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January 31, 2007


yep yep..
thugs pipen the kids for money and then they have sex with them like the prvs they are.dakota fanning next maby. ya they have money and fam but the ass nine in power dident have to have sex with hir. mybe he got hir thinken this is what she had to do
to get what she wanted anyway you look at it hes the thug. hey Me if you had nocked little birt up what do you think would happen to you?? did this thug get anything out of this. little is none about this we know she said the boyfriend is not the daddy and she said the derictor is the daddy
but what he get out of it ahaha is this way they said 16 yr old is the ligal age to concent. so they could rape them after they sign. yep dakota danning is 15 yrs old this year count down to her porn movie bet you cant wite hun Me ahaha

Steven Mark Pilling

Dear Last Poster:

I think you're confusing Jamie Lynn Spears with Dakota Fanning. The former, the star of a Nickelodeon kid's show, got pregnant at 16 (still a kid) by a 30+ year old man. I think carnal knowledge is still a crime... even in California. Whether they'll prosecute it or not, especially where Hollywood is concerned, is another question.

As to the latter; it's already been proven in Wilmington that children can be exploited to the point of pornography in films with nothing more than a desultory stirring being the result. Dakota Fanning was 12 when she was defamed on a film set and degraded at Sundance. Now, at age 13, she's back in the same studio filming another "abused child" opus.

At least she wasn't actually molested. However, given the proclivities of modern Hollywood and her own reduction to the status of "screen tramp" at an unprecedentedly early age, her future seems bleak in regards to a happy life ahead. Even if her career revives, it's liable to come at a heavy price... one that no child should be called upon to bear. Her ongoing exploitation has brought her enough misery already.

hey guys ..
has any one scene this photo of the chils star that played in ET?the girl cant remember hie name.she at a party holding a sig and a mix drink in front of hir hummm...
she young in this photos

Steven Mark Pilling

Dear Last Poster:

That was Drew Barrymore. Her parents were taking her out to nightclubs and letting her get drunk when she was only thirteen... like Dakota is now. But, then again, Mr. and Mrs. Barrymore didn't put their kid in porn movies. There's that, at least! It's interesting to note that both Drew and Dakota were the protege child stars of Steven Spielberg.

Anyone heard if Dakota's gone barhopping in Wilmington? Apparently, she's unattended by her agent or a parent on set. (They've all been at Sundance looking after Elle, the NEW star in the family.) All alone, no longer big star, 14th birthday coming up and surrounded by memories of "Hounddog". Who could blame her for getting plastered? It's not as though anyone will arrest her for it... after everything else!


The Sunadance Festival was in JANUARY. Dakota didn't start filming on Secret Lives of Bees until early FEBRUARY. She is NOT unattended. Her mother has been on set with her every day.


More lies.


I was wrong, her mother hasn't been with her every day but she does have a guardian.

I was wrong about the dates too.

Filming started around Jan 11, the festival was Jan 20, it's now Feb 15.

Her mother was not at the Sundance festival the entire time. Based on the news reports and pictures released she was there with Elle for a day or two.

Dakota will be 14 next week. It's not uncommon for child stars to be unattended at that age. Did Zac Efron have his mommy on set every day while he was filming Disney movies? Paul have his mommy on set every day? How about the 50 kids on Kid Nation some as young as nine? They were without parents for 30+ days.

hey.. Read this ahaha.
In a cast shakeup involving the young stars of "My Sister's Keeper," Abigail Breslin will replace Elle Fanning and Sofia Vassilieva is near a deal to replace Dakota Fanning in the New Line drama directed by Nick Cassavetes.
Sources said Dakota Fanning balked at a request that she shave her head for the role and both sisters withdrew abruptly

Steven Mark Pilling

Dear "Me":

Thanks for making my point... as you so often do. Indeed, it has become common for child actors to be left unattended on-set by stage parents (read Abandoned) while they frolic with the bigwigs elsewhere. When they do so on the other side of the country and when their child is filming in the same area where they pandered her off earlier into pornographic infamy, it becomes particularly "distressing". I can only hope that they'll see fit to join her for her birthday party. If Cindy Osbrink has anything to do with it, it'll probably feature a male stripper busting out of the birthday cake. That would, unfortunately, pretty well epitomize her total Wilmington experience.

