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January 29, 2007


i was looking around trying to pick up on some thins when i ran acrow the article in this website of childstars lol it has a photo of the guy holding Dakotas hands saying this to here. well it my not be ture
but it is there has for the movies filmd over saes well there just as bad here if you ask me
but becouse of the out cry there covering there tracks.. you can see that on this website

Harry Potter" movie is rated PG13 (Parental guidance STRONGLY suggested
becouse of the the vilents and lange
and dont for get potter was nud in his broadway show at 17
dakota died down but her movies are stell bing made none of her new movies has ben putout yet Y david mores made a movie and ben on the big screen all redy what the hell are they witen for ahaha. the hounddog thing is stell very much alive they dont want the movie and if you ask me the ones that want to see it are prvs..

Steven Mark Pilling

Dear Aubrey:

Naturally, you have to approach these Hollywood gossip rags, whether in-print or on-line, with the greatest of skepticism. If you see that story retold by some of the more reputable blogsites, columnists or in "Variety", you can then lend it more credence. Until then, you stick it in the "Improbable" file, not the "Possible"... and certainly not the "Probable"!

There's still no whisper as to the progress of The Motion Picture Group's re-editing of "Hounddog". Henri Kessler's initial statement that it would be coming out in May was never, to my knowledge, explained or updated. All that remains is Dakota's "cryptic" statement to MTV (their word!) that it might be out late this year or early next. Whether she was actually speaking for them or, as I suspect, was just fluffing off an embarassing question (as she's become adept at doing!) remains to be seen.

And yes, that film will appeal only to her new "P3" fanbase: Progressives, punks and perverts. What other kinds could possibly derive any pleasure from such a thing?

H-Day draws closer! Best wishes.


There's still no whisper as to the progress of The Motion Picture Group's re-editing of "Hounddog"

yes they are reidting hounddog as we speak
they have a new editer and from what iv see there done with it. cant say his name.
and they are fineden piravte fundings for hounddog its over saes first then here get it
there useing there same old tactic. to confues us and under the gun /redar hey ill tell it like it is hollywood is doing things to our kids what we the pepole would deemed this unesicdble
they have a different set of laws if you or i did the things they do at partys or at home wed go to jail iv read all the other websites that keep up with this stuff its the same thing but if your a mamber lol you get to see more of what they do what i dont understand is iv seen these movies uncut in there foulness that are on this childstar website i want to cut them up and post them for what they are but that would put me in jail if they say what was found in hounddog is lagel and there ok with it then Y the hell dont they putit on the big screen
and advertise the hell out of it like they do with all the other movies there are to meny prevs out there and there winning this war on this you only here the outry from this hounddog thing from descent and replaceable pepole its the dam media lol

Steve / Me. Tre Any one....

iv seen what there doing in these movies.
its called children in cinema most of the movies are filmld out side of usa
but there are some filmed right here i im so sick right now just seeing these movies and if you ask me there done for money thats it now what iv sceen is truely child exploitation in 3 to 5 of the movies are child stars well none in thses movies are haven sex bing nud touching masterbation oral sex in one movie a 12 yr old girl took a bath got out of the tub layed down on the floor the man was there the hold time and had sex with her he was on top of her full penetration real humpping after seeing this i look in to it. thank GOD they had a setin for the sex scene but he was in the room with the girl when she took her bath OMG Y dont the pervs just move over saes. there way over the top and from the looks of it there not to far from full blowne child porn kids on kids / adults on kids all nud swimming in tub scenes rape so on so on man. we are no way as bad as they are but we are no far behined. if they did a play by play on set to what the script read in hounddog even if they say there was no touching ya right' this movie will be child exploitation Y the F**k are they maken these movies i gess corrupting our kids is better then holding a real job and up holding the family values in our society ahaha... ill tell ya what displant is right out the window here in goverment /cinema /christians/durgs/and so on WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE usa needs an enema

Steven Mark Pilling

Dear Aubrey:

Anything that you can relate about the ongoing re-edit and attempts to re-market "Hounddog" could be of great value. You've been telling us a lot about the child porn you've been finding on the internet. Now, let's imagine something like that legitimized for audiences on cable... like the Sundance Channel. Seriously, I DO worry that it's only a matter of time before "Hounddog" is seen there... even if it fails to get a distributor into theaters. And has there been any word on a DVD deal?

If you'd care to contact me directly via email, I'll try to provide my address over a secure channel. Rest assured, anything you can relate along with any personal information will be held in the strictest confidence and not disclosed without your express permission. Naturally, I'll understand completely if you'd rather not. After all, we're all strangers on the internet. However, cultivating sources of information is what I do! Even the smallest rumors can be cross-referenced over time and put another piece into the overall puzzle.

Also: Forgive me for saying this, but I'm a little worried that you might be developing a morbid fascination about these kiddie porn sites. Remember; porn of any kind is a trap and a snare for even the best of people. It appeals to our worst subconscious motivations, which is why it is so insidious. After a while, people can become "desensitized" to it. That's something we all have to be careful about! In fact, it's a huge part of the problem we're facing. Personally, I've never gone that far in my researches and I don't intend to do so ever. The descriptions alone are enough!

Best wishes to you. And, yes, H-Day is nearly here!

researches kye word.

Anything that you can relate about the ongoing re-edit and attempts to re-market "Hounddog"

yes! they are going for the DVD deal..
and yes they have a new editer and becouse of hiteess litigation his Name cant be geven out as of yet they have a briff tutorial onit. well i for got his name and cant fined the tutorial onit now ahaha.

as far as foundings / distributor are considered in witch will come mostley from private investors.
there is a strong maket over saes for these tipes of movies thats what i was looking into NOT childporn sites.
i found uncut clips on these movies Deleted scene as well.

You've been telling us a lot about the child porn you've been finding on the
internet.. Hummm

Also: Forgive me for saying this, but I'm a little worried that you might be developing a morbid fascination about these kiddie porn sites WTF .. Humm lol

its not on childporn sites that i do my researcheing its this website that Me. posted here. the childstar website.
and im a little at Owww that you think that.
steve who side you on here ??

cultivating sources of information is what I do

so do I and man did i fiend alot lol...
your here soly to find out if hounddog is going to be released. so am I..

well to let you know from what i see and found' yes they are but mostley in independent sources as well as DVD deals
look at it this way if you was the investors
in this would you make it none to public??
under the gun/redar there atemps to unline the undermined soly for profit

porn of any kind is a trap and a snare for even the best of people. It appeals to our worst subconscious motivations, which is why it is so insidious. After a while, people can become "desensitized" to it. That's something we all have to be careful about! In fact, it's a huge part of the problem we're facing. I AGREE,,

dont worry about Me im fine..

thats Y there doing this.... money money money..

Y the hell is Grils gone wild / child model websites / and movies like hounddog,pretty baby,taci cab,bastard out of carolina. on our mainstream spoltlight??

hey from what iv sceen in these scens of movies they made all redy. we are not far behind them it wonte be long befor you see kids on kids very nud and haven sex and adults on kids in movies here in the us thats what i think and it make me sick to think they go this far for money/fam

Steven Mark Pilling

Dear Aubrey:

Believe me, I wasn't trying to say that you've become a kiddie porn freak! If you were, I'd be finding you on other websites! Besides, Tre would have deleted you if he thought that!!

