stuff in the kids zone and not here.

» reply | e-mail this page
Just wait I have alot to
Submitted by concerned (not verified) on 12 June 2007 - 2:24am.
Just wait I have alot to say. Waiting for the right time.

» reply | e-mail this page
i agree with you all
Submitted by brunswickcountymom (not verified) on 11 June 2007 - 3:48pm.
i have lived in brunswick county all of my life. i know several of the deputies as i went to school with many of them. i know ronald and many of his family members. i know the stories that i have heard for years and know that many of them are very true. he is not the man the media wants us to believe. get out and talk to the citizens of brunswick county and they will tell you that there is more corruption in the brunswick county sherrifs department than you can ever believe. i have had friends that have been assaulted by their ex husbands and the sherrif was called, reports filed and when it came to court time the charges were dropped without an explanation. and it was not on behalf of the plaintiff. she tried to get a copy of the records....they were no longer in existance. and there are many more stories such as this one. and why do the county sherriffs need such extravagant toys? have yall seen the hummer, the fan boat, the speed boat? dont we have the US Coast Guard to protect our waters? Have you ever seen the hummer "working"? NO, just shuttling Mr. RON HEWITT around in the local parades.

and one more thought....does the FBI really get involved in the misappropriation of political funds? i do think it is something much deeper.

» reply | e-mail this page
My experience with Brunswick County Sheriff's Dept.
Submitted by I love dogs (not verified) on 11 June 2007 - 12:22pm.
I have had a personal experience with them where I had property stolen and a house totally made unliveable by a person. In dollar amount I lost close to $35,000. I was treated like I was the "bad" person. I complained to this person's captain. I then received treats in person and on the phone from this person. And he said that if I made any contact with the sheriff's department again he would have me arrested. On four different personal visits and about ten phone calls w/messages left I have yet to speak Ronald Hewett. So you people who think he is so great, all I can say to you is that you don't know the true side of him and that department.

» reply | e-mail this page
Understandable feelings
Submitted by noptwo (not verified) on 13 June 2007 - 2:46pm.
It is nice to know that my husband and I were not the only one's whose house got ransacked and property stollen because of the stupid Brunswick County Sheriff's department. They have beat my husband up for no reason, they have pile drived his face into the ground and they were arresting him for non payment of child support. Ronald Hewitt and Tony Cummings have both told my husband that they were going to get him and put him in jail and once in there they were going to make sure that he disappeared and that he could do it because he is the sheriff and he can't go to jail. I have an idea, why don't we all take those 2 days off, June 20 & 21 and all show up at that court room and tell that grand jury exactly what Ronald Hewitt and Rex Gore are all about. Maybe something will be done.

» reply | e-mail this page
Dead beat Dad
Submitted by Guesthahaha (not verified) on 18 June 2007 - 1:10pm.
Nothing makes a hard working man madder than a DEAD BEAT DAD who doesn't pay his child support for the poor kids he already spawned. NO wonder they beat his butt, I would do it too. Loser....

Maybe the Mother of the kids he isn't supporting took all your property to sell and feed his kids. LOL OR better yet it was KARMA, what goes around comes around. PAY YOUR CHILD SUPPORT. DUH.

» reply | e-mail this page
I sure you told the truth, the whole truth.....
Submitted by Fletcher James (not verified) on 18 June 2007 - 4:30am.
......and nothing but the truth. Let's see, dont pay child support=pile driving,,,,paying like a good dad=no pile driving. You do the math. I'm sure we got the whole story from you on this one.

» reply | e-mail this page
Maybe your husband should
Submitted by st (not verified) on 14 June 2007 - 1:32pm.
Maybe your husband should pay his child support

» reply | e-mail this page
I am not sure what has
Submitted by BCman (not verified) on 10 June 2007 - 5:50pm.
I am not sure what has happened to the Brunswick Sheriffs Office. I once fully supported and respected Sheriff Hewett. I still have some respect for him, but not like I use too. When Sheriff Hewett was first elected years ago, he was a man of honor, respect and integrity. He would return your phone calls, help you in any way he could, and he did a good job in fixing problems in the Sheriffs office. All this has changed. Since he has became popular he seems to cater to his poltical friends and people with money and or power. I know the office of Sheriff is a busy one, but remember who and how you got there, "by the people". I have watched over the years how Sheriff Hewett has climbed the ladder of success. I have watched that success turn into greed. I have watched how Sheriff Hewett has turned his back on those who didnt agree with him. That included firing good deputies and changing the attitufdes of others who would then go along with the Sheriff. Sheriff Hewett, go back to the way you were, you had alot more respect then. The office of Sheriff is not a popularity contest. I know you have alot of supporters, but you could have more if you would be honest, upfront and represented everyone as equal. And by the way, I have never been in trouble with the law. I am just a lifelong taxpaying citizen of Brunswick County giving my honest opinon.