BTW: The "Kid Nation" incident likewise stresses my point. Children on-set must be regarded as children FIRST.

Steven Mark Pilling

In addendum; I would like to encourage Crimeblog readers to follow the Steve/"Me" debates (!) on my current website: Unfortunately, you have to be a member to comment... which is why I'm looking to make a move. And my ongoing thanks to Tre Benson for his outstanding work in behalf of decency with children and his valuable input.

Steven Mark Pilling

Dear Aubrey: For more info and articles on the "My Sister's Keeper" event, access my website. I think you'll find it interesting.

is there more then i know all ready
i got the last post off dakota fannings website they shut her main one down humm..
did ya know dakota posted there and cussies up a storm ahaha..

i my self dont think its her DEE that is but some nut but they did shut down some of the dakota fanning websites

well i gess you where right about all this its satring allready poor dee i feel sorry for her and little elle..

Steven Mark Pilling

Dear Aubrey:

What website are you referring to? There aren't many fansites for her left and few of those are very active except for old internet friends who use them as a chatboard! Even posers have largely faded away. Let me know what site this is so I can check it out. I've done a bit of poser-busting in my time! Best wishes.

P.S. Let me know also if you have any up-to-date info on "The Secret Life of Bees". As with "Hounddog", I'm starting to get stories as to the nature of the screenplay that are worrisome.


there's a birthday party website for little dee to trying to fine it look under dakota fannings birthday??

Steven Mark Pilling

Dear Aubrey: Thanks for the tips. Best wishes.

did that help ??

Steven Mark Pilling

Dear Aubrey:

I've already been to and seen the site. Nothing new there. It's dying, like most of her sites. The Liquid Generation site is an obvious poser. I left a few remarks, anyway!

I understand that "The Secret Life Of Bees" hasn't wrapped yet and that Dakota has probably flown back to Wilmington after a weekend trip home for her birthday. Whether she's being accompanied by a family member this time is unknown. At least her mother bothered enough to pick her up at LAX on the 22nd!

ahaha.. yes she was there but dee's dad was not humm who was the man there with her mom
you thinken what im thinken??

Steven Mark Pilling

Dear Aubrey: I'm sure Mrs. Fanning's escort was either Mr. Fanning or a security agent. I'm getting conflicting stories, now, as to whether or not the production of "Bees" has terminated. Now it's being said that the film wrapped on the 22nd and Dakota will not be returning to Wilmington. Heard anything?

yes there are some Confusion to rather or not they will stay with the same storyline
dee is getting pickey to the rolls she will be playing she finding out she has a choice but harder to fine work being replacesd not somthing they prepeard her for the L o K B
is about childabuse from what being reported.
as to the +mistory man at the airport as they puted it ahaha.. they dident say rather or not who he was and there are some photos of dee as she arrived at the airport for her 14th birthday hell if you ask me little elle is taken over the fanning franchise elle is doing quite will Y little elle backed out this one i dont know havent hard some reports of a tub scene was becouse elle backed out now im only reporting what i see to rather this is true or not we will see

WTF man..
is hollywood going fucked in the head
it sceams there going nuts on kids these days in movies like its the only way to make money now little elly fanning dos a nude scene in wonderland showing at sundances filmfest

Steven Mark Pilling

Dear Aubrey: Where did you hear about Elle Fanning doing a nude scene in "Phoebe in Wonderland"? That's news to me.

lol all i did was url elle in tub scens and when i hit enter it took me to a website and there they are talken all bout it saying little elle is fowlling big sister foot steps


Phoebe in Wonderland is yet another Alice in Wonderland adaptation, spinoff, wannabe, whatever. As if there really needs to be another Alice movie. I haven't seen a single thing about nudity and or anything like that. It's a kids movies. Low budget indie film at that.

