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April 07, 2006



This is an unusual case ... it's like the trial is over. It is too much like a mob mentality for me. Guilty or Not, I don't know, but I look forward to the evidence and due process.



ive gotten into a few arguments myself about this case. and i get your point about how it seems to be the same people that hate bush as the same ones saying this woman needs our support. before i give anyone my support i want to know who that person is and so far this person doesnt deserve much. i feel sorry for those guys if she is lying.


DNA clears all suspects !!! Is it racist of me to say YAY !!!!!

dook legacy

i also welcome the news with a cheerful whoop-whoop

but this will not be the end of it. it may be just the begining of a firestorm of retaliational attacks by ill informed vigilantes wanting rationalization to thier pent up rage.


Someone...please...rationlize my own newly discovered pent up rage !!!
See...they will never get a fair trial..because the racists want them to pay for someone elses misdeeds. Am I the only out there that thinks this is wrong ?
Geeeeesh...give it a efffing break.
Somehow,if we arrest the players,that will atone for all the blacks jailed that were innocent ? Why are they doing this ? Why ????



Claiming that the absence of DNA evidence proves innocence is not racist, just misinformed.

The DA has evidence of a sex crime and an accuser who has identified suspects. It is his duty to gather all the evidence and present it to a jury. Just because the public is questioning whether the accused are getting special treatment becuase of their priviledged status does not mean they will be treated unfairly in the process.

Let the process work itself out. Also, let's presume the accuser is telling at least some truth here until the accused are compelled to respond to the alleged crimes.

It would be a diservice to the accused to not compel those involved to give statements to the police.

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