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January 24, 2007



"dakota fanning is said by reports she gets 3mil for filming a movie. its all over the net and in the media that her mother hoped it would win her an Oscar."

She worked for scale on this movie. NOT TRUE about the Oscar comment, Lloyd Groves made that claim and it was repeated over and over, there is no proof that she ever made that statement.

"Y dident any of the actors come forth"

Dakota started promoting the movie back in November. Afremo and Robin have also given interviews promoting the movie. All of them readily gave interviews to law enforcement who found NOTHING wrong with the way it was made.

"you dident say anything about the nud beaches out there."

There is a nude beach about ten miles from where the movie was filmed. Perfectly legal. Most people know about the nude beach but no one has any complaints.

"are you saying you your slef was on set?"

Did I ever say that? Were you? Steve? Tre? Mark? Paul Petersen? NO!!

"crewmembers took the script from the set."

There were hundreds of copies floating around town. I got a copy back in September, wasn't hard to acquire, anyone with connections could have gotten a copy of the script, they were made available to anyone interested in working on the movie or anyone who auditioned for a part.

"the authorities are well infromd on these websites and doing a dam good job of putting"

So why are you complaining there are so many??

"ahaha Hollywood is all over the internet ME"

Most Hollywood based production companies are publicly traded companies, your neighbor, coworkers, friends may be investors so I guess you should take your complaints to them.

"if every one was not trying to make money off this"

Who is making money off this? Low budget indie films rarely turn a profit. It's all about making a name for yourself in the business and everyone did that.

"crewmembers did say they dident like what they saw."

Prove it, tell me their names and what they did.

"i dont know ME. you or i dont know the hole story i think its riged. even if noughting happen in the making of hounddog the hole concept sicken me dont it you?"

It's just a movie. No one got hurt and everyone said they had a good time.

"if there is any. i have to tell you your way of thinking is realy staring worry me"

Why? Because I know they didn't do anything wrong and you can't except that or the fact no laws were broken and it was perfectly legal to make this movie. If you have a problem with that take it to Washington and get the Constitution changed to fit your way of thinking. Good luck with that.

"a child in these movies made like this is not doing any good so Y have them."

Most of the kids that have starred in these movies will disagree. Many went on to successful careers and made million of dollars in the process. I doubt they care what you think.

Same old dribble. Come up with something of substance.

It's just a movie. No one got hurt and everyone said they had a good time

you are one sick puppy bud.

that dont bother you that a child in a movie like this had a good time WTF? ahaha
It's just a movie you say. just wate Me. when your kids grow up you will eat these words.

no im not the ones that run this website but id love to meet them and geve them a big hug for there good work.

Most of the kids that have starred in these movies will disagree. Many went on to successful careers and made million of dollars in the process. I doubt they care what you think

meney actors got there star and done none of these kind of movies.

what i think dont mater to thim Y should they care. and they dont care what any one is saying about this hole hounddog bs becouse its YOUR F**KING WORDS ME> there making million of dollars in the process.

you call this a successful careers

rehab drugs drinking private partys sex tapes nud photo shoots for fam and million of dollars. you dident see the olsen twins do these kinds of movies like hounddog and look at there success story. WOW if dakota fanning thinks she has to do this to get to the top i fell sorry for her becouse they will use her.

If you have a problem with that take it to Washington .

Y should i what would it mater. its pepole like you that dont care and think its ok for kids doing these kids of movies.

hey ME. what would you do if you walk in on your nabor an adult with a child acting out like this filming it her in her underwear him masterbating os on os on ? and your daughter got a script like this to star in a movie like hounddog? would you sale your daughter for a million. and not care what pepole think ? just asking. remember i dont think like you or them i want to know the hole point of this movie and Y they think they have to make them.?


[I was the same people]?, they were there for both the rape scene and all the other scenes and not one of them said anything inappropriate happened during filming
what are you saying here ME.

everything they did in this movie was inappropriate.
you only know what your reading ahaha.

and i read you siad some where in the website you your self talked to the pepole that worked on the set.
i want to ask this of any who cears. there where pepole with kids that worked on the set of hounddog and all these scens wear shot right?. wear wour the kids when they filmed david masterbating? /and no one saw this comming but christopher was masterbated in front of dakota when she was dong the bed scen?. and agin when she was stripping for the tickets?. O cody was there too?.right? it was front lit and every one could see what was going on there and there wour meney shot of the scen of the rape. are you going to tell me that none of these kids wour nerver together the hole time the rape scen was filmed ?? and Y are they showing this film over seas and not here yet?

[I was the same people]?,

Did I ever say that? Were you? Steve? Tre? Mark? Paul Petersen? NO

nore was you Me. you dont know a dam thing about whats realy going on for that mater and they
Mark Tre know more then you do. i think one of these guys was on the set that day. and there frineds they know very well that was on the set that day and meney of them in the filming of hounddog. they took the script from the set that day.mark and tra was told by there frined about what took places on set that day and told there frined to take a copy of the script so they can look at it. it was about the money ME. they wear not getting payed for the work they did and they had familys to suport.
but tra and mark. was looking after the kids in that foul movie thats what there about here who the hell cears if they film a movie called hounddog but some one should care if a child is being use like this for money or fam. O and to add dakota fanning setting on david lap acting like that was inappropriate. but they cut some of it Y. and dont ask me to prove it. what i want know is Y dont they geve every thing take for take to connie and let her see evrything they shot in the filmming of hounddog to show every one that what was said or filmed was not true. waht the crewmen saw and what they realy did on set that day.

have fun with this one ME.

Steven Mark Pilling

Dear "Me":

Wrong in every single particular!... including my website!! And, my, your grammar is really starting to go downhill!

Aubrey, in his first posting today, only points out a sad, but well-known fact. Child modelling, both in studios and on the internet, is all too often a front for child sexual exploitation... sometimes in it's very worst aspect. It's also true that Dakota's agent specializes in both acting and modelling for her child clients with crossover... and all it's inherent opportunities for abuse.

Let's examine this:

1. Cindy Osbrink, as I said, runs a theatrical agency that has for years focussed primarily on children in acting and modelling.

2. Cindy Osbrink set up her star child client in cheap sex film of unparallelled on-set depravity in any pre-existing feature film.

3. Cindy Osbrink, far from denying this to inquiring journalists after "Hounddog's" first exposure, replied only that the molestation scene was "tastefully done"; thereby not only acknowledging the report, but actually according it a perverse justification!

4. Cindy Osbrink put Dakota in several fashion shoots which portrayed her as a society bimbo, a street corner tramp, a spaced-out kid in thrown together clothing and Army boots and, most lately, as the cringing, tattered and cornered victim of adult abuse.

