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April 06, 2007



There is sadness anytime something like this happens. The officers lives are changed forever, the family of Mr. McIver have lost a little boy that at onetime most likely went to church and was loved and kissed by his grandmother.

But there is also a feeling that the world is not unjust. Today and yesterday we buried two officers in Charlotte who were each shot in the head by a man witnesses say was non-threatening seconds prior to the shooting. All of us have been asking ourselves why? Why does this seem to always happen to the good guys? Why?

When you put on your badge and uniform it is a kill or be killed world sometimes. At least we prepare for it that way. I can't say enough about training. Don't get lazy, do what you do everytime with the same caution you did right out of training. There is only one thing worse than getting yourself hurt, that's getting someone else hurt.

And thanks Blue Line for covering our heartache here in Charlotte.

God Bless

Mother of one who has chosen to protect and serve

Mr. McIver, from news I've heard, seems to be a headstrong and independent thinking young man who made his own decisions. I regret his decision to fire on police officers was his last. My thoughts and prayers go to those who loved him and were his friends.

As the mother of one of the many officers responding to the incident I can only thank God for sparing my sons life.

I offer a prayer for those parents of policemen/women: God, protect and guide my childs hand, actions, heart, and soul to those he has chosen to serve and protect.


Where is the film on Payton Strickland and Gary Rumor? Maybe Sid can take a few pointers fron Chief Evangelous.

It's amazing how that neighbor-hood was at riot stage over this but are so dependant on the taxpayers for a hand out. The only person in uniform they seem to welcome there is the postman on the 1st and 15th.

911 was called for help, it arrived and was confronted with a situation that could have very well ended with a cop being shot dead.


1 - Make all public housing gated communities with a guard at all gates. All residents must show some kind of identification either on there vehicle or personal, just like they do in private gated communities.

2 - No loitering on the sidewalks or corners at any time and no visitors after 10pm. (If a person is so poor that they have to live in these communities, they should be working or resting, not hanging out on the streets.)

3 - No alcohol, drugs or firearms allowed. The first infraction will get your ass kicked out and arrested.

4 - Anyone with a felony conviction in the last 5 years is prohibited from living in or visiting this community.

5 - All school aged children must be enrolled and attending school as well as maintaing a passing grade. Any violation will result in being kicked out of public housing.

Tough? You bet. I'm sick of the "hand out crowd" that seems to always take and not attempt to give back or at the least, contribute!

marshall stewart

First of all, the shooting happened on Princess Place Drive, near east Wilmington heights, not Creekwood. The whole area of east wilmington is not the Housing area known as Creekwood. Secondly, I know several people in that area who are godd law abiding people who work everday and don't cause anyone trouble. Everyone in this neighborhood as well as in Creekwood are not gang-bangers and hoodlums. To say so reeks of racism. and to those idiots out there who say that the blacks in the neighborhood should turn informer on the few young men who are dealing drugs, i say to you that these well meaning citizens would be shot. suppose there was an aryan brotherhood gang member selling meth next door to any of you people, would you call the police on him, a man who has blood on his hands and not afraid of prison? if you you say yes, you are a liar. The same reason you wouldn't is the same reason the blacks you hate so much wouldn't, they and you would be killed. These young black men are nowhere near as lehtal as the aryan brotherhood, men who can kill with their hands as effectively as with pistols. there are worse criminals out there than these black youths. Furthermore, the only whites in that area are drug smokers and whores, so what are you worried about, you people don't even go near there because there is noting there for you. Get a grip.

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