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May 05, 2006


i guess the young mans parents arent thankful for,or even satisfied with knowing they'll have a chance to see theyre child walk through theyre door again 10 years is nothing it shows disrespect to the innacent MOTHER of the 19 year old boy who has no life to live.Imagine the nights shes woken to tears because she thought she heard her sons truck pulling in the driveway, or his voice call out to her only to realize he's not there or will he ever be again.he was found guilty he got 10 years live with it and hope you dont have to waken to your sons voice who you can at least know he'll be coming back after november,24 1995

cliff tucker

as i understand it the boy that got shot stabbed one fellow and then another before he got shot. i say serves him right, i dont feel sorry at all for the boy that got shot.

sure im sorry the momma of the dead boy has to live without him but anyone with that sort of evil nature would have sooner or later ended up either dead or had killed someone. id bet he woul dhave been in prison for life by the time he was 20 the way he was a i guess his momma was sad long before he died. sad cause her son was so bad.

i know one thing a wild man come at me with a knife i'd shoot his butt too.

you know it is one thing to cry about a son that died in a car wreck while he was doing the speed limit, minding his own busines and all. but it is another thing to cry for a son that died in a wreck after he was all tore up on drugs and booze and was driving 100 mph in the fog with no seat belt on.i hope the boys momma knows the difference.

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