5. Cindy Osbrink. through her long association with Joy Purvis of Atlanta (Dakota's discoverer), was almost certainly instrumental in recruiting two of Mz Purvis's current clients for "Hounddog": Cody Hanford and Isabelle Fuhrman.

6. Cindy Osbrink got Dakota her only post-Hounddog acting role to date... a traumatic role of violence and morbidity called "Winged Creatures".

7. Cindy Osbrink has demonstrated no qualms about placing her young clients in R-rated films including elements of sex and violence as well as TV roles with violent and morbid content.

8. Cindy Osbrink has performed the same "services" for 9 year old Elle Fanning except for films with scenes of her performing direct sexual conduct with other actors... SO FAR.

9. Cindy Osbrink, in the course of her activities with child acting and modelling promotions- and having aptly demonstrated her willingness to visually prostitute her helpless little clients- is little better than the vicious panderers and pornographers to whom Aubrey refers.

At least, one HOPES that she's a "little" better. With such opportunities for further abuse, coupled with blatant amorality in her professional conduct, can even that be dismissed? Even if she's been loath to take that final step into the ultimate infamy, it's only one short step down from where she now stands.

You say you're not Jen Gatien or any other member of the Full Moon staff, "Me". Is it possible that you ARE Cindy Osbrink? Having heard Cindy's pious and duplicitious ramblings, I couldn't help but notice the odd similarities!

to stve .

You say you're not Jen Gatien or any other member of the Full Moon staff, "Me". Is it possible that you ARE Cindy Osbrink? Having heard Cindy's pious and duplicitious ramblings, I couldn't help but notice the odd similarities

you think that too ahaha.
hey i have the phone numbers to the fannings agentcie and address street number but i dont post it here any one can get it. lol they repalced evry one.and stell trying to reedit the movie. thats funny becouse it playing over sea now Y not here?

How much more will dakota and elle be used in this mater befor som one steps in and say WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU THINKING ahaha.


"And, my, your grammar is really starting to go downhill!"

I not te one typin like a 3 yer old. I use a spellcheck. You guys double team me and I still can put you to shame. Get your facts straight there Aubrey. Tre or Mark were not on the set. They "claim" to have been in contact with a couple of crew members that said they witnessed some kind of kiddie porn make out session which has defiantly dismissed as nothing more than rumor. The rape scene was filmed in a dark shed in segments. Dakota was wearing a body suit to "appear" like she was nude but was not. Cody was fully clothed and she did not watch Christoph masturbate and there was no bed scene, it was on the floor of the shed, another rumor Tre got wrong. Where do you come up with this stuff? As far as the script goes there were HUNDREDS of copies floating around and there was no need to take it off the set, Tre could have gotten it from someone that wasn't even working on the movie. Lots of people got a copy and then turned down the part. I don't even work for the film industry and I got a copy.

No I am not Cindy Osbrink. Are you guys that slow? All of the names are listed in the credits on IMDB and all their contact information is listed on the NC film promotion website. All you had to do was email or call them. Wasn't that hard. I doubt anyone will respond now but early on they had no problem giving inside information. I live where most of the crew does and it was no problem getting a copy of the script. You can call it whatever want but the fact remains this movie is LEGAL. Got a problem with that take it up with your elected officials. How are my words making millions of dollars? No one made any money off this movie because they all worked for scale and to date the movie has made ZERO profit, only tickets sales at festivals. We have been over the neighbor filming kids thing before. This was a motion picture not some two bit camcorder home movie being made in someone's bedroom or garage. Not the same thing and you know it. I told you Dakota was in her trailer when David was being filmed and Cody/Isabelle were not even on the call sheet for that day as far as I know so they were not even on set.

"it was about the money ME. they wear not getting payed for the work they did and they had familys to suport."

Now you catching on. These crew members didn't get paid, to get revenge they started rumors all over the internet, and when it came time to talk to the cops everyone shut up. Picture starting to come in clear now? None of the rumors turned out to be true. None of the claims were true. No laws were broken. No kids were nude or watched adults nude or performing sex acts. It was all rumors started by pissed off crew members that didn't get paid. Once the law got involved they went into hiding and once they got paid they moved on to the next project and forgot all about this movie.

"Wrong in every single particular!... including my website!!"

No Steve it is you that is wrong, still harping on unfounded rumors that turned out to be wrong. I checked out your website and there is nothing there. No comments, no responses, no guess book entries, nothing. Tell me what I'm doing wrong because there is nothing on that site.

You know what it's Dakota's life not yours. Stop spending all your time worried about what this thirteen year old girl is doing with her career. She is currently filming a movie with an all star cast. Will do voice overs for another movie, and Secret Lives of Bees is still in pre-production. Not to mention tv appearances, awards shows, charity work, and everything else this kid has to do to please "her public". Give the kid a break. If she only wants to do two movies a year and I don't know go to school, play with her friends, or just sit on her ass and watch tv eight hours a day that's her business and people like you need to get out of her business. Cindy Osbrink made her a household name, a millionaire, and one of the most successful child actors ever so she must be doing something right. Frankly I doubt she cares what you think.

"You say you're not Jen Gatien or any other member of the Full Moon staff"

I have no connection to this movie what so ever. I think I said that like twenty times now. I live in Wilmington, I know lots of people in the business just like Tre, I contacted people back when this first made the news, I emailed crew members, I emailed actors, and I know what happened during the making of this movie. Unlike you and Steve I don't have to guess, speculate, or go only on rumors.

"Same old dribble and misinformation based on rumors"

ME. ok not i beleve you from some of things you said in your last post and yes your right dakota did not see david or cris do anything the bodystue was wore but she had tapes over privte parts so yes she was not nud couldent see anything yes dakota fanning pepard very well for the movie and her mother looked out for her. there was no contact at all in the filming of movie. even when she was on david lap. so there ya go guys leve it be

lol sorry tipo



That was the point all along. If anyone had clear evidence that anything bad happened during the filming of this movie you better believe someone would have taken action. Hell if I believed for one minute anything bad happened I would be standing in front of Screen Gems everyday demanding some kind of legal action but it's just not there. NO ONE and I mean NO ONE has ever said different other than these "unknown crew members" that told all these stories about her being nude, sitting on David's lap, fully lit violent rape scene, make out sex scene between Dakota and Cody, whatever. Where's the proof???? EVERYONE said it didn't happen. The rape scene is in a dark shed on the floor showing her arm and leg and you hear her gasp as Cody is laughing and you see Christoph unzip his pants in a dark shed. She isn't in the same frame with David, the two kids are filmed above the shoulders when they are tied together with a snake (actually the snake is wrapped around them) and scene 39 is non sexual, they appear to remove their clothes (can't see anything) then lay on the ground of the shed and look at each other and lightly kiss. This is the big kiddie porn make out scene everyone was freaked out about. Yes it was shot a second time with a crane to get an overhead shot but not because the first time was too graphic only because it looked better from overhead. The investors didn't pull out because of the dailies, they pulled out BEFORE the freakin movie started filming. A week before she got to Wilmington. Local crew members put up a $100,000 so they could start then she had to find other investors as they went along. She went to one of them looking for more money and he insisted on a larger share of the revenue and they had an argument and he walked and was replaced. A week later he went to Lloyd Groves with all the rumors and got the ball rolling on the internet. When you cut through all the crap, the rumors, and all of Steve's investigative speculation and claims of "on-set depravity of any pre-existing feature film" BS you see there is nothing to get all excited about. A low budget indie film that I agree pushed the boundaries a little but nothing more. Keep tuning in that frequency because I think the picture is coming is clear now.