No; I was just making the point of how subtly insidious pornography of any stripe can be. You see, I've been dealing with a cases of this on several blogsites... my own included. On mine, in particular, I've been talking with a young poster whose friend was exposed to online porn at the age of seven. She's now thirteen and is trying to cure herself of her mental addiction. Thirteen!... and subjected to a steady diet of pornography for six years of her precious childhood!

Anyway... that's what I had on my mind. If you want to read up on it all, just click my name here and you'll get my website on Xanga. I just made a long post that explains how I tie this problem with that of the "Hounddog" issue.

It's absolutely no surprise for me to hear that private investors in the remade film are sticking to the shadows... especially after what happened at Sundance. In fact, I don't think that those investors who pulled out of the film in the middle of it's shooting were ever revealed. That fact that Joe "Girls Gone Wild" Francis was the emergency moneyman who saw the film through to completion is only too well known! They're bound to be loads of rich sickos who will take over where he left off.

By the way, am I to understand that The Motion Picture Group has sold off their interest in "Hounddog" to another company? Or have they just hired new help in the process of re-editing? It was originally announced that their crews would be working with Deborah Kampmeier on the project... in conjunction with the production of her new movie, "Split". Has that all changed? And what company would likely be involved in the production and distribution of DVD's?

One other question, Aubrey. Is it possible that some scenes have been reshot and that other child actors have been involved? I've run across a disturbing indications that this might be the case and that it's why the film's new release, once scheduled for May (!), has been so long delayed.

And thanks for your help and information, once again! All the best and good luck.



You should really lay of the rumors. Hounddog is still on the front page of the MPG website. No changes in their relationship. The last minute investor was a woman from California, not Joe Francis. The movie Split is in pre-production.

In regards to the 13 year old viewing porn on the internet. It should have never happened. Porn sites originally required adult verification but for some reason that changed. I thought there were a lot of new laws requiring this but it's still being allowed. Originally a credit card was needed to view porn sites, now many can be found on google with no safeguards what so ever. I don't understand this and it should be getting addressed by someone. Everyone should bombard google and the other search engines with millions of emails requesting porn sites be removed from their listings. It's a start any way.

lol hey tre..
who the hell is me do you know him
You should really lay of the rumors
humm. they have a new editor ME,,

I have to thank you for your post on this website no thanks to you i found every out takes in these movies on the childstars website and photos they took of every one of the child stars

Thank God all the photos they took of dakota fanning was not revealing in anayway and there is alot of them 3 gigs of them
i have to tell you all the movies they post there should be cut up and trashed they reak of child exploitation and i may add that wa are not far behiend you like that dont you me ahahaha. did you see these out takes Me.

Steven Mark Pilling

Dear "Me":

I naturally have to take TMPG's pronouncements with a grain of salt. I haven't revisited their site for a while, though, so I'll make a point to do so.

Also, we come right back to the issue of legality. Let's try it again. The law is only as good as the willingness of legal authority to uphold it. Hasn't "Hounddog" re-taught us that one sufficiently?

However, I'm in full agreement with your last statement. The servers ought to be held accountable. So should the original purveyors. As I've said before, it's the entire popular culture that's rotten to the core. As long as there's a buck to be made off of porn and the legal risks are low, those amoral panderers (on all levels) are going to keep it up.

By the way, this all ties in. By this way and that, child-based porn and exploitation has been slowly creeping into the mainstream. The entire culture of perversity with children as to be viewed as a interconnected whole. Movies, TV, magazines, the internet, etc.- on and on.

H-Day is close at hand.

Steven Mark Pilling

I almost forgot! Aubrey: Where exactly did you find these "Hounddog" outtakes? What scenes do they include and with whom? Are they all from the cameras or do they include video assist images? Do any include audio or visual recordings of the director or production staff in the process of filming?

Come on steve..
I dident see the out takes of hounddog well only one the rape scene usen an technical advances editing tools you can see where there was no light
she had a sute on all most like the one brooks had on witch was very little stell see through but not reavilling parts she look nud but agin she had a sute on

hey I could say this and make you beleve me just as the ones who made the movie and the actors who help filmd hounddog the movie. anyway I dont care if she was not nud or that she was ok with it or that it was just actting the fact is tuching humping gyrating
acts of masterbation simi nud scenes kissing
nud men getting in to the bed where she Dakota fanning was laying hey all of this
is unacceptable not to you or i but the F**KING LAW.. MAM
humm.. to make it look real you have to play the parts you have to see the parts played out to Perform act and do this over and over untell you get it right if you read up on some of the cases of child endangerment unlawful acts of conduct to a child in theatrical art palys of any kind or in photos shoots you well find that some of what they did in the filmming of hounddog maybe vizefule fizecule emoshonal
unlawful acts to a child.

steve vi seen all the movies posted on this website the photos i spoke of is a zip file i found all of dakota fanning some of elle in these photo i found none of them are reavilling in anyway

I almost forgot! Aubrey: Where exactly did you find these "Hounddog" outtakes? What scenes do they include and with whom? Are they all from the cameras or do they include video assist images? Do any include audio or visual recordings of the director or production staff in the process of filming?

you can delete the scens dub the audio or hide it but with technical advances editing tools and audio it could be erder to the point of seeing in raw footage so they better becarefull to how they set it up lol

it is common sense thats all
if you wanted to make a a prophet as an investor you would do what it took' where is the money in these tipes of movies. well on dvd over saes lol that what i was getting at

However, I'm in full agreement with your last statement. The servers ought to be held accountable. So should the original purveyors. As I've said before, it's the entire popular culture that's rotten to the core. As long as there's a buck to be made off of porn and the legal risks are low, those amoral panderers (on all levels) are going to keep it up.

By the way, this all ties in. By this way and that, child-based porn and exploitation has been slowly creeping into the mainstream. The entire culture of perversity with children as to be viewed as a interconnected whole. Movies, TV, magazines, the internet, etc.- on and on.

just shows how far the evil and corrupt well go for the MONEY

Steven Mark Pilling

Dear Posters:

Today is Hounddog Day. On this day last year, that film was first revealed in it's true nature, an event that set off a chain of events that has brought into question not only the direction of modern filmmaking, but the degradation of children in the prevalant popular culture.

Please access my website at "" (guestbook section) for my appraisal of this important anniversary and what has been learned from it. Best to all.

thanks for the invite but i like it here you know that. lets keep this alive let them know we DONT like these kind of movie
filmed useing our kids for money/fam...
theres not good init.


"Please access my website at ""

Has anyone looked at the kind of stuff Steve is pimping on this website?

Nude pictures of adults that kids have access to, nude pics of kids that adults have access to, hook up sites for adults to prey on kids, sites for gays, lesbians, transvestites, and all kinds of other sick stuff.


sick sick sick I can't belive you promote that site. It's a hangout site for pedophiles just like facebook and myspace.

