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May 29, 2007



That's what you get for showing off and doing wheelies!!! ;)

I know you will pull through this just and get right back up on the horse again.

We love you Mr. Bill !

Ed Batton Jr.

I wish Deputy Curry a quick recovery. My wife and I say a prayer every night.

Former Wilmingtonian

Do you know if anyone is accepting flowers/cards, balloons. I'd like to send something, but don't know how or where.

Tre Benson

Marc said today that Deputy Curry's condition has been upgraded.

To to let Deputy Curry know of your prayers and get well wishes please email him through the New Hanover Regional Medical Center's website. Use the link below

Steven Mark Pilling

Motorcycle accidents are one of the unheralded dangers of being a policemen. It's no small danger, either. I know this from several friends. Even if you manage to avoid a big "wipeout" during a long career, there are almost certain to be a number of smaller, less publicized ones; the injuries of which come back to haunt you in your later years.

God bless Deputy Curry and may he make a swift and full recovery.


Hey man, you had us all scared. You might want to tighten up those training wheels next time. Anyway glad to hear you're giving the doctors hell and bitting at the bit to get out of there. Go Home!


The United states is owned by big corporations. Look at NAFTA. Whoever said this was good for America, sold us out. Now we have illegal immigrants added to this. This also is a sell out. Wake up America, Globalization isn't good but for the people that hate us and only wish for our demise. Bothe political parties, the democratic and the republican have become one. There is no longer any noticeable different between either. Our founding fathers(which are now classified as bigots, racists etc by the new history books) would have had the Clintons, Gores, Bushes of Washington arrested-and maybe more.

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