Bees wrapped on the 22nd. Dakota might have to return for re-shoots or something but the movie itself wrapped.

As far as the parents being on set. Ask Paul Peterson if his mommy was on set every day while he was being filmed. That's nothing new.

Steven Mark Pilling

Dear "Me":

Like you, I've found nothing (yet) to hint of any nudity in the production of "Phoebe". However, I've found other things that ARE disturbing. More than I expected to find, I might add. If you haven't checked out the latest comments on my website under "Dakota Turns 14", I suggest you do. I should have suspected that there would be some perversity implicit in a cheap indie movie premiering at Sundance... starring anyone named Fanning.

BTW: Petersen did all his filming as a child right there in Los Angeles, near home, and much of that for Disney (then under Uncle Walt himself). Back then, parents could feel safer about their kids and the environment they were in, so I wouldn't be surprised if young Paul was not always escorted by a family member. It's far different today. And to allow Dakota to film alone under those conditions in ANY era of Hollywood should have been inconceivable.

Dear Aubrey: Could you give me a tab as to that website? It looks as though some abuses did occur on the "Phoebe in Wonderland" set. I'm ruling nothing out right now. Access my site at "". Check out the column I mentioned above and be sure to read the comments. God bless.

the indie movie is what i was talken about and yes there where hints of nudetub scenes
elle is doing better then dakota little dee dont like that so its as if there setting it up to see who takes the cheep shot frist i want to know y tf there getting away with all the shit in films with the kids these days hollywood plays it off like there controld look after ya right its all about the money they turn there heads and dont care what happens to the kids do what it takes they say and you get payed they can care less about the kids and ya ahah you bet they get there cut too if you know what i mean birts little sis got a baby out of her deal ahaha.


WOW WEE......
we have ben so fixated on dakota fanning and her bing abused in film have you seen this.

Jodelle ferland - tideland

Read this all the way through

this is bs...

Steven Mark Pilling

Dear Aubrey: Time to become "fixated" with Dakota again. On March 14th, it was announced that a new distribution firm called Empire Film Group had bought up the North American rights to take "Hounddog" to theaters on July 18th. Access "" for a statement and a film trailer.

Steven ..
well what can i say looks like it's out!!

if you havent seen the prevews on the hounddog movie here it is

Steven Mark Pilling

Dear Aubrey:

I've been there. Also, one can access the trailer and statement at "". Yesterday, on the Earth Times website, it was announced that EFG has contracted Tradewell Media of NYC for a $2 million publicity campaign in all venues. They obviously intend to push this thing full blast.

I'm in the process of contacting all concerned parents', children's advocacy and Christian groups on my list to alert them to these developments. This is a major attempt to promote and legitimize perversity with children in the major media... perhaps the biggest ever.

Aubrey: I could use some help, here. I'm going to have my work cut out for me over the next four months. If you have any connections with churches or other groups in your area, please inform them about this. Also, remember to visit my site at "". I'm going to try and keep people posted as the situation develops.

Best wishes.

did ya take look at the other movie this girl was nude in this film has and adult due a sex scene with her she puts her tung in his mouth and much more this is fucking sick she only 10 and they say its ok
yes ill help all i can but if there letting this shit go on then i gess our work to stop it is in vain

Steven Mark Pilling

Dear Aubrey:

I've made a note to check out this "Tideland" episode as soon as I can. Thanks for the tip. Remember that I predicted long ago that if something as overtly perverted as "Hounddog" succeeded or even just went unchallenged, other instances of child porn would follow. Few have ever heard of exploited child stars like Jimmy Bennett ("The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things"), Jenna Malone ("The Bastard Out of Carolina") or, now, Jodelle Ferland in "Tideland". I could add a few more.

