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October 20, 2006


Russell L Smith

It seems the news media has become the driving force that is shaping local and national events. It’s no longer a matter of reporting the news after-the-fact. It is more often a matter of selective and slanted reporting to influence public opinion or unnecessary and reckless reporting to the determent of the public interest, particularly related to crime and national security. Reporting “secret” information has become a virtue for the media, regardless of the consequences. My condolences to Michelle’s family and friends. Thank you for keeping us posted on this sad and disturbing case.

News Hound

The investigative agency should have held a press conference immediately after the discovery to disclose what little they knew at the time promising timely updates on future developments that way the family would be left undisturbed. A reporter has to act on a lead, especially if the story is held in secret by a public agency. For all we know it could have been the body of Osama Bin Laden that was discovered in Cedar Creek.

I also would like to pass along my heartfelt sympathies to the family during this most difficult time.

william wilson helped his brother kill that girl or he helped hide her. for goodness sakes she was found behind his salvage yard


In clandestine burial the remains of a person are very hard to match if shallow burial, or animal activity as any junior forensic or more acclaimed person knows. In who's interest would it be to 'sell' a story of remains being found which would point to a missing person who's effects had been found in the immediate vicinity.

We forget the case of tragic Dylan Groene who it took considerable time in DNA analysis as confirmation. Water, animals, and decomposition all play a part in making the identification of a human subjective. Nothing, I repeat, nothing is 100% accurate or certain in scientific fact. I wish it were.

Michelle lost her life in a manner that may never be known, or by whom. In this sadness another family learns that closure is the end product of the hope they had of safe return.

Somehow, the case does not fit. The search teams did not find her, but hunters did. So it had to be a shallow burial in the open. It then was then out of character for the suspects voiced to do so in open ground and so near their own 'backyard'. Fatal in fact.

Was Michelle killed somewhere else and dumped as a later act. That is what the paid for law enforcement will be asking and the FBI. Let them get on with the process of finding the place she was killed at, as forensically that will be revealed. In sadness do not be hateful of the men and women who have and had a job to do as legal representatives of the state. Volunteer services should work in unity, and remove vanity or for fame. God has a hand in making himself heard for the missing who have passed over. To Him we accredit the finding. I hope I can remember that myself. My condolenscences to the family.


what if she was left out there tied up so he could come back later. it was remote enough and since he was a familiar face out there, may even have been a member of the hunting club with rights to be on the property thus not being a tresspasser and noo one would thnk twice abotu seeing him back there. there would be no signs of cause of death. she would have died from the cold. so is that murder?


That's not "TOUGH LOVE"! That's ABUSE!!!!!!


That's not "TOUGH LOVE"! That's ABUSE!!!!!!


Conflicting reports on Cedar Creek Cemetary is that it is a former slave graveyard and in another the former Hill family graveyard. Which is it as it is as important as it was in Natalee Holloway in graveyard searches done and not done?

John Philpin in Stalemate identified that a suspect John Bindner had used graveyards as disposal sites of child victims in San Francisco. Since other copycats have used this as no one invents a new way of disposal.

In the area of Cedar Creek graveyard it is reported in media that a skull and bones were found. So either the grave or area had been vandalised, or animals had in coming winter foraged in such areas of wildlife and burrowed. This case is not unique in wildlife disrupting remains. That is why complete distancing from the site and forensic anthropologists are needed.

Cedar Creek and the area suggest to me as it has all along that July Michelle Bullard when taken was not going to live. I then ask myself if when someone is taken from a home at gunpoint the utmost resiliance would be met not to take that person under those conditions even faced with the end of firearm.

There is the issue of who was waiting to select out of view and the area under examination near to the trailer. To take Michelle on a route way down to Cumberland would seem disasterous for a felon already charged with murder in the past and known.

The area she was kept till she died as yet of unknown causes could have been someones home, trailer or confined space. This would fit, but why? We speculate and that is all.

In giving a diagram of a large area the only way to provide insight is in trained land agents who know every inch of an area.

Michelle will not have been the first victim, or even the last in such a planned murder as it seems. It does not seem to be in the simple mind of Wilson to engineer such a crime and then bolt. He would have stayed it out. No one yet knows when or how Michelle died, or why. To be buried in or near an old graveyard is at odds with information produced so far. It says find me at the churchyard where old slaves were, or someone having intimate knowledge being able to watch, monitor and make sure it stayed undisturbed.

Ask then who would be able to do that and then who could not in the last couple of months. To have the remains disturbed any graveyard worker or person with land knows to bury a pet, or a person the elements take their toll in winter. Also they know animals disturb buried ground. It had to be watched constantly, but by whom?

The fact she has been been found means that someone other than Wilson, as any of them had to be in that area frequently to perhaps invade the search team, redirect it, or even play in catcheing as Duncan did.

Case after case historically shows that a murderer or murderers unlike Bundy and his ilk all have to make sure the site is monitored and perhaps mostly at night. In doing so to choose if correct a place in the same manner as described in Stalemate is another clue if so.

Also if the 'negro' as it is described graveyard of former slaves is a mental map for a murder victim, it will not be of that ethnicity. It will be a white person who has a magic for the location, even in boyhood. The persons would have pre-selected this site before any abduction and would have made some use of it before. Why I do not know.

Therefore forensics will hopefully tell of the use of this location which a hunter, or hunters found who were tracking prey, or food. David Wilson running scared points to someone fleeing from not only the law but from the disposal area, or the persons he had engaged with at that location. It is possible she had been moved as in Latoyia Figarola, -rest in peace - to a location which needed more than two people. But this is speculation only. Natallee Holloway has not been found and there again is the location of old native compounds with mapped areas of the ancients interred.


My family has recent ties to Michelle's mother. There is a lot more to the family story on the mothers side that is not exactly public knowledge and could possibly bring about a different prospective to Michelle’s story; maybe even another theory than David Wilson.

Tre Benson

Ed what's on your mind? Things bugging you about the exposure of David Wilson and his brother? If something is on your chest, spit it out!

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