Goto Steve's website and tell me what you see because I see nothing on the site:

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Gender: Male

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Member Since: 10/10/2006

There are no posts.

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There are no posts.

Every page says no post. What am I missing??



This is my website:

Up to 293 post. The other petition has over 800 but they had a three month head start and Paul Petersen and Steve promoting it for them. Mine has been mentioned in dozens of web stories and blog sites, a magazine article, on the local news channel, the local newspaper, and in a New York Times article. Read some of the post there and look how much support there is for Dakota.

well like i said befor all the movies they made like this dident get anywhear they made there point. and then pushed to the back of the pile. my daughter was so up set over this movie hounddog becouse they used dakota for it. but she got over it. she thinks the world of dakota. lol she had a sleep over and my daughter and frineds cut a hole in sheets put them over there outfits stued in the front room and screemd you ante noughting but a hound dog ahaha very funny to see and all of them at the same time. she knows now it was the consept of a movie not a real rape. now shes ok with it. lol i think its beoues she knows her little angel dakota dident get hart in the making of hounddog. anyway'
ahaha she dont like david or chris thats funny as hell dident say anything about cody. there is a game you cam play with your kids called [ be aware of your surrounding] from the time they can walk to the point of saying i do this game will make them very aware.

your daughter stays at frineds house over night. in the time shes there she finds artafacts unseen. she payes attention to the times of all events of the day. see scars and rembers them. remeber color of eyes what every one is wearing. and the fun in this game is to see how much they learned about the frined she is with and the environment shes in. this is how the game is played get them together and ask one at a time what color is your frineds eyes with out looking. heres one way to get the game roleing geve them somthing to drink then say lets play games then say any one have to use the rest room go now? mybe one will go' ahaha thats your target. when she gone pretend to put Sugar in her water make shour somone see you do it. when your target comes back start the game with her by asking her what time was it when she left to go to the restroom with out looking at the time ahaha its funny to see the out come of the game. then as time gos on you see target take a drink of her water ask ?do you all ways go and leve your drink unattended? she would ask Y ahaha they all do or say noughting then tell her anyone no mater who. could have slip somthing in that
and the fun begins i think you get it right. by the time your done playing the game your kids could be good detectives. there is much more to the game. but ill stop here hahah have fun.


Sounds like fun. I love mind games. We played games like that when I was young back in the days when there was only three channels on the tv, no internet, no cell phones, no video games, no dvd players, ahhh the good old days when kids made up games. Good to see you keep that alive, it's hard to get the kids away from the tv long enough to play games like that. Take care....

ahaha i here ya ME.
you geve incentives to play the game. like a free day at the mall ahaha' ya right.
like going to the park to larn about the plants. beit Poison ot not.
the one who come up with the best answers and get answers by sharing facts, opinions, and personal experiences. hey its not every day you see little kids with a dictionary or UNIX book ahaha.

o ya ME.
i for got ahaha.' i think you dident have as meney post as thought becouse you have hellafied pop up virus on your front page.

check your links out ahaha that was fuuny i tryed to stop it but couldent keep up with it ahaha, had to restart my computer.

Steven Mark Pilling

Dear "Me":

I KNOW that you and Aubrey use "spellcheck". I'm aware of the technology! I choose not to use it because I wish to keep my typing and linguistic skills sharp. Nor do I truely believe you to be Cindy Osbrink! It's called "humor". The "nudge in the ribs" sort. Good grief!

Most of the rest of your postings consist of common knowledge delivered with condescension, rehashes of old, false talking points and, of course, attempts to sidetrack the main issue. "Revenge Of The Unpaid Crewmen"? Did they all get stiffed for their salaries, then?... along with being grossed out from being made a party to perversion? Did you as well?! Curious.

And, once again, my guestbook is packed! Whose site were you looking at, I wonder? My regular correspondents are few, owing to the limited venue of Xanga. (Again, I got that site only by accident!!) However, I've had nearly one hundred footprints for last week, so interest is picking up. I've also been receiving some interesting bits of info from not only Dakota watchers, but those of AnnaSophia Robb (who has apparently gathered up many of Dakota's disappointed former fans). Small wonder why. I would like to get another website with a broader base... once I can find the time!

I would also like to further promote the websites of Paul Petersen, Rob Lacey, myself and, yes, Tre Benson's... among others. I only wish I had the time to do that, to comment further abroad, to do more research into the overall menace to children from the popular culture (threats such as "Hounddog" poses), to "raise awareness" more with young online users about the dangers of being careless on the internet (my original online purpose), to take a more active role in The National Association To Protect Children (based in Asheville) and "Abbott's Army" (a voluntary group of internet watchers sponsored by Texas State Attorney General Gregg Abbott) and other fine organizations along the same lines. Other things, as well.

Unfortunately, having just worked FIVE double shifts this week, it's all I can do just to catch forty winks!! The good news is that I'm not alone out here. Many others labor on. The pornographers and child panderers are not going to get a free ride in Hollywood anymore. "Hounddog" was the last straw.

Dear Aubrey:

Thanks again for standing up for decency and sanity. I'm continually impressed, charmed and envious (!) of you and your wonderful family. God bless you all!

"Me" has one point, though. It's important that we do more to promote the websites of Rob Lacey, Paul Petersen and, yes, Tre Benson. I recieved an email from Rob last week. He's VERY busy in a number of related projects, but his dedication to child protection and the "Hounddog" case is unwavering. Drop them all a line if you can!

Best wishes.

to steve. or ME.
all i cared about was my daughters love for dakota and elly. the movie hounddog was just a concept of the very thing we fiace every day in realady. i dont think for a minet she dakota or the other kids in this movie was harmed. i do my job as a pearent to protect my child from the sick child Predators. hollywood knows how to get around the law they proved that meney times over. when it comes to filmming these tipes of movies.if the law for these movies are not set to protect the child actors in every state how the hell do we stop it? and hollywood knows dam well if they can't get what they want here they will go over seas. where they allow these tipes of movies. it just keeps getting wores. what next??