» reply | e-mail this page
Submitted by SMIN (not verified) on 18 June 2007 - 2:05pm.

» reply | e-mail this page
Finally, its about time that
Submitted by happy (not verified) on 10 June 2007 - 3:07pm.
Finally, its about time that The most crooked cop is at least being questioned. All of the stories that i have heard have some origin of truth. Although a lot of the comments about the man being crooked could come from people who have broken the law, that gives those comments even more weight, sinse those people would be the ones who would know if he was a dirty cop. In my opinion, anyone who is street savvy knows who this man really is, and everyone else is just in denial.Hopefully the real criminal will be brought down this time!

» reply | e-mail this page
BC Sheriff
Submitted by BCNative (not verified) on 10 June 2007 - 2:40pm.
Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty. I am a life long resident of Brunswick County and have heard people make negative comments about not only our sheriff, but other law enforcement officers. The majority of the people making these comments are merely repeating remarks made by others that have traveled down the grapevine. Most of these comments have originated from someone who has broken the law and believes the "law is out to get them" so therefore they must all be crooked. Come on people! Surely we are not stupid enough to believe something without some proof. If there has been wrong doing, it will come out in time!

» reply | e-mail this page
BC Sheriff Reply
Submitted by I Love Brunswick County (not verified) on 11 June 2007 - 3:00am.
Some items here are probably from some who have broken the law, however, I am not one of those people.

I was born and raised in Brunswick County and have been a law abiding citizen for all of those years. I am also a U.S. military veteran with honorable service. I have been around and have followed politics in Brunswick County, and know people who have been affected by the repremands presented by Mr. Hewett for not supporting his campaign. Sure they have to prove him guilty, but he wouldn't have been called in the first place if there had not been enough credible evidence to call him for what he is being called as you say, come on....listen to what citizens are saying...some may not be true, but there is very much that very well may be. Furthermore, how do you know that any one of these people are from someone who has broken the law? They are probably law abiding citizens like you and I, who have first hand knowledge about this or who know someone who does.

» reply | e-mail this page
Missed Opportunity
Submitted by I Love Brunswick County (not verified) on 10 June 2007 - 2:36pm.
We missed an excellent opportunity to get rid of the corruption in the election of 2002 between the Sheriff and retired Lieutenant James Stewart of OIB Police Department. Lt. Stewart would've brought ligitimate focus on putting the hammer down on drugs in Brunswick County, not just when re-election came around. He also has a passion for his county and the people in it, and those who know him feel the same way about him! He is a respectable, honest man, who would never buy votes to win an election, in fact, the money that was used was his own hard earned money. He used money he saved from his own pocket, as well as from his supporters who wanted to make a postitive change.

When Lt. Stewart did not win the 2002 election, the emotions in the community were not that of excitement for Sheriff Hewett, but of confusion of how he pulled it off. Sure, there are alot of Hewett supporters out there, however, Lt. Stewart had huge support from Ocean Isle Beach, Longwood, Bolivia, Calabash and other key areas. It is funny how all of a sudden the votes came out to show different in the final election, all except Bolivia, which Lt. Stewart won by a landslide. Isn't that where Mr. Hewett works??????

During the election, there were rumors circulating about Mr. Hewett buying votes and having his officers work on his campaign while on the clock. Who knows how true this is, but the word came from some of his very own deputies. If that is the case, it is sad to know that we will sell our values and safety of our county for money. I'm sorry, but the safety of where I live is very important to me and is worth more than money can give.

In 2006, there was no competition for Sheriff Hewett. James Stewart did not run due to the fact that he was aiding Katrina victims in the Gulf States. Lt. Stewart really does care about the welfare of others. He is an honest, respected and caring man....I hope he decides to run again, we need someone like him.

I am tired of seeing the drug trade and use grow in my loved county. I am also tired of seeing the Sheriff stand so idly by, allowing the drugs to invade the place I call home. This business of making huge drug busts around election time has gone on long enough...the focus needs to be on drugs everyday, and getting them out once and for all! Mr. Stewart, if you're reading this...bring it back and bring it strong! You've got my vote!