A great many, however, have heard of Dakota Fanning. That doesn't mean that she's better than they or that the crimes against those other kids was lesser than "Hounddog's". It does mean that Dakota's starpower was the key factor in legitimizing child porn in the mainstream cinema and continues to be. That's why she and her movie are of central importance... and always have been.

If this trend is to be stopped and, God willing, rolled back by exposing it to the American public, then "Hounddog" is the keystone that must be sledgehammered to bring it down. Now that it's risen its ugly head out of the shadows again, let's see this as an opportunity to do just that. We saw at Sundance 2007 (and among the set technicians at Screen Gems) how even usually liberal parents can react to such depravity with children. Parents tend to be parents first. If they learn the full story about this- no matter how the film was now been edited or is presented and whatever their other outlooks- they will respond as those set people and moviegoers did.

So don't be despairing. Let's commit ourselves- as decent men should- to confronting this challenge and defeating it... once and for all!

Okay. End of pep talk! God bless... and let's roll!!

whats new anything ??

Steven Mark Pilling

Dear Aubrey:

The story is starting to get picked up by a few of the Hollywood websites. It's still not widely reported. Not much else is being said by the principals so far. Possibly, they're waiting to see how big a stir their initial announcement causes and what the reactions are.

Personally, I'm going down the list of old contacts and other concerned groups to see that this doesn't go unnoticed. After a year in limbo (and in the middle of a big election season) memories and moral priorities can dim. Those pornmongers are counting on that. I intend to deny them!

Steven Mark Pilling

Dear Aubrey: This might be interesting to note. In early March, the word was out that Dakota Fanning had landed a leading role in a Disney film called "Race to Witch Mountain"... a remake of an earlier children's film. That she was at least under consideration seems evident. However, in the middle of March, it was abruptly announced that the role was going to... AnnaSophia Robb! Guess what event occured between those times? It looks like she's been bitten by "Hounddog" once again.


"I've made a note to check out this "Tideland" episode as soon as I can. Thanks for the tip. Remember that I predicted long ago that if something as overtly perverted as "Hounddog" succeeded or even just went unchallenged, other instances of child porn would follow."

More of your nonsense and dribble.

Tideland was filmed in SEPT 2004 and released Oct 2005 BEFORE HOUNDDOG was even in the news.

So how did this movie follow Hounddog or for that matter "Life is Deceitful" or the thousands of other movies that were released prior to July 18, 2008?

The movie hasn't even been released but you keep blaiming it for all the other movies IT FOLLOWED.

hi ME
dident see when it came out Jodelle ferland was 10 when she did this film
and agin no one said anything about it
and she did sex scenes in this film too

Steven Mark Pilling

Dear "Me": You know that was deceitful. I've alluded many times to other films that preceded "Hounddog" and acknowledged that some may have risen to the level of child porn as well. "Hounddog", however, was OVERT. Adult starpower... plus that of the far-and-away most popular child star of that time. The others eluded notice simply because they were cheap MINUS the starpower. Nor did they have as their basis the intent to bring child porn into the mainstream. They were equally despicable, mind you. They were merely not as pervasively dangerous to all kids everywhere. And, as you well know, July 18th will mark the RE-premiere of "Hounddog"... "Hounddog MarkII". Or is it III, or IV...?

Steven Mark Pilling

Did anyone take note of Alicia Keys' recent comments? This girl is a whitey-hater on par with Jeremiah Wright! When you wear an "AK" symbol around your neck and blame the government for rappers killing each other, you've got some serious personal issues! And Dakota Fanning, only half her age, had to play her best friend in a movie for almost two months. 13 years old, no family in attendance... and surrounded by people who likely mirrored Alicia's thinking. I can't help but wonder what as-yet untold stories will emerge from the making of "The Secret Life of Bees". Those set technicians (especially the "Hounddog" defectors) were probably her only friends (and maybe protectors!) on that set.

