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March 29, 2006



you would see it this way being rich and white.

walk a day in my shoes and see the world from a poor african american's perspective.

there will be no justice here.

there never is.

Duane Bell

What ever happened to "Innocent until Proven Guilty"? Not only is their now a good chance nothing happened, but these men must pay to defend theirselves. What if they didn't have the finances needed. No one talks about any of this. "Nigger" is such an awful word. how about making these gentlemen wear signs showing everyone their awful taste in vocabulary? But this is going too far. Innocent Until "PROVEN" Guilty. Please. This is the foundation of our country. Please.


I beg to differ. This has the name Tawana Brawley all over it.
The truth is,Yolanda, that there is no longer justice for white folks, rich or poor. We have to find them guilty to avoid the rioting that will ensue if we don't. A black person,found guilty,will eventually be freed with the race card.Unless of course,his crime was against one of his own race. And you don't like him,anyway.
The Duke guys? I don't see them having anything close to a fair trial. If they proved the woman was dead a week beofe this happened,even..they would have to be found guilty, because they are white. Being white is now a sin,obviously. Where is the "equality" in being forced to find someone guilty because you racists blacks will burn down our homes if we don't?

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