» reply | e-mail this page
Brunswick County Sheriffs Office
Submitted by LeeAnn (not verified) on 10 June 2007 - 4:24am.
Well you could always tell something was wrong with the Sheriffs office. Because one of the biggest and well known drug areas (Longwood). Hardly ever got busted while all of the smaller ones in the county are always getting busted. I guess the smaller one just doesnt have enough pay off money.

» reply | e-mail this page
brunswick county sheriffs office
Submitted by Guest1961 (not verified) on 13 June 2007 - 2:37pm.
amen!! Tell it like it is.

» reply | e-mail this page
Something is Fishy at B C Sheriffs
Submitted by fishy (not verified) on 11 June 2007 - 3:35am.
It is strange that the Little Fish small time dealers and users overflow our courts and jails. You see cars pulled over by 10 cops and a dog tearing their vehicle apart hoping for a joint and papers all the time.

They will stop cars for no reason and shake you down for a seed or crumb if you are near the known drug areas.

You know its fishy when nothing ever goes down at the real sources of crime and 24 hour a day crack houses for example "THE HILL, DUTCHMAN ACRES, LONGWOOD, WEST CHASE, SEA PINES".

Thanks to all the mystery, brown paper bags full of cash and dirty deeds, the Big Fish will keep swimming.

Hopefully their will be some juicy audio and video we all can enjoy and years of corruption in B.C. will be public...

» reply | e-mail this page
Huummm How do you know all
Submitted by st (not verified) on 14 June 2007 - 1:36pm.
Huummm How do you know all of the drug areas?

» reply | e-mail this page
Hewett may be witness to corruption
Submitted by devil's advocate (not verified) on 10 June 2007 - 3:57am.
Who said Hewett is in trouble with anything. All we know is that he was called to appear in front of a federal grand jury. Suppose the investigation is about someone else. A district attorney, county manager or a senator perhaps. Are bad guys called in to testify at a grand jury hearing? Usually it is witnesses who are given some sort of immunity. Maybe Hewett is just a stool pidgen and is going to sqawk so that someone gets charged with a crime. But for right now they are not telling him anything so he cant tip off the real target.

I bet you there are some scared little chickens running around like their heads are cut off.

Either way this is not going to be pretty!

And I bet you there are some FBI agents with egg on their faces for not keeping all this a big secret.

» reply | e-mail this page
Maybe...just maybe he had
Submitted by 1 (not verified) on 9 June 2007 - 1:23pm.
Maybe...just maybe he had something to do with Paris Hilton getting out of jail "way early" and that is what this is all about!

» reply | e-mail this page
hewwwwwleght yeeehaww
Submitted by Mike Hunt (not verified) on 9 June 2007 - 6:02am.
Talk about the glory dogs of all glory dogs.
Everybody stop! The news is here and I HAVE to be on camera. If not, you are FIRED!

Or is it more like:
If you try to run against me or support anyone who does, you are FIRED and someone and your family will be in jail...
ROn has always been a crook, has always held a political, judicial, and unlawful monopoly on Brunswick countym and should take the badge he got from the lucky charms box, throw it away, admit his guilt, accept a non0confined plea deal, step aside and let Brunswick county grow. Hi droogir appointed nights, uhhhhhhh.. I mean those few who stand behind ol'on? Throw 'em in the slammer !
You FINALLY got what was commin to ya deputy dawg!

» reply | e-mail this page
Submitted by fozbot98 on 9 June 2007 - 2:04am.
I guess you can't rule with an iron fist forever. I hope things that have gone on for years are finally brought to the public. I do find it odd, however, that wway can cover the story in the am but at 6pm, when everyone is looking for any updates, not one word in even mentioned about the supoenas.

» reply | e-mail this page
Can't beleive that the
Submitted by Paris not THE SHERIFF (not verified) on 9 June 2007 - 12:30am.
Can't beleive that the sheriff that your station loves sooo much did'nt give him his time on the news tonite, now that he has finally made it. So much for all of his big talk...Paris was more important tonite,,,,,hummmmmmmmmmm. Were you'll paid to keep Quiet???

» reply | e-mail this page
Submitted by JohnQPublic (not verified) on 8 June 2007 - 11:50pm.
I dont see how there is any truth to any of this.

It didnt even go through the proper channels. If there was something wrong, it would have started at the state level. Not FEDERAL.