Steven Mark Pilling

Item of note: Apparently, the appearance of "Hounddog" next month will be restricted to "selected theaters" owned by National Amusements, Inc. If they are, in fact, the only outlet for this movie, then the closest place that North Carolinians can view it is in Virginia. All of N.A.'s four theater chains are, with Virginia's exception, based in the Blue States of the North and Left Coast. Makes sense, huh?

Steven Mark Pilling

Dear Readers:

Today is Hounddog Day. On this date two years ago, the story of this landmark work of child pornography erupted on the national scene with the publishing of Lloyd Grove's column "All Shook Up Over 'Hounddog'". Through several up and down cycles of attention, it has remained a central issue in the fight against the culture's indecency with children.

On July 18th, the North Carolina Chapter of "Concerned Women For America", a leading national entity in the case of child protection, brought the issue of "Hounddog" to the forefront once more. Their spokeslady, Donna Miller, issued this statement on her organization's behalf:

"We request that the North Carolina General Assembly appoint an independent investigation to determine why the Film Office approved the making of the film "Hounddog" and whether North Carolina law officials were consulted. Also: Provide information from the North Carolina Department of Commerce as to how three movies ('Hounddog', 'Bastard Out Of Carolina' and 'Lolita') were filmed in North Carolina dealing with the subject of adults having sexual encounters with minors. 'Hounddog' was so controversial that it did not receive distributorship until recently."

"Both the North Carolina Film Office and Department of Commerce are North Carolina tax-funded, and, as North Carolina citizens, we oppose the use of any tax dollars that are spent on endeavors that at bestcan be described as the sexualization of children and at worst the normalization of sexual relations between children and adults. North Carolina citizens do not want their film legacy to be represented by films such as 'Hounddog'."

Published with the article was a document from the NC Film Office entitled "Film Production Tax Credits/Returns Received During Calendar Year 2007". Note that North Carolina distributes at 15% rebate on the production costs of ANY film make in the state. These figures were listed.

Taxpayer Name and Counties: Hounddog Productions LLC Brunswick New Hanover

Goods.............. $697,298

Services........... $750,522


Total Expenses.....$2,583,842

People Employed...........182

Cost of Credits.... $387,576

Readers will notice that the last figure amounts to 15% of total expenses. That's what you, the taxpayer, put into the pockets of the worst "mainstream" child pandering filmmakers to date. This was done in YOUR name. Notice further that by then, the name of Full Moon Films (the production company) disappeared, replaced by an obscure entity called Hounddog Productions LLD. Thanks to Tre Benson, Ted Baehr, Bill Donahue, Larry Klayman, Sean Hannity and other staunch citizens, the pornographers had been forced undercover.

If anyone wishes to see justice done on this vital and basic issue of child decency, please contact your elected representatives in North Carolina. Especially, State Senator Phil Berger (R-Rockingham) who has taken a personal interest in this issue from the beginning. Also: Please contact CWA's NC Chapter or The National Association To Protect Children ( located in Asheville. I belong to both organizations and recommend them for their good works. For more details and insights, please visit my website at "".

Steven Mark Pilling

Further note: The release date of the new "sanitized" version of "Hounddog" has been moved back from its originally announced date of July 18th to September 5th. No firm reason was given, but I very much suspect that Empire Film Group (the new owner/distributor of the movie) was receiving too many negative messages to suit them. Therefore, by moving it to a Labor Day premiere (and thereby into the traditional kick-off date of the Presidential campaign season) they hope to side-step any intense scrutiny or criticism from social activists. If you'd read the modified form letter I received from Eric Parkinson (EFG's chief of distribution) only two days after my "pointed" message was received, you'd understand my reasons for thinking this. I believe they're starting to realize, as others have before them, that this film is a potential nightmare.

Steven Mark Pilling

Dear Readers:

Several new developments.

1. The release date of "Hounddog" has, once again, been moved back; this time to September 19th.

2. More groups are taking an active interest in this movie's re-emergence, to include Dr. Ted Baehr's "Movieguide".

3. Eric Parkinson is "quite" upset with me and refuses further contact... except to accuse me of pedophilia for not accepting his pedophilic movie as a work of art!