Steven Mark Pilling

Dear Aubrey:

Those kids weren't PHYSICALLY harmed, I'm sure. Emotionally, spiritually... if history is any guide and psychology provides any insight at all, then a great deal of damage was done to them there. And it will continue. If we assume that "Hounddog" will come out in DVD, then it means that that film will "dog" those three kids for the rest of their lives. It also means that kids will find access to it, see Dakota's performance, and be likewise polluted in their outlook. The worst, though, will be for those three little actors. THEY will remember the things that were edited out or not filmed at all on that set.

Of course, we can't stop the gross abuses that occur overseas. We CAN revamp our child protective laws to cover domestic abuses and prevent the importation of cinematic perversity from foreign sources. It was pointed out that a German film ("The Tin Drum"), which featured a child in graphic scenes of sex and violence, survived legal challenge. It was worse than "Hounddog", yet it can be found in DVD outlets anywhere to this day.

The child protective laws of this country have so many loopholes in them (and they vary from state to state) that corrupt filmmakers have found a corresponding variety of ways to circumvent their authority. And, as I have mentioned before, the law is only as good as the willingness of legal authorities to enforce them. That has been dramatically demonstrated in North Carolina.

Ultimately, the remedy can only be found on the federal level. Letters to our elected representatives are one way. However, it is even better when statements of concern originate from organizations with both local and national prestige. Voting blocs! That's why I joined "".

But activity at the state level should not be ignored, either. State senators and legislators are more accessible. Personal contact always carries more weight than a letter or email. And besides, a state's example, if it attains national media interest, can sway the nation.

Remember, the road that led us to "Hounddog" occured in small increments. Over the years, pandering filmmakers, following the money that child smut almost always provides, have pushed quietly at the boundaries. I refer you to Tre's analogy of the frog in boiling water. I couldn't have picked a better example. The American public has been slowly desensitized to the threats to our children's moral health.

Therefore, we must counter in increments. It won't happen overnight, I'm afraid. But it must begin now. "Hounddog" must be America's wake-up call. As they say, a long journey begins with a single step.

there is more then we the pepole know is going on in the usa today. take the state of utah for example.
now they need to do somthing about that read up on it. i gess if you want to be a pedafile have sex with family and kids move to utah. hollywood loves utah lol. you want to kill some one move to utah you want ten wifes and 50 kids lol move to utah. you want drugs move anywear in the us or ahaha utah. evry time i pray for the unjust in our society's behavior i get slaped in the faces ten folds. its the love for money fam and power lol its'evel ) and thank you for your kind words means verything to me.

ME. / Steve. or any one ?
did you see the video on youtube.
the daughter of a policeman in south dakota
was raped and then she the daoghter posted it on youtube WTF. GOOD FOR HER.
he told her it was what all dads and daughters do its just a game. WOW a cop
did this to his owne daughter.


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I tried on another computer with Vista and still the same thing. No messages, no post, no friends, nothing. Do you have to log in to see the post because there is nothing at that site.


""Revenge Of The Unpaid Crewmen"? Did they all get stiffed for their salaries, then?... along with being grossed out from being made a party to perversion? Did you as well?! Curious."

No only the ones that started all the rumors. I remind you to this day they have never come forward. Couldn't haven't been too upset if they were unwilling to talk to the DA or the media or anyone for that matter. All of the other crew clearly had no problems telling the DA that nothing happened. What happened to these mysterious "deflecting crew members" you keep talking about??? Why are they still silent almost a year later? Almost year has passed and NOT ONE WORD FROM A SINGLE CREW MEMBER willing to go on record that anything happened. Time to give up on the onset deprivaty crap because there still is no evidence. It still comes down to the fact that nothing they filmed was illegal, harmful, obscene, or demeaning. All of the actors stood by the movie and the director the whole time. Who stood by Tre and Mark beside you and Paul?? I told you I didn't work for the movie so why would I have been grossed out? Who was grossed out anyway? Give me at least one name.


"THEY will remember the things that were edited out or not filmed at all on that set."

NOT FILMED?? Now they are going to be harmed by what was NOT FILMED? Like the fully lit rape scene with Christoph humping, pawing, groping?? That wasn't filmed! I guess that will still haunt her because it wasn't filmed?? You guys are too much. Grasping at straws there with all these rumors. What's next?


"did you see the video on youtube.
the daughter of a policeman in south dakota
was raped and then she the daoghter posted it on youtube WTF. GOOD FOR HER.
he told her it was what all dads and daughters do its just a game. WOW a cop
did this to his owne daughter."

WAIT A MINUTE!! You are praising the girl for posting it on youtube? I thought this would only make more people want to rape young kids. When a film maker does it, it's onset deprivaty and the biggest threat to mankind but if a real rape victim does it then GOOD FOR HER?? What's wrong with bringing awareness to the issue of child rape anyway? That's what the director, actors, and oh yeah young little Dakota was trying to do before you people turned it around and made it a bad thing. But I guess it's ok that this girl did it, after all it was a cop and her dad that raped her instead of the milk man's son. Oh yeah it was real and not a bunch of actors reading words off a script. Yeah I see the difference. Good for her!!

the hole point of my posting this comment was just that its real'.

the gril' dident need little dakota fanning
to tell her she was about to be raped.

the father of the daughter a policeman' that raped her.
said' this is what all daughters and fathers do its just a game.

well gess what DAKOTA FANNING said the same dam thing in her past intervews.

dakota fanning.
its just a movie when its done i dont even think about it any more.

dakota fanning
its just actting i can see what the fuss is all about. I HAD FUN DOING IT.

dakota fanning.
its not real its just actting.

these comments are Y hounddog shouldent be

none of the movies like hounddog awareness dosent help' dident help this gril.
this movie hounddog well be a new tool for pedafiles to pray on our kids.

this child dident here the director say cut.
this child dident get an award for her act.
this child dident get payed for her act.
this child cant say when its over i dont even think about it anymore.
this child cant say she had fun doing the act.
this child dident need the movie hounddog to tell her she was about to be raped.
this child cant say it was just actting.

god i hope you see what im getting at here.
im not picking on dakota. mybe the movie hounddog will help some one if any then' dakota fanning staring it will not go down in vine.


Steven Mark Pilling

Dear Aubrey: The high influx of people into Utah has certainly changed the character of that state, hasn't it? Ten years ago, it was a completely different story. And that South Dakota cop you mentioned wasn't the first one to do something like that, I'm afraid. Of course, 95% of the other policemen in the country would be inclined to shoot him on sight! I would.