I only see this as a political move only. The only thing they want is for him to come testify. He has not been charged. IF they had something to charge him with they would have already.

Just another attempt to smear his name.

This is all Horse POOP! Im sure every dime is accounted for.

» reply | e-mail this page
I lived in Brunswick county
Submitted by Fire and Safety Specialist (not verified) on 10 June 2007 - 10:22pm.
I lived in Brunswick county for several years and found Ron to be a true professional but in Brunswick county that's not enough trust me. I was the first paid Fire Chief in the county and fell to the political rath between fire protection and a High Rise Bridge.

» reply | e-mail this page
I hope he gets what he
Submitted by Guest1978 (not verified) on 8 June 2007 - 11:49pm.
I hope he gets what he deserves and thats all I got to say about that everyone is crooked now days I guess the only way to rise to the top is to be crooked thats the message they send to the youth that look up to these scumbags!!!!!!!!!!!!

» reply | e-mail this page
Now maybe his officers won't
Submitted by Past (not verified) on 8 June 2007 - 10:55pm.
Now maybe his officers won't have to campaigne for him while on duty....

» reply | e-mail this page
Hewett don't know nuttin'
Submitted by Tweedle Dumber (not verified) on 8 June 2007 - 6:24pm.
How are we to believe that the sheriff gets served in the morning with papers to appear in federal court and by afternoon has no idea why he was served those papers.

If that's as good of an investigator as Hewett is then maybe he needs to be replaced by someone that can get to the bottom of things, particularly when they involve the santity of the office of sheriff.

Either that or he is lying. Hummmm...

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Submitted by Me (not verified) on 8 June 2007 - 8:25pm.
I am sorry but I have grow up in Brunswick county and no matter who you are, you can not bring up the subject of the sheriff without someone saying how crooked he is in one way or anther. Now I don't know if he is, that remains to be seen one day. Until then I guess all we can do is watch the news and watch the fur hit the fan.

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Submitted by lala1971 (not verified) on 8 June 2007 - 9:16pm.
better be careful what you say about hewett and his cronies~ I have seen someone try to expose them and end up dead by "suicide"~~ yeah right!

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Submitted by Elaine (not verified) on 14 June 2007 - 4:24pm.
I know about things like that, too.

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Maybe he will finally get
Submitted by nickaroo50 (not verified) on 8 June 2007 - 8:15pm.
Maybe he will finally get whats coming to himi for all the wrong he has caused people through the years.

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Submitted by Me (not verified) on 8 June 2007 - 11:46pm.
I just recently moved here, What wrong doings are you talking about?

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Submitted by John Henry (not verified) on 11 June 2007 - 10:44pm.
Ever seen the DUkes of Hazzard?

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B C citizian
Submitted by jim (not verified) on 13 June 2007 - 6:46am.
Sheriff Hewett is a good man. you are all so quick to pull things out the air on what you think is going on. we have two news stations down here and not once have I seen a person that is not a part of their jod description on the news that helped someone or did something just out of love for brunswick county. So untill that day dont kick a good man because you think hes down. he is still our Sheriff and I hope he will continue to be are sheriff.


More Columbus County Corruption Judge Marion Warren Style
Order removes judge’s new furniture


More than $4,600 worth of furniture – a desk, two office chairs, a desk chair, two bookcases and a love seat – were returned to a Whiteville business Wednesday afternoon after Chief District Court Judge Jerry Jolly entered a civil order to remove the items from District Court Judge Marion Warren’s courthouse annex office.

Jolly’s action came after the furniture was delivered Monday to furnish a space renovated for Warren by county workers – at the direction of the county manager. Warren said Wednesday he needed a quiet, private location to handle juvenile and child support court business.

Warren and fellow District Court Judge Napoleon Barefoot III – both residents of Brunswick County – and Judge Nancy Phillips of Bladen County were assigned a small office to share in the renovated courthouse annex.

Jolly issued an order at noon Wednesday for County Manager Jim Varner to have the furniture out of Warren’s office by 5 p.m. Wednesday or face a court hearing today to show cause why the furniture was not removed.

A truck from Cox’s Warehouse Discount Furniture removed the items from Warren’s office at 4:30 p.m. Wednesday.

Jolly is incensed that Warren did not consult him about arranging for a private office, different from the one assigned him, plus purchasing the furniture and charging it to Columbus County taxpayers.