The Hollywood mentality in action. Isn't it curious how our once basic and universally accepted values have been turned on their ear by these people?

Steven Mark Pilling

Dear Readers: "Hounddog" has been effectively cancelled for its scheduled limited release to theaters this September 19th. According to an Empire Film Group source, the theater chains cited the opposition of "vocal groups" as the reason. It seems that child advocates and Christian organizations didn't have such short memories after all! For more details, access my column "Hounddog Withdrawn!" at

so steve..
what your saying is hounddog is no more..?
if so then THANK GOD..

Steven Mark Pilling

Is that Aubrey?

It's not completely gone. There's still the possibility of it showing up in some scattered independent and "art film" theaters. Much like Deborah Kampmeier's other film, "Virgin", did. It may also turn up overseas where the obscenity laws with children are even laxer than they are here. And, let's not forget, there's still the DVD/Blu-Ray deal. Those are scheduled to hit the market early next year. AND there's the cable TV circuit.

Of course, anything's possible right now. A lot depends on how much (and what kind) of attention this movie draws. But many of the same people who opposed "Hounddog" so successfully at Sundance 2007 are alerted to its present status and have played to big role in its recent defeat in distribution. It's a major victory... but not a war won. Not yet.

I'll provide updates on my website when I can establish a firm trend of events. Best wishes.

well hell lol..
yes it is me ahaha...
steve did you know dee was asked to do a remake of lolta seen this on a blog some where dee siad she could do this but turn it down and little elly was asked to do a remake of The Exorcist..

keep me posted steve...
my granddaughters used to keep up with the fanning girls but now they are in to Miley Cyrus ahah.. they do a good job of singing the song you get the best of both world..

Steven Mark Pilling

Dear Aubrey:

I was not aware of Dakota Fanning being approached to do the recent remake of "Lolita". I heard vague rumors of a remake of "The Exorcist". I couldn't tell you if it's true, much less what child actress might have been approached for the lead role. If they did, I'm sorry to say, then the Fanning sisters (either!) would probably be at the top of the "contact" list. There are an awful lot of rumors of that sort coming out of Hollywood all the time. I doubt even Perez Hilton can keep track of them all... and I'm not him!!

As for Miley Cyrus... it appears her star is in decline. Too many sexualized photos and statements of her and from her have been showing up. With that "Vanity Fair" shot, she seems to be following the same pattern that Dakota Fanning did just prior to Wilmington and "Hounddog". (See their March 2006 "special issue".) Given what I've seen, you have to wonder if Miley's "Hounddog" moment can be far behind. After the spectacles of D.F., AnnaSophia Robb and Vanessa Hudgens in recent times, a lot of parents (and kids) are probably wondering, too. My fear is that they might be right.

Just all the more reason to clean up a business and a culture that allows and encourages young girls to prostitute themselves for profit at ever younger ages.

BTW: Check out Tre's new thread entitled "Hounddogged". I just found it via a backtrack on my websites "footprints". I haven't been that flattered since... well, let's not go there!!


The movie is being released Sept 19 then expanded release starts on Oct 3 and a larger release on Oct 10.

The structure of the movie was changed but the scenes are still in the movie. All of the scenes after the rape scene with Dakota speaking have been moved around so that she doesn't speak until she yells at her dad.

An organized marketing campaign is planned and already started with multiple articles appearing in th NYTimes in the last week.

This is far from over.

Steven Mark Pilling

Dear "Me": No one ever said it was over. But, as I just said in my reply to you on my website, Empire Film Group has taken what is undeniably a major setback. Nor do I place much stock in their grandiose claims for the future. They tend to lay it on thick and heavy at EFG! However, I can assure you that I and the others involved in this case do NOT intend to rest on our laurels. Everytime this obscenity raises its ugly head, it WILL be challenged. Those few remaining theaters that will screen "Hounddog" this Friday will be reminded as well.

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