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October 21, 2006



i've been following your posts, in regards to michelle bullard, reluctent to post till now. i want to give my most sincere regret, sympathy and love to her family and friends, it is not the outcome i hoped and prayed for, yet now we know the questions to be asked. the actions taken against michelle are and were unwarranted, unforgivable. i hope her family will receive strength to carry on and have the fortitude to find the answers that they and every good citizen should seek. as a citizen, as a mother, as a human being, i would like to see justice for michelle bullard, for her family, her friends.


You don't know what to say when reality like this slaps you in the face. It feels like poison running through your body, that takes away the ability to breath. I hoped and prayed all along for answers in finding Michelle. I said I would'nt give up hope that we find out. Then about two months ago, I told my husband, I didn't think we'd ever find her or know the truth. Then I said if we do find her, it wouldn't be the way we hoped for. That reality hit me this past week, when the news blurted the info. of finding remains near recent search area. My heart dropped and I felt chills, like I knew what the outcome was going to be. I cried, but still a little piece of hope was lingering, that it might be someone else, and not my friend whom I loved dearly. This has been a long, tough, and heart-breaking 9 mths. My mind has constantly been churning with thoughts of what would ultimately result from all of this. I even once said " If we could just find her, then we could know". The truth is, that's still not as good as we want it to be. We'll never know exactly what caused someone to hurt Michelle, who meant so much to so many. She deserved so much in life, because she worked hard, gave harder, and loved hardest. Michelle was an amazing person, and I'm thankful to God that he sent someone as special as her to be such a significant part of my life. My deepest sympathy is extended to Karen, Lydia, Julian, Beth, B.J., and her loving grand-mother Terzel Brown, and all of Michelle's family. I know Michelle is at peace up above, but she's deeply missed here. I love you Chelle Belle. Friends forever.


I don't want to say goodbye to Michelle. I want to turn back time, so this would have never happened to her. But I cannot. I worked with Michelle for a year before her kidnapping. Everyday at work, we would just stare at the front door, hoping she would walk in any minute ready for her shift, but it didn't happen. A single day hasn't gone by when I haven't thought of her. As a friend and a mother of four, I have wept for Michelle and her family. I have prayed daily for God's divine intervention in Michelle's disappearance, and I will continue to pray for justice in her case. Michelle will be missed dearly. I want to remember her with a beautiful smile on her face, just as the last time I saw her. I am sure she has the same smile on her face now as she looks upon all of us from heaven. I know she is with the Lord now, and that gives me comfort in knowing that. So I won't say goodbye, just see you later my friend.

Tony Mac

Been thinking about this and been praying for the family. When is the funeral?


Although we all heard the statistics, it does not prepare you for the reality. It's hard to even think about the fact that she is gone. She was so full of life & love for everyone that it leaves a huge hole in all our hearts. It makes you regret all the times you didn't get to have together, all the memories you didn't get to make. But that also makes the ones we have that much more special. Michelle was a blessing to all of us that knew her bubbly personality & her love for life. I am glad to know that she is at peace & doing better than the rest of us, but it still hurts. Maybe they will find some answers and justice will be served. Like Breanne said, you hope for answers, any answers, just to stop wondering, but then you get this answer and it's still not enough, not the ending we wanted. We all want to know the truth & how someone could do this, but again, statistics & reality tell us we may never know. So we learn from Michelle to love life & each other and make sure we show it each & every day. I love you Julie Chelle & you are forever in my heart.

sherry wilson

I would like to express my deepest sympathy for the family of Michelle Bullard, and to let you know that you are in my prayers daily.


I knew Michelle. Not really good but I knew her.My sister-in-law Breanne was her best friend, chelle threw a baby show for breanne. And I was there breanne was astonished...... but I knew as soon as Michelle went missing that breanne was going to be heart broken.And that everybody who loved michelle would be out looking for her.And the moment that she was found dead I knew Breanne would fall apart. Because Michelle was the one that held Breanne together...brea could talk to michelle about all her problems and never worrying about let ing it get out....b/c michelle was the greatest friend and person that anyone could ever have and love.All my deepest sympathy goes out to karen,lydia,julian, and michelle's family! And Michelle will be missed by many.I know Michelle is in a better place now.



I have known Michelle since the day she was born. Michelle was just as beautiful inside as she was outside. She was always sweet, caring, and giving. She reminds me alot of her late, Grandma Pat. Whom Michelle loved dearly.
Even though we do not know what happened to Michelle that night and we may never know who did this, one thing is for sure, GOD does know. And they will not go unpunished.
I would like to ask everyone to please remember Michelle's family in your prayers. And to remember Michelle, but not in sorrow or pain, but in happiness and joy. The same happiness and joy that she gave to everyone that she met.

CUE Center for Missing Persons

Those who are victims of violent crime remain in our hearts as we can never forget; while looking for answers and falling in love with one we were never affored the opportunity to meet, but only through a photo and stories shared by the left behind families, can we say we knew them. Our hearts go out to your family and all who remain "missing".

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