Dear "Me":

Try my "guestbook" next time. That's where all the commentary is. I haven't activated those other options because I'm not familiar with how to do it and I haven't had the time to learn.

The crewmen went to Tre and Lloyd Grove; not to me. Of course I don't have their names. Not would I reveal them if I had. I wouldn't endanger their livelihoods due to their "whistle-blowing". Nor do I blame them for staying anonymous in the face of the evident power and resources of the film industry... which was the very reason that the local "investigation" was foredoomed from the start. They likely knew that from the beginning.

And, once again, you reveal your Hollywood mentality. If it's not on film (then or now) or if the on-and-off-set conduct of the principals wasn't in some way recorded, it didn't happen!

Reality is what it is. Children are what they are. They had to read the scripts. They had to rehearse. They had to have known the story line. They had to interact with some of the sorriest, unhanged panderers in filmmaking history. And then they had to act it out.

Whether these events were unfilmed, filmed and later deleted or retained makes no difference to those kids who experienced it all. They're going to remember it for the rest of their lives. Vividly. It will color their entire future existance.


you bring up a very good point.
its bad enough that kids have to go through
this in real life.
to ask a child to star in a movie and act sex out over and over take after take and then aplowed the act and say good job. thats like saying here is my child do what ever you want to her /him dam i dident think of it that way thats like real sick to think about it. even if dakota fanning
had fun or the other kids. but its good to know they can dfend there self now.

Steven Mark Pilling

Dear Aubrey: There's starting to become an increasing public awareness on just how vulnerable children are in the legal sense. For example, everyone thought that California's "Coogan's Law", one of the first laws enacted to protect child actors and their earnings, was inviolable. Just recently, a former child star had to take his own mother/manager to court after she attempted to raid his trust fund. (See Paul Petersen's latest essay on his site "".) He won his case, but the very fact that matters had gone as far as they did are indicative of how Hollywood can corrupt parents.

Remember that "poem" I posted elsewhere on Crimeblogs called "Childhood's End"? It was the "Hounddog" story in a nutshell. I put this one verse in that, at the time, I considered to be a stretch of speculation.

(Cindy Osbrink to Joy Fanning)

We'll both laugh to the bank, let them call her a skank, for the money our conscience will salve.

And then when she's older, we'll get even bolder, her trust fund to our pockets valve.

Sometimes, my own precognition scares me!!

And, of course, my big theme from the beginning of the "Hounddog" affair has been the subject of what happened on that set in the process of filming. Or, as Sean Hannity later put it, "What ended up on the cutting room floor?" Actually (and as I have mentioned) it goes much farther than that. And the effects of it all threatens not only the hearts and souls of the three child actors on that set, but by extention to all other child actors... and all the other kids who support them.

That's a lot of kids! And it's what makes this issue so very important. That's why I keep plugging away at it!! Best wishes.

ME/ Stve.
What are they doing about this now.
the movie hounddog??

Steven Mark Pilling

Dear Aubrey:

The last official mention of "Hounddog" that I know of came in early February from the president of The Motion Picture Group, the firm that now controls the film. Stripped of the usual Hollywood gibberish, the statement essentially said that they were going to rework it one more time and then try again for a distributor to get it into theaters. Also, as I said earlier, they're counting on distancing themselves in time from the furor over their Sundance debacle. "Waiting for the heat to die down", as I then put it!

Unofficially, however, was a comment from Dakota herself. When pressed on the subject in a (now) rare interview, she alluded vaguely to the film coming to theaters late this year or early next year. Whether she was imparting some actual inside info or if she was (more likely!) just trying to get away from the "forbidden" subject, time will tell. However, if it was solid information, even if perhaps unintended, then TMPG's expectations have either been set back or, maybe, the entire idea of trying once more for the big screen has been quietly abandoned. In which case, a secretive DVD deal is probably being hatched even now.

Again; time will tell. If news of either a screen or DVD deal leaks out, expect renewed "interest" in the subject. Personally, I think they'll go to DVD as quietly as possible to avoid additional heat and thereby present us with a "fait accompli" when it shows up (in some form) on the racks.

Whether it'll come to a legitimate marketer (like Blockbuster) or just to the truck stop "sleaze racks" remains to be seen. I'd prefer neither, of course. That's for that child's own safety, if no one else's. But, if unavoidable; the latter. That way, children are less liable to get ahold of it and the only ones who will will be the confirmed sickos... who would find it in any case, once available.

Isn't it a pathetic state of affairs that we even have to worry about such things at all? I find myself saying that constantly these days! Best wishes.


TRA>?? what will become of it?? Y is it llegal to do somthing like this only in hollywood. we can talk about it tell we are blue in the faces and they will just laugh at us. so what now.?????

Steven Mark Pilling

What we do is keep telling people about it and what it all means. Remember, we arrived at this point because child sexual exploitation increased in small increments over a period of years and was thus largely unnoticed by the public. Even "Hounddog" might have escaped serious attention but for the arrogance and stupidity of it's makers, the decency of a few set technicians, the willingness of a few commentators to defy the film community's influence and, if I may say so, the attentions of private citizens who saw the threat to children that it represented and wouldn't let it rest.

Aubrey; if it hadn't been for guys like us- men and women who care for the hearts and souls of America's kids and kept the story alive over the "silent months" leading up to Sundance- would the major media have taken it up at it's disgusting and ill-fated premiere? "Hounddog" would probably be in theaters right now! That much we've helped to accomplish.

We can't put "Hounddog" back in the sewer that it sprang from. That's true. What we CAN do is never let people forget what it is, how it came to be and why depravity of it's sort can never be ignored or tolerated. We can also keep the pressure on our elected representatives to close the legal loopholes that allowed it and elect judges and prosecutors who will uphold the spirit of the existing laws. Remember; had the filmmakers tried this in a state or district where the legal authorities weren't beholding to Hollywood money, someone would likely be in jail right now... and rightfully so.

"All that is required for evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing." (Edmund Burke)

And Hollywood is at the center of all the evil that the popular culture has become. One ant can't bring down a redwood tree. An army of them, over a period of time, can. And remember, that "tree" is already rotten from within! Eventually, it would collapse on it's own. However, it's decay is contagious and it's continuing existance deprives the "little sprouts" around it of light.

How's that for a flowery analogy, huh?!

