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January 24, 2007


comon sense

hoomicide does not mean murder or manslaughter.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Etymology: Latin homicidium, from homo- human being + caedere- to cut, kill

Homicide refers to the act of killing another human being. Reportedly, it can also describe a person who has committed such an act, though this use is rare in modern English. Although homicide does not define an illegal act necessarily, reportedly some jurisdictions use the word to indicate the unlawful killing of a person.

A Nolo Press glossary definition claims the legal definition of homicide involves, "The killing of one human being by the act or omission of another." A homicide defines any killing of one human being by another, criminal or otherwise. "Homicide is considered noncriminal in a number of situations, including deaths as the result of war and putting someone to death by the valid sentence of a court." Click Nolo Press's link for to see further definition of the term.


columbia sc tv reported the arrest of 5 young men frm upstate sc for robbing game stores in al.,ga.,nc.,tn., beginning june '06. just wondering if this was connected to uncw robbery. thank you for your efforts with this site.


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