“It’s outrageous that he was spending the taxpayers’ money that way. Judge Warren will not have a private office in Columbus County paid for by our taxpayers,” Jolly declared.

Gross arrogance

The request for the furniture by Warren “displays gross arrogance, selfishness and thoughtlessness and shows a total disregard for the best interests” of the citizens of Columbus County, Jolly’s order reads.

Jolly, a resident of Tabor City, noted the furniture was requested without the chief district judge’s knowledge, and the approval of the purchase by Varner “shows a total and gross disregard for the best interests” of the county’s taxpayers.

Jolly also noted that Varner, while managing Columbus County’s government, is a resident of Brunswick County, and that prior to the furniture being delivered, an adequate desk had been furnished to Warren.

The irate judge also noted that Columbus County’s commissioners raised the tax rate in July, and the requesting and approval of the furniture “shows a total lack of sensitivity by Judge Warren and County Administrator Varner to the financial conditions of Columbus County and its taxpayers.”

Jolly also said the purchase of the furniture and approval of the deal “brings well deserved disrepute and contempt on the District Court Judges of Columbus County.”

Offices assigned

Speaking by telephone Wednesday afternoon, Jolly said he and fellow Columbus County resident District Court Judges Tom Aldridge and Doug Sasser have individual offices in the courthouse annex.

“Visiting district court judges will use a shared office, and if there is more than one from another county holding court here, then the senior judge will take the office provided for them, and the other judge can use the conference room or a small cubicle near where the legal assistant is working,” Jolly declared.

Warren and Barefoot have large offices in their home county of Brunswick, and Phillips has a larger office in her home county of Bladen, Jolly pointed out.

The furniture was billed to the county on July 10, according to a paper attached to Jolly’s order, and the total cost was $4,633.10.

Delivered Monday was an “executive” desk, two “accent chairs,” a desk chair, a leather loveseat and two bookcases.

Varner said Wednesday that he told all of the District Court judges that they could order what furniture they needed, and, “I’m not going to apologize for that.”

Warren’s explanation

Warren explained late Wednesday his position in the matter. He noted that out of 23 court days in August he would be in Columbus County 11 days.

“I appreciate the trust Judge Jolly has in me to handle the juvenile and child support cases over here.

“More than 50 percent of the Columbus County people I see in these two courts receive some kind of public assistance. It hurts me for anyone to believe that I would use my position to place at a further disadvantage anyone in Columbus County, particularly a taxpayer,” Warren declared.

He noted that when the judges were preparing to move from two other locations to the courthouse annex, he asked Jolly if he could help coordinate the move, and Jolly allowed him to be part of the planning.

“I thought, because of that, I could order the furniture while we were making the move,” the Brunswick County judge said.

“In retrospect, I should have asked Judge Jolly first, but since it was a county building, and they had done the remodeling, moving and other things, I didn’t think it was a difficulty,” Warren added.

Varner visits

“I was in the small office made for me to share one day in July and Mr. Varner came by and noticed a small used desk and two used chairs. I had gotten a metal chair from another location because I couldn’t sit in one of the chairs originally placed in the room.

“Mr. Varner saw my furniture and asked if I didn’t need something better, and he offered to get furniture for other judges, too. He said that if I went to his office he had some catalogues we could look at and order some better furniture,” Warren continued.

“We went through the catalogues and settled on some items. A couple of weeks went by and Varner told me what we wanted wasn’t in stock any longer,” the judge said.

Warren said, “Trying to keep the business in Columbus County, I suggested to Mr. Varner that we use the same place (Cox’s Discount Warehouse Furniture) he used in getting a conference table for us.”

Warren said he picked out the desk ($895), the two accent chairs ($500), a desk chair ($350), and two bookcases ($1,590), and as he was walking to the front of Cox’s Discount Warehouse Furniture he made a joking remark, “It sure would be nice to have that loveseat so I could stretch out.”

The leather loveseat ($995) was included in the delivery, and the total cost was $4,330, plus $303.10 in sales taxes.

‘Incredible respect’

“I’ve been in Bladen County Monday, Tuesday and today (Wednesday). I haven’t even seen the furniture in the office,” Warren added.

“I have incredible respect for Judge Jolly and regret my lack of communication resulted in this misunderstanding,” Warren went on to say.

“I need a private place, away from normal court traffic, for juvenile court. We need to discuss and review reports; most of them are received the day of court, regarding the juvenile proceedings.