But it's a valid one. For the kids' sake, we have to keep at it. Best wishes.


i know hollywood gets away with everything.
even soft porn with our kids.
and talken about it is not doung anything about it. this is my hole point here we can talk tell we are blue in the faces and nuoghthing is being done about it. there are / nud beaches/ leagel child moddel websites/ softporn with our kids in movies.
and everything thats is illagel to us is not for hollywood or the state of utha lol.
and let me point this out im an FOP MEMBER.
i don't like cop killers./child molesters. rapest. durge diller's / corrupt government official's that abuse power or any tipe of law braker's. well i know ill not be seeing this movie Hounddog or any that stup this low. and as we speek there are more bing filmed so Y the hell are they getting away with it???
Y can't we put a stop to all the mandness in the world. and the one thing i hate most in all the above is' its in the media and then some. and they make it sound like a joke.
lol i found this on the net some one said.
and this killed me lol.
and STEVE do you realy think there reading this or care what we think its the money they want the POWER to rule.

Steven Mark Pilling

Dear Aubrey:

You bring up a valid point when you quote that guy who said, "As long as it's on the other side of the fence, it's okay with me." Throughout history, that kind of mentality, when widespread, has been a stumbling block for reformation and a protective buffer for corruption. It CAN be overcome... with diligence and perseverence.

Just talking about it on a single site doesn't help much, it's true. Yet, it was only a few months ago that I discovered what a Google Search could turn up... including one done on me! More people may visit this site and read our words than we know. And this is only one site that deals with this subject. There are many others. In the "silent months" between the initial exposure of the "Hounddog" contents and the events just prior to the opening of the Sundance Film Festival, it was people like us who kept the story alive.

It was also the diligence of bloghosts like Tre Benson. It was his researches in conjunction with others; Paul Petersen, Bill Donohue, Ted Baehr, Larry Klayman, Shawn Hannity and others. Others have labored behind the scenes unnoticed and continue to do so. Lone activists and organizations carry on against indecency with and against children in the medium. Many do. Even if their efforts are not focussed specifically on "Hounddog", they are focussed on the very situations and conditions that allowed "Hounddog"'s making and on the ramifications that such projects engender.

We're not just talking, Aubrey. Every time we post anywhere on this subject, we help spread the word and advance the cause of child protection. We are answering back those who hold and expouse the views you mentioned above. The amoral have to be defeated. We just have to keep at them until they are exposed for what they are and the danger they pose to the innocent.

And where does The Fraternal Order Of Police stand on this issue... at least, in general? Are they aware of the challenge that "Hounddog" presents as a part of this issue? Or is it relegated as a side issue, at best, in respect to the bigger cause?

I remember reading from some reviewers how the tribulations of child actors don't excite much attention, as many already perceive them as "damaged goods" and unworthy of note. What they neglect is this: What happens to child actors effects the outlook of children who watch them (and the perverts!) and that the souls of those little actors are no less precious than any. I see "Hounddog" as the culmination of a long-term movement in the popular culture's degradation and sexualization of children; one that has finally bridged the gap between legitimate films and child porn. The potential consequences of this are enormous!

Find out how FOP stands, Aubrey. Write to them or post to their website about how this issue is important and should not be overlooked. Look around for other sites that carry this story or those that deal with the situation in general and post there. Call renewed attention to this site and those others; either personally or on websites. Every little bit helps!


the only thing i can say at this point is if dakota fanning and the other kids feels like they are victim of circumstances.

then its up to there parents to take action.
in an investigation.

how ever if they push the issue they could hire a layer.

then go after the ones that made the statements' that started this mess.

then both sides would have to prove what was or wasent.


Dakota has said she enjoyed working on the movie. Cody was interviewed on April 25th by a local station in Memphis and he too said he enjoyed working on the movie and he was glad he was chosen to play the part of Buddy. The parents of these kids stand by the movie and director. Your right they could go after the people that started this mess and spread all the untrue rumors. I would like to see these people prove their statements. Most of the stuff has turned out to be nothing but rumors. A libel lawsuit would be fitting. A libel lawsuit against Steve would be my course of action for his endless lies about what he says happened on the set which is not true.


According to Fox News Dakota's next role will be in the upcoming film "The Women". She would play Anjelica Huston's granddaughter, alongside a cast including Meg Ryan, Candice Bergen and Debra Messing. The Women is a re-make of a 1930s film about a group of "gossipy, high society women". At the moment, only Fox News is reporting this so it's not confirmed.

Plot Summary for
The Women (1939)
Wealthy Mary Haines is unaware her husband is having an affair with shopgirl Crystal Allen. Sylvia Fowler and Edith Potter discover this from a manicurist and arrange for Mary to hear the gossip. On the train taking her to a Reno divorce Mary meets the Countess and Miriam (in an affair with Fowler's husband). While they are at Lucy's dude ranch, Fowler arrives for her own divorce and the Countess meets fifth husband-to-be Buck. Back in New York, Mary's ex is now unhappily married to Crystal who is already in an affair with Buck. When Sylvia lets this story slip at a country club dinner, Crystal brags of her plans for a still wealthier marriage, only to find the Countess is the source of all Buck's money. Crystal must return to the perfume counter and Mary runs back to her husband.

I thought her career was over?? That's hard to believe with all these movies in the works.

sorry i dont think dakota going to be in this one if she dose make it it will be a very small part.

she not even in the line up that i can see.
lol but that dont mean shen wonte be in it.


No one has been signed up for this movie yet. It's still in development. She has been in negotiations since January, right about the time Hounddog was at Sundance. Despite all the controversy she was still offered the part. It would be a small part but that's ok too, she doesn't have to be the lead character in every movie. Sometimes it's good just to play a cameo part. This disputes Steve's claims that her career has been ruined because she has gotten more offers since Hounddog than she got before. In 2006 she had nothing but a possible Alice in Wonderland role which was canned after two other movies were in development. Now she has SIX movies in some stage of development including Hounddog.

I tried to get a link to the Cody interview but it has been removed from the news website. He did an indepth interview with a local news channel and talked very highly of Hounddog and his experience. He has soo much in the works now including a Broadway play I doubt he would ever say anything bad about this movie because it made him the well known celerbity he wanted to be. Everyone except Issabelle has benifited from this movie, but her part was pretty small and she was an unknown.

ya i know ahaha. hey here one for ya.
havent ben keeping up with it but did dakota go to tom crouse wedding? lol havent hard anything on that.

to bad about Issabelle though.

No one has been signed up for this movie yet. It's still in development.

yes they have' there's a long line of mybe's and dakota is one of them. i hope she takes the part. and that she slow's down on the dark and drama roles.


Actually the movie was set to start filming in March 2007 with a release at the end of 2007 or spring of 2008. To date no one has officially signed on to be in the movie except the producers and director. The other women are listed as rumored or in talks because the movie hasn't been finalized.

"Anne Hathaway, Lisa Kudrow and Candice Bergen are among the other actresses being mentioned.