I got that too when i whent there to.

no disrespect to you but if the kids are talken you about there problems you must be registered with the state lagil matters most stats requires a license to be a pendant consulor student consular and or youth consular.


GOOD POINT Aubrey...

I think it's great that Steve takes an interest in helping young kids but he should be forwrding them to websites setup to deal with these types of issues. He should not be giving sex advice to a 13 year old girl addicted to pornography. That should be left up to her parents or someone trained to deal with something like that.

I went to the xanga site last night to read his blog and then clicked on the homepage just to see what the site was about. Within seconds I found dozens of pages with pornography without even trying. The site is full of that stuff. Out of the hundreds of free sites that offer blogs he choose this one?? He could have used that world-press site, at least it is a christian based website that doesn't allow that kind of stuff and it's free.

the way it sounds he STEVE has no control over it like its open. porn is out of hand its every where you look.

must be a bunsh of pervs.. in power..

Tre Benson

I saw nothing on the website when I went to it. I suspect that Steve has enemies.

Steve is alright in my book! He has worked his ass off to see to it that people are aware of the injustices committed against children.

Me to Pay $1 Million for Violating Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule

Civil Penalty Against Social Networking Site Is Largest Ever for a COPPA Violation
Social networking Web site operators, Inc. and its principals, Marc Ginsburg and John Hiler, will pay a $1 million civil penalty for allegedly violating the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) and its implementing Rule, under the terms of a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission announced today.

According to the FTC, collected, used, and disclosed personal information from children under the age of 13 without first notifying parents and obtaining their consent. The penalty is the largest ever assessed by the FTC for a COPPA violation, and is more than twice the next largest penalty.

The complaint charges that the defendants had actual knowledge they were collecting and disclosing personal information from children. The Xanga site stated that children under 13 could not join, but then allowed visitors to create Xanga accounts even if they provided a birth date indicating they were under 13. Further, they failed to notify the children’s parents of their information practices or provide the parents with access to and control over their children’s information. The defendants created 1.7 million Xanga accounts over the past five years for users who submitted age information indicating they were under 13.


According to a report at KTHV Little Rock, the FBI is warning against posting personal information on blogs after 23-year-old Louisiana man was arrested for kidnapping a girl he met through a Xanga blog.

Bill Temple, special agent in charge of the Little Rock FBI says, “We have made numerous arrests, convicted people that have gotten on the Internet pretending to be teenagers and meeting for sexual purposes.”

Temple says one in five kids every year is contacted by a predator. He is surprised at the amount of personal information kids are posting in blogs.


Will County State's Attorney James Glasgow is urging local school districts to get the word out about the dangers that students face when they post too much information on popular Web sites such as In a letter to school officials, Glasgow says prosecutors in his office are seeing an increasing number of local teenage girls posting sexually suggestive photos of themselves on these sites. Students are unknowingly luring sexual predators by posting too much information on these Internet sites, such as their names, addresses, schools, cell phone numbers and sporting-event schedules, all of which can help predators find them, according to Glasgow. In one case, a boy even listed directions to his home, said John Connor, an assistant state's attorney and supervisor of the office's Computer Crimes Unit. "It's becoming more popular for young girls to post photos of themselves sprawled on their beds in underwear," Connor said. "It is as close as you can get without it being child pornography."

"They are making a predator's life so much easier by providing ... all this information that in the past (he) had to go to great lengths to obtain," Assistant State's Attorney Mike Fitzgerald said. Connor is urging parents to find out if their children have accounts on, and similar sites. If they do, parents should contact the Web sites and have the pages removed, saying their children didn't have parental permission.


Is it wise for someone to stalk all of the websites talking about Dakota Fanning, mostly 11-14 year old girls and boys, then befriend them with kind words and observations about the dangers of movies on the popular culture, then direct them to a site like Xanga? A site known for letting under age kids post personal information and a site known for being a threat to kids by online predators and pedophiles? I don't understand the logic here.

Tre Benson

"Is it wise for someone to stalk all of the websites talking about Dakota Fanning, mostly 11-14 year old girls and boys, then befriend them with kind words and observations about the dangers of movies on the popular culture, then direct them to a site like Xanga? A site known for letting under age kids post personal information and a site known for being a threat to kids by online predators and pedophiles? I don't understand the logic here."

Your original post made it seem as if there was child pornography on Steve's site. There is not.

Xanga, myspace, yahoo, Disney (remember the director of the online division was arrested), AOL, all of these sites offering websites, chatrooms etc are all potentially as dangerous as the next.

Don't believe me go to

I would no more allow my preteen to use the internet unassisted than allow her to hang out at the mall unchaperoned.

Me, go to Yahoo, set up an adult log-in name, what proof of age did you need to secure adult log-in privileges?

Maybe you should cut Steve some slack. The man has definately got a mission and will not be swayed. That in itself is worthy of respect. And I've noticed you following him around every place he has been, you've been there defending your position.

I've given both of you plenty of bandwidth to dook it out for a year now. Attempting to link Steve with kiddie porn is hitting below the belt. I've got to deduct 2 points Me.

Play fair.


I didn't say it was on Steve's page. There is nothing there except his blog page. I was talking about Xanga in general.

I don't see how it's helping kids to direct them to a site like Xanga, get them comfortable talking with a middle aged man (I know Steve is safe but there are many others that are not) get them to open up about personal problems and sexual addictions on a site with millions of users (many of them predators) and in the process expose them to a site that has porn and other sick people. There are plenty of "safe" sites that have free blogs. Shouldn't he be directing them away from sites like Xanga or Myspace instead of sending them there?

Steve has posted on hundreds and hundreds of sites. I've read his post directing kids to his Xanga page. I have only posted on five of those sites, IMDB, 2 Wordpress sites, this site, and now his blog. Less than a hundred people have probably read my post. There are four or five others that have followed him around. Otto, Dakko, and a few others. It's not me posting on all these sites. The two wordpress sites have been shutdown so now it's only three out of hundreds. I've given him plenty of room to express his views without interference. I stay away from the sites where I know there are kids, which is most of them. I don't think they should be exposed to talk about on set deprivaty and intergender sex play so I don't debate the issue on those sites.


I'll take the 2 point deduction for hitting below the belt and a five day penalty. I'll respond again on Friday.