“For instance, I recently took an assistant DA and defense attorney to a more private place in the courthouse annex to review a child’s evaluations so we could decide what should be done.

“It took much less court time and the parties were freer to talk and I got more straight forward information quicker than usual,” Warren declared.

He said he saved court time by preventing a courtroom hearing, and didn’t have to use a court bailiff to keep people away from the little office assigned to him beside the entrance to the judges’ office complex – formerly used to house the county’s Cooperative Extension staff.

“This allowed the bailiff to maintain normal security procedures,” Warren said.


Sir this is a good website. It however appears that you should start a sub-heading for Columbus County corruption so that all of its judges, da's, and county managers could have their rightful "15 minutes of fame" all in one organized place.

Steven Mark Pilling

Dear Posters:

I am not a resident of Brunswick County or even of North Carolina, so I can't offer any personal insights into the personalities of Rex Gore or Sheriff Hewett or their overall public records. My reason for being on Crimeblogs is in the pursuit of information in the notorious "Hounddog" motion picture affair due to it's national ramifications.

In that venue, however, I must note that Sheriff Hewett was in active support of an investigation into the very real possibility that acts of child sexual exploitation and even actual pornography were committed by filmmakers within his jurisdiction during the shooting. I am also aware that Rex Gore squelched it and issued a stunning statement that upheld such activities as were alleged as conforming to "contemporary community standards".

Can a man who supports such activities in principle be relied upon? Can it be unlikely that for those reasons (and likely others) that a bit of under-the-table political "payback" is in the works here? It would hardly be a new story, either in North Carolina or elsewhere.

P.S. My letter to Rex Gore in response to his statements on "Hounddog" was posted on the "Hounddog Director..." thread here on Crimeblogs.

Haha, my name? That could be dangerous around here.

"I am also confident that the department's ability to provide those services needed for the smooth operation of the court system will not be compromised during the investigation."

Oh Mr. Gore... for shame. I heard court was cancelled this week. The smooth operation you are referring to? You mean the operation of attempting to force plea bargains after you keep people locked up without ever having set foot in a courtroom for nearly 2 years? Threatening them with no bond hearing and a longer time in jail if they wish to fight their case, as is their right afforded by the Constitution? Outright denial of bond hearings? Plea bargains based on coerced confessions, falsified evidence, perjured warrants, and blatant hearsay from career criminals? The smooth operation of the utter destruction of lives and families caught up in your "system"? The assumption by the jailers and the public that "if they are in jail they MUST be guilty"? Your assistant DA, Chris Thomas said to my face in the presence of another local attorney that appropriate notification of a court date is the persons' arrest for failure to appear, with his nasty, snide attitude. Or how about the smooth operation of judges giving inmates failure to appear charges, even after being INFORMED BY JAIL OFFICERS of the whereabouts of said inmate? Inmates are to be taken to every court date, as is their due process right. Maybe you mean indictments without probable cause hearings, or the accused not taken from the jail to the probable cause hearing? It is every persons right to confront their accusers and refute the evidence against them. Not notifiying appointed counsel that they have a client locked in that hell Ron Hewett calls a jail? Maybe you are referring to the total lack of common sense exhibited by Ass. DA Cathy Radford. You know, really, you should train her to be able to locate a drivers license number on a ticket, especially when the license number doesn't match the actual license number assigned to the PERSON GIVEN THE TICKET! I have no special legal training, yet I could find it clearly and easily. Yep, false charges for driving with a revoked license really can mess up a persons' day. She really enjoys her power. You should see her go! She gets a kick Im sure every time a judge asks her what SHE wants to do in a case. Mr. Gore, do your job and do it fairly until you are relieved of the duty. DUE PROCESS is a right guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States and you are the one entrusted to give it by the voters of your district. Don't you WATCH what your underlings are doing? Or do you just congratulate them on another bogus conviction? People around here are so gullible....convictions equal votes. No one questions the validity of said convictions. They live in their happy little "safe" world. Do they realize their neighbor could have them arrested tomorrow with no proof of any wrongdoing? What happened to the rights of human beings Mr. Gore? Speedy trial, due process, innocent until proven guilty, probable cause? If you KNOW a person did not actually commit half of what they are charged with, DISMISS the charges they didn't commit! Instead your little workers will use it to try to force an outrageous plea because we all know, in Brunswick County, things are NOT above board all the time. Scare tactics abound. Make the magistrates and judges DEMAND the evidence required prior to issuing warrants, and ensure that those detectives/officers swear to the honesty of their request under penalty of PERJURY. And if they are found to be lying? PROSECUTE THEM! It is disgusting what these people get away with on a daily basis. I never want to hear again "This is Brunswick County, they do what they want". I'm sick to death of it. FIX IT.