The project has been in the works since 1995, when Ryan and Julia Roberts independently asked New Line Cinema about doing a remake. The studio hired English, creator of CBS' "Murphy Brown," to pen a new screenplay for the duo, but they then moved on to other projects.

Directors such as James Brooks and Oliver Parker also were involved at various points. "(New Line co-chairman and co-CEO) Bob Shaye finally suggested that I direct about three years ago, which I always secretly hoped he'd do," English said.

In January, English bought back the rights to her screenplay along with certain remake rights for a price in the low-seven figures. Pearman, Jagger and Johnson then officially came aboard. In moving to Picturehouse, the project remains within the New Line family as Picturehouse is jointly owned by New Line and HBO."

Dakota has been in negotiations since Jan but hasn't officially signed onto the project yet. She has so much going right now there's a chance she may have to pass on this one.

I'm not sure Issablle is actively trying to get roles. She did a bit part on Leno just after Hounddog but nothing since that time. Cody has been all over the place. This kid is cashing in on the publicity he has received. William will be in the upcoming HBO series "John Adams" with David Morse who is playing the part of George Washington.

Dakota was at Tom's wedding but that was back in Dec 2006:,,1073518_1568563,00.html

At the party, they joined guests including Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony, Brooke Shields, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith – all of whom made it to the couple's Italian wedding – as well as Steven Spielberg, Jerry Bruckheimer, Orlando Bloom, Dakota Fanning and Cruise's pre-Holmes girlfriend, Penelope Cruz.

I met Katie Holmes years ago when she was in Wilmington working on Dawson's Creek. She was nice back then but I'm not sure how she is now after being with Tom Cruise.

lol' wow that had to be some PARTY.
lol' i saw this comen in the state vermont'
a city there. there's dummies rounnen around nud right out in the open ahaha.
hey if i did that here i'd go to jail.
just think if your child was going to school and saw that id be pist but they say its ligal wow. i like where i leve ahaha we are not crazy here YET LOL.
i gess they need to put up a city that will put up with all the nut's and make everything liagl and tell them to go there and do what ever they want lol.

Steven Mark Pilling

Dear Aubrey:

Remember, these are children; not adults. If the adults who control their movements, their environment, their sources of information and their very lives- the ones that they, as children, naturally look to as their source of protection, nurturement and guidance... if these people themselves are less than wholesome in their usage of their little dependents, then what chance do those children have? Who, especially in the already amoral and insular world of Hollywood, is going to tell them that they're being led to commit terrible moral wrongs by the very adults who have been with them all of their short lives? What judgements can children make... even when allowed?

As past child stars almost unanimously tell us, having good parents in Hollywood is all-important. All too often, though- and particularly in present times- those parents are corrupted and seduced by Hollywood glamour... and money. That's why kids in the popular culture need not only additional protection under law, but public guardians who can oversee their usage and provide them with legal refuge. A child star's private tutor doesn't cut it!

One of the many things that "Hounddog" has dramatically proved is that the laws of child protection (and, in particular, their enforcement) is entirely and sorrowfully inadequate.

Steven Mark Pilling

Dear "Me":

Aside from several voice-over parts- all but one of which were cast pre-Hounddog- all Dakota has to show for herself is a role in yet another cheap (and likely grim, violent and morbid) indie movie called "Winged Creatures". It was filmed "on the fly" in Altadena CA and premieres at the super-friendly venue of Cannes this weekend. Her part as her own sister's twin in "Hurricane Mary" has been quietly downgraded to a voice-over. A small part in an updated remake of "The Women" is being talked about, but is unconfirmed.

Now, contrast that to where she stood only a year ago... with three major pictures in the can as an A-lister... and the dark, destroying perversion of "Hounddog" yet to come.


Winged Creatures will not screen at Cannes.

May 17: In a deal reached with Peace Arch Entertainment Group, Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions Group has acquired the U.S. distribution rights in all media to the feature film Winged Creatures, which stars 2007 Academy Award winners Forest Whitaker and Jennifer Hudson. Peace Arch Entertainment Group president John Flock commented: “Winged Creatures is an extraordinarily moving work that exemplifies the type of high-quality independent feature that Peace Arch is now supplying. Sony has a successful track record with character-driven dramatic features, and they are an ideal distribution partner for us in features as well as international television, proven by their winning campaign on our series The Tudors.” The rights were controlled by Peace Arch Entertainment, the Canadian company that bought the film two weeks ago and will sell territories in Cannes.

They are selling territory rights to the movie. A distribution deal has already been finalized. It will get a wide release across the country.

Steven Mark Pilling

But it won't screen at Cannes, huh? The rest I knew, but this I find curious.

What I HAVE noted is how the people at Unruly Films have avoided the blunders made by Full Moon Films. They've carefully restricted the synopsis of "Winged Creatures" to the bare minimum (even more so than the original one for "Hounddog"... which I find troubling in itself) and there have been no (so far) whistleblowers. The cast consists of new, rising A-listers (who naturally want to keep their names in play at this critical juncture of their careers) and some old, fading stars who are hoping to turn things around (like Jeanne Tripplehorn... and Dakota). The only exception seems to be Kate Beckinsale... who's no stranger to "racy" roles.

This means that, whatever the content and whatever Dakota may be called upon to do this time, it'll be in the shadow of others. That'll provide some protection if the movie fails and/or if her role turns out to be another exploitative one. She won't have center stage alone, like last time. And, if it succeeds, she may get back in the reviewers' good graces and get her box office back.

Note that they didn't repeat the error of failing to secure distribution as soon as possible. The Peace Arch people are sharper than the Full Moon and Motion Picture Group crowd. Now the question remains this; what is the content of the movie, how are the two young actors (Dakota and Josh Hutcherson) used and what were they made to experience? Obviously, this film will be a long way from "Charlotte's Web" or "A Trip to Terabithia". How far, though?

After the experience of "Hounddog", I'm not liable to ever again trust to the good intentions or moral strictures of any filmmakers, indie ones in particular, when it comes to child actors. Or anything else, for that matter. With that last film, Hollywood just about hit rock bottom. And the indie filmmakers are the bottom feeders of the profession. Let's just hope that they don't prove it once again with "Winged Creatures".


Official Poster:

A moment of random violence erupts in an ordinary Los Angeles diner. The survivors (Kate Beckinsale, Dakota Fanning, Guy Pearce, Forest Whitaker) find that the meanings of their lives have changed. No matter how much their families and friends (Jennifer Hudson, Jackie Earle Haley, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Embeth Davidtz) attempt to understand, these individuals must follow their own paths to recovery seeking to regain trust in a world that now seems chaotic.