Here's something you guys can discuss in my absence:

no disrespect to you but if the kids are talken you about there problems you must be registered with the state lagil matters most stats requires a license to be a pendant consulor student consular and or youth consular.

humm.. thats Y I stay here unlike all the rest of the websites its safe lol im here mostly becouse these guys are funny as hell.
and they bring out the truth about any subject. I wish they had a radio show like this around here where i live lol. so i gess tre you can say you have one more fan out here ahahaha.
they bring out the good and bad that srounds us and most of all about the fullen members of law enforcement as an fop member that Y im here.
my last post was not to belittle steve just pointing out that in his crusade it my come back and haunt him to be careful.
now on the other hand youV ben comen here to rock his boat or any that stipulate on the real reason to Y we are here. HOUNDDOG.
I dont know Y your promoting the { are u confused]? misrepresentation regarding HOUNDDOG.
tre would not put him slfe in harms way in this matter its what in his hart to belive what he hard from friends and famly mebers.
who was on set and sceen what happend.
the investors are in it soly for prophet could geve a rates ass about the kids in the movie hounddog all they want is the money hell if tre made a prophet off this then he and any who made it none then they deserve it.
with all the bad things going on out there
*hollywood/ model website/ nud beaches/ pop/ rock stars /reality shows /MTV.. NOW we have sellphones/ /msn /yahoo/ and myspace* with meny more. where sickos can pray on our kids.
becouse of all this we are unsafe we need more pepole like steve and tre to help kids.
to put a stop to the cerupt power thats doing this to our families for the money.

my daughter came to me told me that one of her best frinds got pregnant at 17 and her mother said she has to get an abortion
whos in the rong here.
well the mother and father is
becouse they dident do there part as a pearent but i know Y too becouse the pearent of the pregnant child had 3 abortion
how can her mom be this way with her own daughter WOW you know how confuesd she is right now who can she turn to in this matter she wants to keep the baby her mom with not one but 3 abortion whom cant be tursted who will help her make the right desishion..



how come its illagel to go nud on a beach
but its not if your at a nud beach.
where kids and adult play eat sleep take baths and exstersize to gether??

how come its illagel to do a U turn
when i see a police officer do it all the time and go 10 to 15 mil.over the speed limt. in the fast lain on a hiway??

how come hollywood can take photos of any one nud simmi nud act out sex more like soft porn kids/adults in sex scenes in movies but you or any would go to jail for the same thing

how come we are double standard when it comes to the law hummm. lol this is funny as hell ahaha theres more ..

a prostitute will go to jail for salling her body but its ligal in vegas for the big wigs..

how can a proacuter can put you in jail for illagel durgs but hes doing coke when your benig science to jail..

how can salen children for money be illagel
but abortion are not?? illagel and killing a child from brith is not medder..

how come we are double standard when it comes to the law hummm.

killing a child from brith is not medder
should be
killing a child from brith is murder..
ahaha i need a new kye borad.

Steven Mark Pilling

Dear Aubrey:

Sorry for the long absence! Sunday's my only day off these days and the last one was completely taken up by my niece's 7th birthday party. Dakota be damned! Try looking after 20 hyperactive kids in real life; all running around like little sharks in a feeding frenzy!! Worth it, though!

"Me" did me a service by pointing out that there were portions of Xanga that were, shall we say, "unwholesome"! I wasn't aware of it. The only parts of Xanga I had ever visited beyond my own site were nothing like that at all! Still, I'm encouraged by what Amber (a college student, regular poster and webhostess there) had told me... that Xanga had done a lot of "cleaning up". I hope so! A lot of kids, as well as adults, have personal sites on Xanga. Porn, however, is everywhere and difficult to control. We've all discussed that before.

By the way, as I mentioned before, I got that website by accident born of ignorance. A correspondent of mine alerted me to a lot of "Dakota posers" there. I checked it out because I hate to see kids wasting their precious childhood pretending to be someone else. (Especially Dakota right now, I'm sorry to say.) To comment, however, I had to register. That's common enough. I didn't know that it would get me a website in the process! Once it was there, however, I figured I might as well use it!!

By the way, that "sex advice" I gave to Micki's friend was nothing of the sort. I never messaged that poor kid directly, but responded to her friend's concerns. The questions and concerns were about a 13 year old girl of my correspondent's acquaintance who had been given a laptop with wireless service when she was 7 (!), promptly discovered online porn and had become addicted to it.

I gave Micki (who's only 13 herself!) my advice- the bulk of which was to seek help from appropriate youth counselors (best church related), to be forthright with her parents... and to ditch that laptop! I pray to God she does all those things. As I've said to other young people under similar circumstances, the very fact that you can acknowledge a problem, not make excuses for it and honestly want to solve it is half the battle won.

Best wishes.

P.S. Again, my site is "". It's all there. If you have any better and more in-depth information to pass along, please don't hesitate. I'm not all-wise! Porn-addicted children are just another facet of the overall cultural problem that "Hounddog" has come to represent.

Steven Mark Pilling

Dear "Me":

I wish you wouldn't mischaracterize my activities like that. Honest, constructive criticism or suggestions I understand... and welcome. Your offered link to "wordpress" was one. As soon as I can get caught up on things, I intend to check it out.

By the way, the only time I saw suggestive pictures of a young girl off a Dakota site was from one extremely dumb Brooklyn kid who left a link on the notorious "Dakota Countdown" hatesite. It's tough seeing kids (she was 12!) posing in a Times Square hooker "uniform". Hip-Hop "culture" in full swing! I DID, however, once find a Dakota fansite that promptly delivered a pop-up for a porn site! However, like most of her fansites, it's now gone.

This, too. I only sent my "H-Day" announcement and xanga address to a select few sites. I did so because July 20th was an important date and I didn't have the time to post separately all over cyberspace. Besides, I believe my site to be proper and above board.

Best regards.

P.S. I regularly check out my "footprints" and have noticed that I get hits every couple of weeks from "D.C.". I assume from this that someone in the government (I can guess who!) is keeping regular tabs on me. And that's fine. I stand ready at ANY time to make a full accounting of my activities and purposes.

Steven Mark Pilling

Dear Tre:

Thanks for the kind words! Say, I learned something a few weeks ago that might interest you. You're aware of the National Association To Protect Children, which is based in Asheville. (I joined it, by the way.) The chief spokeslady is former child star Allison Arngrim, who was also a molestation victim. What I didn't know was that she also worked for the Osbrink Talent Agency's distribution department. After the news came in about "Hounddog", she quit. She said that she had expected some sort of explanation from Mz Cindy (as she should have gotten... and as we all should have!) but resigned when it failed to happen. I'd like so much to hear her story on that. Right from the heart of the devil's lair, as it were! I just haven't had the time to ask or follow up. The association's website is "". Just a heads-up! Best wishes. Gotta run off to work now!


What I didn't know was that she also worked for the Osbrink Talent Agency's distribution department [Allison Arngrim]..

are you asking if she did ?? she do's hollywood tours now. is this the girl on liitle house on the parey.

Steven Mark Pilling

Dear Aubrey:

Alison Arngrim played the role of the nasty little girl with blonde pigtails on "Little House On The Prairie". She is, as I said, a spokeswoman and active member of "". I didn't know about her connection with The Osbrink Agency until a few weeks ago, when I followed a story link to Variety Magazine's website.

See: Variety Dailies Digest/"Film Hounded For Child Rape Scene"/By Dana Harris (January 22nd).

Miss Arngrim worked in the agency's commercial division, but quit in late 2006.

Arngrim: "Cindy Osbrink has been quoted cautioning parents to be extremely careful about doing a scandalous project. I was really looking for an explanation."