Bald Head Island Officer Dee Jones was murdered. Hewett and cronies and especially Rex Gore insist it was suicide - but why? I know for a FACT that she was on to them and their "questionable activities". I have more disgust for Hewett and Gore than I do for the lowlife who pulled the trigger and killed her. Dee's family has worked tirelessly to prove her death was not suicide and even won a state and federal determination that stated her death was a homicide - yet Hewett and Gore continue to use their power and authority to cover up their evil. It shouldn't give me so much pleasure to know that now they are the ones in the hot seat - but because I loved Dee, and because I know that she and her family are TRULY GOOD PEOPLE - I can't tell you how sweet it is to see that the truth may finally be coming out about these men and their corruption. I can only pray that they won't get away with it this time. . .and Mike Easley too (isn't he one of the Brunswick County Boys?).

BHI Murder

If I'm not mistaken the coverup of the murder had to do with protecting the drug activity on BHI.

How long ago was it that the former Brunswick Couty Sheriff and some of his deputies were arrested for providing protection of an air strip out in the woods that planes would land and drop off drugs?

When was that and what was th sheriff's name? Is he still in prison? Did Hewett hire him? Did Hewett replace him? They friends?

V Lewis

Sheriff Hewett is innocent until proven guilty
I am proud to know Sheriff Hewett and that he is our sheriff. He is a man of decency, integrity, good comon sense and protects all our county.
We all make mistakes, (and I am not saying Sheriff Hewett has made mistakes)but our Lord and Saviour is always forgiving, if we ask HIM.Let us LOVE one another as HE loves us all.

V Dumbass

Hey Mr. Lewis don't people of good christian virtue ever fall from grace?

Forgiveness and paying the price for sin are two separate things. One can be forfgiven but may still suffer under the law.

I have no reason to think Sheriff Hewett is guilty of anything. I do not know him at all.

But you do reap what you sow don't you? Well I recall many a press conference where the honorable sheriff stood before cameras saying that "they got their man" followed by handing everyone the arrested suspect the mug shot of the accused.

Are those poor people "innocent" in the eyes of Hewett?

Fair turnaround is a bitch ain't it?

Elaine Buff

Please, people. Hewett, Gore and other powerful people were into the murder and cover-up of Officer Davina Buff Jones on Bald Head Island. Go to the web site and see for yourself. What if this had happened to someone in your own family? Would it be ok with you for those in power to be able to get away with it? To not even have the courtesty of allowing you to hear the C-Com tape of her last transmission that night, but leave you to hear it over the tv like everyone else? Read and think and act!!!! It could be someone in your family next ... unless you're friends with the right people, I guess.

Tre Benson

The rumor circulating about Ron Hewett's daughter being charged in a wreck that caused a death is not true. There was a wreck that invovled a young woman of the same exact name. The woman charged in deadly crash is NOT Sheriff Ron Hewett's daughter.

BC resident

I was unaware that so many people knew the TRUTH about 'sheriff' Hewett, from buying votes to bringing in boat loads of illegal immigrants, how does he get all this money, he needs to be under investigation BIG TIME, then everyone who voted for him can understand why we didn't, wouldn't and don't want him as the sheriff for Brunswick County.
Remember that Lt from Holden Beach, Bill Jordan, he publicly voted against Hewitt, suddenly the HB Town Manager was against everything Lt Jordan did, then Jordan resigned and incidentally couldn't get a law enforcement job from any town. Wonder why?? Anyone who goes against Ron Hewitt puts their job on the line, especially if they are in law enforcement.
All this just because Jordan voted for a better, honest man - People you should have still voted for James Stewart, regardless of how much Hewitt paid you.
Jordan was in line for the job of Chief, he was the BEST OFFICER HB had ever had work for them-. Look at the chief they have now, what a BAD choice you made Mr town manager, another alcoholic running the police department allowing hewitt to run the drugs from the beach 'family beach' I might add!
So long as you support sheriff hewitt and allow him to run the drugs on HB and in this county, then you are on his side and you should go down with him.
Your day will come, I pray it will be soon, you should give the honest folk their jobs back as they know how to do it legally and properly.

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