A story of tragedy and hope for our times, Winged Creatures is a powerful ensemble drama that explores the notion that our lives are fleeting, like birds in flight, like winged creatures.

She has to go to a funeral and gives a prayer. It's horrible kids are exposed to such things. It looks like it will be another good movie.

Steven Mark Pilling

Dear "Me":

After the initial "synopsis" of "Hounddog", I've learned not to take these things at face value. I stand by my previous comments. These people, especially "indie" producers, tend to put a "smiley face" on the content of their unreleased efforts. Since this will be Dakota's first film since the stomach-turning debacle of Wilmington and Sundance, I'd only expect a downplay of any controversial content surrounding her role.

And it's still an R-rated film with graphic violence and morbidity. When reading these synopsii, what's generally important is not what is said, but what is not. That realization generally comes when the film is released and, thus, when it's too late to oppose it's legitimacy or morality. Again, the people at Unruly Films have not made the error that the Full Moon Films people did in allowing premature disclosure.

Just what they might have done on that set in the filming process that parallelled "Hounddog" is still speculatory in it's fine detail. The precedent for child exploitation occuring (especially with THIS child) and without incurring legal penalty is the ongoing challenge to be faced. This is the legacy of "Hounddog". It is a foreboding one that will color the life of Dakota Fanning, of other child actors and of the children who watch their films from now on. No film can now ever be taken at face value where the moral and physical safety of children can be a factor.

P.S. It's obvious, as always, that your conception of what constitutes a "good movie" as opposed to decent peoples'- especially where children are concerned- are in considerable variance.


"The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things" got lots of great reviews. Rated R for intense depiction of child abuse/neglect, strong sex and drug content, pervasive language and some violence. This movie starred the Sprouse twins at the age of 13 and was TEN TIMES worse than anything you will see in the movie Hounddog. Intense drug use, profanity, nudity, sex, violence, Dylan dresses up like a girl and is RAPED by a man, homosexual themes, kids taking drugs, you name it. Did this movie end the careers of the Spouse twins? NO they got their own tv show on Disney! Did it cause a rise in child abuse? An increase in boys dressing up like girls? Drug abuse by teens or preteens? Did young fans get tramatized watching the movie? Why didn't this pre-Hounddog movie set some kind of precendent? Where was the call for legal action? The outrage?

Have you seen this movie? Nothing in the movie Hounddog can even compare to what is in this movie. Not only did it get a wide release and lots of good reviews the kids Jimmy Bennett and the Sprouse boys became instant movie stars. Why are the kids from Hounddog any different? They seem to be doing better now than ever before. You can't tell me Hounddog set some kind of precedence for what is in the movie. It's tame compared to some other preceeding movies.

As far as the Wilmington film community it couldn't be doing better. Filming just started on the forth big budget movie in less than a year as well as dozens of smaller projects and a tv show. Post hounddog film industry is five times better than it was before this movie was filmed. The studio lot is packed almost every day. The publicity put it back on the map and the studio is booked for the next two or three years. This movie is the best thing that happened in a long time for just about everyone involved.

Steven Mark Pilling

1. No, I haven't heard of the movie to which you refer and I WILL find out about it.

2. I stand by my observation that any legitimate child psychologist will concur with: You cannot subject children to that kind of material or experience without negative ramifications to their mental and spiritual state... consequences that will manifest themselves, if not overtly at first, then subtly and, in later life, in the form of mental illnesses. Children, being necessarily impressionable by nature, are easily harmed by such traumatic events; whether real or staged with their participation. This is not even debatable.

3. I couldn't care less how well financially the Screen Gems studio is doing. Being in a demonstrably "safe" area, legally speaking, it's hardly a surprise to learn that they're doing well. Full Moon Films' decision to shoot there was obviously their wisest one. It kept them out of jail. No doubt, in their wake, increasing numbers of panderers of Sundance and Cannes style garbage will be knocking on their doors.

When it comes down to an American version of a "Tin Drum" type of film- and, with "Hounddog"'s example, it can't be far away- Wilmington will be the likely setting. Wilmington used to be the "Film Capital of the South". Now it's fated to become the "Child Porn Capital of America".



Trailer and film clips (on the side of the video player window there are 14 clips in a movie reel)

The director was interviewed and confirmed that this movie just like Hounddog was achieved in the edit. The kids were instructed to look down or to the right or left but were not told why or what was happening. They were filmed seperately from the adults and in small segments which were then edited together to complete the finished scene. Just like in Hounddog the kids were not exposed to anything other than reading some words off a piece of paper. The storyline involved drug use by adults and the boy, two rape scenes involving the boy, crossdressing, Dylan was dressed up like a girl so he could be passed off as her little sister while the mother turned tricks at a truck stop and then he later started dressing like a girl on a regular basis which leads up to the second rape whe he seduces the mom's boyfriend by dancing like a prostitute and doing a strip tease type of dance. The movie played at dozens of festivals and a nation wide or at least limited national release.

You can't tell me the scenes in Hounddog set some kind of precedence when movies like this were already on the shelves at video stores. This movie doesn't have just six or seven short scenes of a sexual nature the entire movie is about sex and drugs. At least Hounddog had a storyline that involved Elvis, music, kids playing, overcoming a tramatic event, and finding her true voice. Watching David acting like a complete fool is worth the price of ticket.

i saw the movie your talken about
but i dident see it from the beginning.
and yes it's sick and foul.
things there doing to the kids. in movies.
this movie has noughting on hounddog.
and i can cear less if its real or not.
its the fact they use a child in these movies like this.

simulated sex is softporn if its illagel for one it shuld be for all. HOLLYWOOD TOO.

all they talked about was the rape scen in hounddog thats funny becouse there so menney other scens that was over the top and over looked. and what Dakota and the other kids was called to do in the movie. look at it this way if there is noughting rong with what they did to these kids then Y are they so hus hus about it and Y the hell is it illagel for you or i or any one BUT HOLLYWOOD if we tryed that at home ????? YOU do know if you had a photo of a child YOURS or NOT nud in your home no mater how it looks you would go to jail. even if the photo shows the child in his/her underwear. how did they get away with taken nud shots of brooks and selling them and get away with it. lol its ok to film her nud haven her private parts shaved by a man haven sex being nud 90% of the movie not one but two movies with kids younger then her. and not go to jail for it. HOW' ill tell you HOW'its the money. o by the way the man was bewitne brooks lages in the frist uncut sex scen.

AS YOU PUT IT its just actting.
but from where you or i set
mentel fisecal sexual abuse is illagel. for you or i or anyone. real or not

let me point out.
it dont mater to me how they make there movie' or if hey have kids in them if they make a law then its for all even hollywood.

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