I've seen videos of Mz Cindy making sanctimonious statements like that, too; blandly and "benignly". It's only an added reason for my belief that her amorality verges on the point of her being a monster. Miss Arngrim didn't go into personalities beyond that in the article. She didn't have to. She deserves our respect, however, for giving up a lucrative job for the sake of moral convictions. That's rare in Hollywood.


ARNGRIM: Well I was sexually molested as a child myself.

KING: What age?

ARNGRIM: It started around when I was six years old.

KING: By a family member.


KING: Not your parents.

ARNGRIM: Not my parents. And, like most parents in these situations, they really didn't see it coming. When I later told them in my 20s, they were actually quite stunned and I found in talking to other people who had the same exact thing happen that parents really just don't want to believe -- and in fact, they put two and two and two together, the whole thing could have been brought to a grinding halt. But people don't, and they don't see it coming, and a cousin or a brother or an uncle is molesting their child and they ignore the situation.

KING: Who was the abuser?

ARNGRIM: I'd prefer actually at this time to not say. I know Marie didn't.

KING: Because?

ARNGRIM: Numerous reasons. I don't really want to give him the air time. Also, I...

KING: Don't want to give him the air time? It's terrible airtime for him.

ARNGRIM: It's terrible airtime for him, but I prefer not for personal reasons and for legal reasons to at this time not name the person who abused me.

KING: When it started, what happened? You were how old, six?


KING: What did you think? What did you do? Did he have intercourse? What did he do? Six.

ARNGRIM: Well, you know, obviously I prefer not to go into specific, graphic details, but really, at six I did not understand exactly what was happening. I did not know what sex was. I did not know what he was doing because I did not know what it was, and that's what often happens is children, when they're molested very young, they don't go tell anyone because: What do you go tell them? That this person came and did what to me?

KING: Yes.

ARNGRIM: What's to report? You don't know what's even been done. And then as it went on, because it's never just once, you are in this horrendous situation where you really can't get out. This person is in a position of authority over you, because it's a family member, anytime it's anyone close to the family, when it's a Catholic priest, when it's that kind of condition, you're in a position where you are pressured absolutely not to say anything, you are told that you are somehow colluding with this person, you are told that it's OK, and since you're not telling anyone, you're not getting any information from outside telling you "This is crazy, you don't have to be putting up with this."

And you are told whatever you do, don't tell anyone this or I will beat you senseless, you don't tell them. When you are physically threatened you don't tell people. That's why battered women tell people they ran into a door; it is why children usually don't tell. I actually read somewhere -- I thought I took a long time to go into therapy and tell anyone and then I read that the average length of time between being sexually molested and telling anyone about it is 14 years.



She was molested starting at age six, didn't tell anyone, didn't seek justice, didn't try to stop the molester, didn't turn in the molester and allowed him to molest other kids, and went on with her life and was successful without anyone knowing. Sound like a movie we have heard of? There should be more movies to expose this sort of thing.

"Arngrim, best known as Nellie on "Little House on the Prairie." She is involved with groups such as A Minor Consideration and Protect: the National Assn. to Protect Children."

Well how would it look if someone involved with A Minor Consideration was involved with Osbrink Agency at the same time they were attacking Cindy Osbrink?


Alison Arngrim worked with Melissa Gilbert she was the head of the Screen Actors Guild, both worked for Micheal Landon, known for being a drinker and smoker that ruled the set of "Little House" and forced the kids into working too many hours, underpaying the actors, and for endless verbal assaults on set. Melisaa Gilbert dated Tom Cruise when they both were teenagers. Tom Cruise is a spokesperson for the Church of Scientology and married Katie Holmes who worked at Screen Gems Studio on the set of Dawson's Creek.

Stay with me, there's a connection....

OK, Melissa Gilbert takes control of SAG, Paul Petersen tries to win as the SAG leader sending Melissa packing, he looses and then recruits Alison Arngrim a co-star of Melissa Gilbert's and a former child star who couldn't get work as an adult because of being typecast and not having any acting ability like Paul Petersen, he makes her a member of A Minor Consideration, even tho she was molested as a child and didn't tell anyone allowing the molester to escape any kind of punishment and not telling anyone like the character Lewellen played by Dakota Fanning who worked on the block buster film "War of the Worlds" with Tom Cruise. Alison Arngrim also works for the Osbrink Agency run by Cindy Osbrink the talent agent for Dakota Fanning who is recruted to act in a movie about a girl the is molested and raped at a young age and doesn't tell anyone. Paul Petersen who lost against Melisa Gilbert a co-worker of Alison Arngrim learns about the movie and quickly goes on the defensive telling his associate Alison Arngrim to attack Cindy Osbrink the talent agent for Dakota Fanning and to quit working for the agency. He milks the controversy as much as possible even posting what he claimed were facts that Dakota Fanning was fully nude and graphically assaulted on film, which turns out was a lie, he even admits his mistake and that his website was wrong. Alison Arngrim who cited "Hounddog" as one reason she chose to leave the commercial division of the Osbrink Agency last year and close friend of Paul Petersen's goes on the offensive giving interviews to a Variety reporter looking for a boost in her ratings. Now the two of them Alison Arngrim and Paul Petersen are fully positioned to take over the Creen Actors Guild. It was a conspiracy all along.



An insidious evil is spreading throughout Hollywood, the town that raised and trained me as a boy for a career that would not exist for me as a man. The exploitation of children, which Hollywood both employs and to which they market, has sunk to another mindless low point with the announcement that 12 year-old Dakota Fanning will portray a pre-adolescent rape victim in the movie, "Hound Dog," an independent film alleged to feature Dakota, not yet in her teens, totally naked and actually assaulted on film in a realistic portrait of the rape that spins her into a fantasy world centered on Elvis Presley.


"It's a bad idea on so many levels," said actress Alison Arngrim, who cited "Hounddog" as one reason she chose to leave the commercial division of the Osbrink Agency last year; Fanning's agent is Cindy Osbrink.

"Cindy Osbrink has been quoted cautioning parents to be extremely careful about doing a scandalous project," says Arngrim, best known as Nellie on "Little House on the Prairie." She is involved with groups such as A Minor Consideration and Protect: the National Assn. to Protect Children. "I was really looking for an explanation."


ARNGRIM: Well I was sexually molested as a child myself.

KING: What age?

ARNGRIM: It started around when I was six years old.

KING: By a family member.



Someone should make a movie about a girl who is molested for a long period at a young age that acts aggressive against other kids as a result of her abuse, then her actions lead to a rape which takes away her innocense, then she doesn't tell anyone letting the abuser get away without punishment, then finds herself, her true voice, and the strength to go forward and some how overcome the tragedy of her childhood. Like the true life story of Alison Arngrim best known as Nellie on "Little House on the Prairie" and close friend of Paul Petersen and former employee of the Osbrink Agency run by Cindy Osbrink the talent agent for Dakota Fanning who is recruted to act in a movie about a girl that is molested and raped at a young age and doesn't tell anyone.

What's your response to that??

Steven Mark Pilling

Dear "Me":

You've viciously attacked just about everybody under the sun who's dared to take a stance against child sexual exploitation- and "Hounddog" in particular. Now you attack Alison Arngrim merely because I brought her name up. The source you cite (Larry King?) does not hold any new story about her or about so many other children who have endured what she did. It's a horribly familiar one in all it's aspects. To twist her story into it all being somehow her fault (a frightened child molested by a relative, for God's sake!), that she was somehow treacherous by working for Cindy Osbrink because of her natural attitudes towards kids (Osbrink's reputation, before "Hounddog", was relatively untainted), that she was likewise responsible for the late Michael Landon's bad press (truthful or not), for Tom Cruise's insanity (!) and that, apparently, she's thereby become an apprentice for that Dark Master- Paul Petersen...!!!

Good God! Where do the black helicopters come into the story?! This is one of the cheapest and most blatant attempts I have yet seen to castigate someone, not only for acting on behalf of abused and exploited children, but also because I mentioned her!

"Me": I've never met Alison Arngrim. I've never even exchanged a message with her. I respect her, yes; but do you have to attack her with that pot-boiler pulp fiction story just to get at me?

I should be angry, I guess. But I'm actually not. Not very, anyway. Miss Arngrim's good name is beyond your ability to tarnish. All you have done is to expose the unbelievable lengths you will go to to defend the indefensible. Every time I've seen this sort of thing out of "Hounddog's" online defenders, I just sit back; saddened... but upheld in my convictions. As I've always said, you can judge the worth of a cause by the worth of it's adherents.

You've just upheld me again, "Me". That someone who's normally as articulate and thoughtful (though on a false basis) as you could resort to such obvious desperation measures tells me two things:

1. That the people you represent or the person you actually are (and you've broadly hinted on occasion at close ties to the "Hounddog" principals) are still gunshy from Wilmington and Sundance... which is good.

2. That a critical move may be imminent by those same people and the fact that the opposition is still active is reason for their added concern... so much so that they're starting to see Christians lurking under their beds!

It's been known for a while that Kessler and Kampmeier are reworking or have reworked the film for another attempt at theater distribution and, of course, for DVD. They have also scaled back their original schedule. The revamped "Hounddog" to be out in May. But, no... now it's late this year or early next. (Via Dakota, who's still being used as their human shield and puppet.) Now you've said on my site that "Hounddog" was never intended for wide distribution or even for profit- an obvious absurdity! A number of other tie-ins... all of which point to fear and uncertainty in the "Hounddog" camp.

"Me"; on your last posting on my website, you also alluded that I'd been talking to some of the "Hounddog" principals without knowing it. (Maybe you, "Me"?) My natural response was, "So what?". I hold these people in low regard already. As with lawyers (some of them D.A.s!) I consider entertainment people guilty until proven innocent! And yes, I know already the lengths to which they'll go and the power that the Industry can wield if they think that their common interests are being jeopardized.

That you're "upping the ante" here in your viciousness of attacks on me and all who are in any way associated with me tells me something else:

1. You consider me, a lone individual commenting online from his study, to be a central figure in the anti-exploitation movement. I'm flattered!

2. You hope to make me a pariah and, therefore, weaken the movement's framework. Doubly flattered!!

3. You hope to intimidate others through me (and me personally) in the process. Lots of luck.

I don't intimidate that easily. If you knew about some of the hardcases I've dealt with in my day, you'd understand that better.

And that's all fine. I don't have to worry about Miss Arngrim. She's got a good organization behind her. I don't have to worry about Tre or Paul, either. They, like her, are well aware of the power that can be arrayed against them by vengeful "special interests" and how to handle them. They have resources themselves.

Even I have a few. Of course, if there's a "weak link" in the chain, I'm it! But, while I AM flattered to be considered, it seems, so influential by you and your cohorts, I franky doubt that my poor efforts can live up to your fears. I only wish!

In the meantime, I'm going to keep at it. And I'm going to keep watching. Sometime again, perhaps soon, that movie will have to emerge from the bilges of S.S. Hollywood. I fully expect it to be with a new "smiley" face, subtly brought forth and, likely, under the cover of a major Hollywood-related story to keep it off the front burner.

Your frineds have been amazingly stupid (as well as amoral) in the past, "Me". I'm not stupid enough to think that they'll remain so. Certainly, I'm not going to count on it.

And that (as Dakota would LIKE to say) is a wrap!



Steven Mark Pilling

Dear Anonymous:

What specifically would you like to know about? If you've missed the background into the case, let me suggest this:

1. Click "Child Pornography" on this site and you'll find a number of threads dealing with the "Hounddog" issue. Read Tre's opening commentary in each and browse the posts as you will. This is one of the best single sources you'll find.

2. For a concise legal summary, go to Rob Lacey's site ("Demand Justice For Child Sexual Exploitation In Films) at "". Consider signing his petition!

3. For more details and commentary, on this subject and child advocacy issues in general, check out Paul Petersen's site for his group "A Minor Consideration" at "".

4. For factual, non-fluff reviews of "Hounddog" from the Sundance Film Festival, I'd suggest Roger Friedman's columns for Fox News.

5. If you'd like to wade through my site as well (!), I'm at "".

Bear in mind that these other gentlemen are the "heavy hitters" in this sad affair. I'm just the pimple-faced batboy!

But understand this: NO one of us hates Dakota Fanning... or any of the other kids who've been sexually or otherwise exploited in films or elsewhere in the popular culture. This is about justice for them and trying to prevent other kids from being used, abused and exposed to material of this sort. It's about THEM. Not us.

Dear "Me":

With that in mind, I think I'll say something that I debated on saying when commenting last night. You know who we are. All of us, including myself, post under our real names and state our views with our true colors flying proudly. That's because we, at least, have nothing to hide. We're not in the same position as the studio techs who had to worry about their jobs when coming forth.

Unless you're in a similar position (which I highly doubt!), don't you think you it's time you did likewise? If you can spend all this time defending the sexual exploitation of children- if this is truely an issue that you believe in from a "non-profit" point of view- then why not come forth, tell us who you are and prove that you don't have a personal axe to grind... that this is actually something from the heart?

What do you think would happen? Bill Donohue and the Catholic League picketing your home? Dr. Baehr denouncing you from the pulpit? Tre from his studio? Or maybe you think I'd burn a cross in your front yard?! Get real.

Even if that WAS a serious consideration, there's this to think about. One of the most valuable lessons of life I ever learned was from my Army days. A senior NCO I knew (it might have been at Fort Bragg) once said, "If it's not worth putting your life on the line for, it's not worth it."

I run a small, yet definite risk and have ever since I started posting. Anyone who wants to can find my address in 10 minutes without leaving their computer. I know know of at least two vociferous opponents who live here in the Houston area. (Neither of whom, I might add, ever gave me more than a first name or pseudonym in return.) I'm willing to take that risk for what I believe in.

If you truely believe that this was all justified for the sake of "art", then come out of the shadows and say so. If you were involved in the film to any degree and have no regrets (or even if you do), then state them directly and under your true name. While I doubt that earning my respect is a major priority of yours (!), you may just earn a little from those who are following this debate and trying to make up their minds as to it's merits.

Ball's in your court. Regards.

its me aubrey in the last post lol trying to get things going on this its just the same bs here i cant take it any more ahahaha...
but im hanging in there sorry but there just so meny getting away with so much what are they witen for if there is noughting rong with what they did in the movie then Y not let it louse for every one to see what are they hiden hell david morse made a movie and its out all redy


Let's get one thing straight Steve, I'm not defending the sexual exploitation of kids and I don't believe that this movie applies. I have well stated my reasons, the biggest being that most of the stuff that was earlier reported about what happened on the set WAS NOT TRUE. You, Tre, Marc, Paul, or anyone else for that matter has not proven otherwise. Tre can say he knows people that saw things but until he puts his money where his mouth is and provides some proof I will continue to take it with a grain of salt as nothing more than rumors. Considering that Rex Gore, Ben David, and Connie Jordan have determined that no laws were violated and the movie is not pornographic then it's LEGAL in every state in this country. Yes it is my non profit effort to stop people like you (bible thumpers as I like to call them) from dictating what is right or wrong for the rest of us. Even after it has been pointed out by numerous people that most of your claims don't hold water you continue to attack this little bs movie and Dakota Fanning in paticular. What did Dakota do wrong? Why should she be called all these names and why is it neccesary that you make sure the whole world knows about her part in this movie and how "YOU" think it has affected her? It's her life, it's her parents responsiblity to look out for her current movie career, and if it does turn out that this movie somehow ended her career SO WHAT? There are a hundred other Dakota wannabe's in the shadows waiting to take her place. It will not be the end of thew world if Dakota Fanning no longer makes blockbuster movies that meet your approval.

Alison Arngrim has gone on recoed in a live interview with Larry King and exposed things that happened when she was young. It is a fact that she claims she was molested by a family member and that she DID NOT TELL ANYONE about the abuse. One of the key points in your argument against Hounddog is that Lewellen didn't tell anyone and that the abuser was not held accountable. How ironic that a true life version of this very movie (in some respects) happened to one of the very people that helped to attack the movie with the help of her close friend Paul Petersen. Not to mention Bill and Ted's bogus crusade.

I've told you numerous times that I did not work on this movie, was not in any way involved with this movie and have only had communications with some pricipal people via email. I contacted them looking for more information and since I was a die hard defender they trusted me with a lot of inside information. I have also had the oppurtunity to contact and talk with local crew members and local technicians that deny that anything happened on the set during the filming of this movie. So far ALL OF EVIDENCE SUPPORTS THE CLAIM THAT NOTHING HAPPENED. Based on reviews of the final product, at least what was at Sundance everyone said the movie was not exploitive, it was not pornographic, and that it was perfectly legal and that people like you, Paul, Bill , and Ted were over reacting.

You should have figured out by now that I like to argue and fight over the smallest of details and you fall for it everytime. You could have ended your communcations with me a long time ago. I'm not giving out my name for various reasons. One being that it's not safe to expose yourself online and it's setting a bad example for kids the do so. The other reason is I live where the movie was filmed. It's too easy to track me down. The third and most important reason is I DON'T TRUST ANYONE IN PATICUAL LAW ENFORCEMENT. I think Tre will back me up on this. If an unarmed teenager can be shot through a door and the killer allowed to walk free then what might happen to someone like me that likes to piss people off? Someone that likes to point out when law enforcement and religious freaks have over stepped their boundaries. If I gave you my name it wouldn't change anything. It's just a name. You still wouldn't know who I was.

Steven Mark Pilling

Dear "Me":

1. Virtually everything that was first reported about "Hounddog" DID turn out to be true- and that was just the beginning. To defend this film IS to defend the sexual exploitation of children. Even if the final edited version was all there was, this would still be the case. And it wasn't. The further threat it poses to kids by being at the forefront of the culture's sexualization trend remains undiluted in any case.

2. The two D.A.s blatantly dodged and abrogated their responsibility and thereby endangered the children of this country.

3. And who is calling Dakota Fanning, a poor misguided and exploited child actress, bad names? Only the punks and the perverts who delight in seeing her brought down. We're for all children, Dakota included, and against those who have defamed her (and them) by either word or deed.

4. The fact that Miss Arngrim didn't tell about her molestor then (as is all too common with abused children) has absolutely nothing to do with "Hounddog's" plot! That "Lewellen's" attacker was never charged or accused in the movie merely illustrates the falsity of Kampmeier's claims that the movie was not all about child sex for it's own sake. The comparison is ludicrous!

5. Obviously, other set technicians thought otherwise from those you claim to have spoken with. And, for the reasons I've already stated, I doubt if anyone involved with the film would have much incentive to be forthright.

6. I have continuously told kids online to take great care about revealing any personal information. It was my top priority from the beginning and remains so. This you know. I've also explained in detail why I have willingly taken such a risk upon myself. I'm an older man and, since I have occasion to deliberately address children online, I must stand ready to make myself accountable to law enforcement authorities and to parents. I place my trust in their overall fairness and integrity. Your rather paranoid atitude toward them is a cross you must bear by yourself.

Pardon the "cross" reference but, as you know, I'm one of those religious freaks!

7. I will not dispute your story about your level of involvement in the film's making. Nor will I (just so we're plain on this) attempt to pump you for your identity if you do not choose to give it. That's entirely your option and I defend it. Nor would I ask you to betray any trust from your associates for the same reason.


1. You haven't seen the movie, I haven't seen the movie so neither one of us can truely make that judgement.

2. That's your opinion. If you have evidence to prove otherwise then let's see it.

3. The same could be said about any movie star. They will always be attacked by perverts and punks even if they only do Disney type movies. This was the case well before Hounddog. You said that's how you got involved, because of the punks bad mouthing her. In March of 2006.

4. (as is all too common with abused children) RIGHT! that was the whole point of the movie, that she doesn't tell anyone, just like the real life experience of the director. Just like Arngrim and most other abuse victims. Nothing was in the rape scene, it was EXACTLY as written in the script. Again if you have proof otherwise let's see it.

5. What technicians? Who are they? How do we know there ever were people that made these claims and how do we know excatly what they claim happened? Anyone other than Tre ever talk to them? NO! - How was the DA going to move forward without anyone willing to testisfy about what they witnessed?

6. "It was my top priority from the beginning and remains so. This you know."

I don't know that. You didn't make that clear until AFTER it was pointed out how unusual it is that you spend so much time talking to underage kids.

7. "I will not dispute your story about your level of involvement"

OK, if I was actually involved you think I would still be debating this? Everyone has moved on to bigger and better projects and no one cares. No one knows about my continued efforts. Contact was cut off long ago after Sundance. I'm flying solo but still manage to aquire quite a bit of information from various sources.

I stand by everything I have said and can back up most of it with facts. Can you really say the same?

this is funny I think dakota fanning and her family thinks so to. come on this is a website based on good and bad right and rong
is it right to have a child to act out sex in a movie thats the point here [try haven your child act out somthing at home see how far you get when she tells what she or he did at home ahaha.]have any of you sceen the movie hounddog?? movies that have ben made like houngdog all the ones on this website ME posted here.
was any of you there with the crew and sceen what happend on the set ??
did any one here see what dee and the other kids had to wear. or what they was made to wear in the scenes/outtakes or what the kids had to go through?? what was told to thim how they acted out the part befor filming take after take. ME. have you ever met anyone who had something to hide tell you everything??
we all know this is a por attempted to make money there are so meny ways if you look to breing awareness to the sick things going on in our society they dont have to putit in films.
hell the so called law makers say its ok to have fake childporn or teen porn [DRAWINGS] WTF is rong with them. animations/ art drawing of this tipe is what fule the sick
Y would they say its ok to have 3d/4d drawings of childporn have they lost there F**KING mines
this was on fox niews last night WOW wee a nother lop hole for the sick and twisted freaks.
dose any one know what they can do with photo shop pro and 3d/4d kyer softwear Y would they do this say its ok to have fake /drawings of childporn???? hell they even have a viral software thats even wores.
alowing the basterds to act out there fantasies.
with the above softwear you can take a real photo of a nud child add 3d animations and wala you have fake childporn in 3d mine you WTF are thing thinking
now as for what happend on the set of the filming of hounddog with all the hiden scens cousled sets the use of tape pastyes see through cloth and so on makes me think they tried very hard to to get as clouse to the real thing with out preformming the act of rape
hey if i was told to act like that fake or not it would make me PEUK if i was dakota fanning and had to act out these parts i would have to ask for a better looking actor like tom ahahahaha. she may have had more funn weeeee ok ill stop.
this is what i think but its just little O me and after seeing this article of dee at a dinner party when she was ask to do a movie when she was of age with this perv.. and she said lets not get gross that told me she has a handle on things of her owne will i dont think for one min they well take advantage of her and get away with it
but like i said thats what i think.
hollywoods way out is you have a choice you dont have to to do this but if you dont you dont get the part ahaha. they make a monter out of you then shit on you in the end.

Steven Mark Pilling

I was going to make another long post (!) to refute "Me" on a point-by-point basis. In fact, I was half way through my draft last night. However, I realized this morning that all I'd be doing is wading through the same territory for the thousandth time. He's just made the same tired arguments he usually has that are either deceptive or deflective of the issues. Anyway, the last poster has already made a number of my salient points for me, so why bother? Besides, I've gotta go walk the dogs! Best to all!!

ya well
hey i know just put every one that had anything to do with this sick movie hounddog in jail. actors and all ahahaha.

Steven Mark Pilling

Hi, Aubrey. Sorry I've been away for so long, but "Me" and others have not only "invaded" my own website (well, I asked for it!), but now have their own Xanga websites in the process. They're attempting to beard the lion in his own den! Well, this old lion ain't toothless yet!!

Seriously, though; you raise a good point. Recently, "Me" has been criticizing me in saying that I'm obsessed only with Dakota Fanning and (maybe) her family. Naturally, the reason she and they come into the picture so much is because she was the central character (and child) in that rotten film and her parents were the ones who bear the ultimate responsibility for that happening.

That does NOT let the other principals of the movie off the hook by any means. If I haven't been mentioning them much recently, then I'll now correct that oversight:

1. Deborah Kampmeier: Director and writer of "Hounddog". Labored more than nine years to bring her tale of child sex and "Southern Gothic" depravity to the screen. Also directed and wrote "Virgin", another story with a theme of child sex and anti-Christianity along with other sordid short films. Currently re-editing "Hounddog" and working on a film called "Split"!

2. Robin Wright Penn: Executive Producer and actress in "Hounddog". With Kampmeier, the chief architect of the Sundance fiasco and Dakota's chief handler (and corrupter) during that affair.

3. Cindy Osbrink: Head of the Osbrink Talent Agency of Los Angeles (a firm specializing in child actors) and Dakota's personal agent besides. She's the one who has guided that child's career from her advent in Hollywood to the beginning. "Hounddog" was her attempt to "adultize" her little star client at age 12 to keep the profits flowing.

4. Lawrence Robins: Shady New York investor who arranged the last minute funding for "Hounddog" when the last of many investors pulled out in the middle of the shooting! His new investor was allegedly Joe "Girls Gone Wild" Francis, though some dispute this.

5. David Morse: At 54, he is a veteran character actor from Pennsylvania. Most recent roles: The film "Disturbia" and a semi-regular role on the TV series "House". Played "Daddy" to Dakota in the movie- a role in which, as an incestuous degenerate, he engaged in numerous sexually charged scenes with that child. The rumored "second" rape scene that allegedly occured between him and Dakota has never been proven... as though the rest wasn't bad enough. Was Dakota's co-star earlier in the movie "Dreamer".

Christoph Sanders: At age 18, he portrayed Dakota's molestor in the most notorious scene of this despicable movie. Despite numerous denials from the film's principals (only to be expected!) others have stated that the making of the scene did involve full body contact over a period of at least a dozen takes. He also was a key actor in the infamous scene where "Daddy" wanders into a pool hall in a nude state and is eventually led out by Dakota. Now 19, he has since finished his freshman year at Blue Ridge Junior College in North Carolina.

Scott Frankin and Henri Kessler: The chief ramrods (!) of The Motion Picture Group, a firm that specializes in the revamping of cheaply made indie films and which has close ties to the Sundance Organization. MPG now has technical control of the film and is continuing in it's efforts to re-edit it for distribution into theaters.

Others to watch in this rogue's gallery:

1. Jen Gatien- producer.

2. Craig and Lisa Fincannon- casting directors.

3. Piper Laurie- actress ("Grammie").

4. Frank Capra, Jr.- head of the Screen Gems Studio in Wilmington, whose facilities and technical support made "Hounddog" possible.

5. Bill Vassar- Screen Gems V.P. in charge of production and technology.

6. Benjamin David- D.A., 5th Prosecutorial District (Wilmington) who allowed "Hounddog's" making and editing to proceed without serious impediment.

7. Rex Gore- D.A. from Brunswick NC. Same as above.

8. Tom Quinn- Magnolia Pictures (head of acquisition) and promoter of the film.

9. Trevor Groth- Coordinator and spokesman for the Sundance Organization during the festival.

10. Cindy Purvis- Dakota's first agent in Georgia and associate of Cindy Osbrink... and the agent of Cody Hanford and Isabelle Fuhrman.

11. The parents of those two child actors- for obvious reasons.

12. And, likely enough, the agents and parents of the several other children who had peripheral roles in this act of child pornography.

There are others, too. Some may have had a bigger role in the proceedings than is presently known. These, however, are the main offenders. It is my firm conviction that, until these individuals are held accountable and are at least exposed for their crimes against children, then no child in this country is safe.

Dakota Fanning is the central actress and, because of her (former) rating and, of course, because of the warm regard she was once held in as America's most beloved child actress, still remains central. But as a victim- not as a perpetrator. Children cannot be held responsible for the misguidance and misdeeds of those who hold authority over them.

So there it is. Aubrey, you can visit my site at Heck, why not register and get your own site? Just about everyone else has! Best wishes.

where did you fine the sceen abut the pulhall with dakota??
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