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March 15, 2006



Does anyone realize that David Wilson could also be an innocent man and not just a loved and missed dead man? This family was not headed for bankruptcy and ruin. Not only did David work seven days a week but his wife did too. David had a past, but he was acting in self defense and that was before there were self defense laws. The police have said that there is no DNA that ties the two cases together. Think about it many of you want to go home after staying out all night partying????

My heart goes out to Michelle's family. They are very nice people and I know that their lives are completely turned upside down. I pray that Michelle is somewhere alive and well and maybe just afraid to come home. There are so many possible things that could have gone on that night and no telling who could be involved. Just like...what happened to the money that was stolen? How could the people in that trailer do a positive identification from a photo when they claimed they did,t even know the nationality of the intruder because of the ski mask, but then when the pictures of David showed up on the tv and newspapers they claimed the intruder took off his mask before leaving. How stupid would that be. David was not a stupid man and he spent enough time in prison that he wouldn't have done that....also...if the other three people were put in separate rooms I don't think anyone would have removed their mask and gone in to say good-bye.....and shown their identity.

In regards to someone being cut the day David died is a crock. There were words because emotions were running wild..there was heart break, sadness, confusion and just really upset folks, but no one was cut. It would be a blessing if this all would just be dropped for the sake of David's wife. Her Father is a good man and he did not cut anyone.

Please keep praying for these families and the law enforcement agencies so that peace and piece of mind will be brought to alot of people. God Bless All!

Self defense?...Self defense is not leaving the scene, going to get a weapon, and then returning with the weapon and committing murder!..Self defense is when you are in fear of your life or safety or are assaulted and at THAT moment defend yourself from what you perceive as a threat towards your safety...You do not leave and come back later with a weapon...The moment you leave, you have removed yourself from the situation..If he was feeling so threatened at the time, why not call the police rather than go and get a gun and commit murder?...Why do you people continue to live in the unrealistic world where poor David Wilson was such a wonderful guy??...I find it outrageous that you would even imply that Michelle's friends were not truthful and that maybe she has done something wrong and is just hiding....As far as your comment "It would be a blessing if this all would just be dropped for the sake of David's wife"-that is ridiculous...Just for his wife's sake, an investigation should be dropped?..I believe she brought herself into the situation with her husband...Didn't she know about his criminal record (as a convicted murderer) when she married him?..I believe she did...If anyone should be blamed for what she is going through-put the blame where it belongs...With David Wilson...By the way, according to the autopsy, David Wilson still was not a law abiding citizen..Wasn't cocaine found in his body?

Susan Roberts

As David Wilson’s niece, I want to remind people that our family is grieving a great loss. Like everyone, we have sympathy for the Bullard family and what they are going through. But, people in our community and us know what kind of a caring person uncle David was. He battled his own demons privately and finally gave into them. David never hide his past, but he didn’t talk about it much either because he was not proud of what he did as a 18 year old kid. My uncle David paid for the crime he committed while defending himself all those years ago. Do we not live in America, where we are innocent until proven guilt? David’s autopsy report doesn’t prove he had anything to do with the disappearance of Michelle. My family has mourned quietly over the last couple of months. We have allowed the police to do their jobs and answered any questions they had. The police have even said they have nothing to connect David to Michelle Bullard. Now our grief is turning to anger by the false accusation against a man who can’t defend himself. Well, We are here to defend him and will not stand for his name to be slandered or for the harassment of my other uncle, William, who did nothing but go to his brother when he called and was in need. David Wilson was a loving husband and father. He touched many lives’s, one of which is mine. There has never been a time when I have called him that he didn’t come right over to help. David and Kim opened their home to my husband, my kids, and me while we were moving here from Moore County. Then 3 years later when a fire left us homeless they again opened their home to us. My uncle David had many wonderful memories in his life and that is how his family and friends will remember him, not the way he died or the rumors Karen Riojas tries to spread about him. I think everyone needs to stick to the facts about the case, focus on trying to find Michelle and What really happened in that trailer that night and let my uncle rest in peace! Accusing David Wilson of something he DID NOT do will not bring Michelle back.


As far as self defence goes, yea he was protecting himself and i dont care what anybody says David was a loved and loving man. He wouldhave done anything for anybody. I really dont care what anyone thinks of him because i know that he loved me and the rest of the family. I dont know of one enemy that he ever had. I know that he may not have loved everybody and he may not have been very fond of every body in the world but who is? I also know that he would have never done this to Michelle or her family in a million years. My heart really goes out to the BULLARD family because i couldnt even imagine my daughter missing, i would go crazy. I pray every chance that i get that she is found not only for David's sake but also for her family's sake. DAVID EARL WILSON WE ALL LOVE AND MISS YOU SO VERY MUCH!!! I CAN'T WAIT UNTILL ONE DAY WE CAN REJOICE WITH YOU AND LIVE FOREVER IN HIS LIGHT!!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!

a friend

Yes, all roads do lead to David Earl Wilson. There are too many incidents that are not coiencidence. He was seen in the same venue as Michelle on the night of her abduction. That could be written off...but what about him having a secret meeting with his brother, where he was told that they were looking into him for Michelle Bullards' kidnapping and then committing suicide after law enforcement pursuing him. That is the one deciding factor, to me that was his confession. Still we have to ask ourselves is this why he committed suicide or were there other underlying reasons. It was just to close in time with each other. Know we can put down some facts against David Wilson, the other three victims in the home that late night and early morning identified the same man (David Wilson). Also the gun that he used to force himself into the home and hold innocent people at bay while he tied them up and robbed the house was descrided as the same he committed suicide with. As far as the brusies that are in and around the groin area were not from the truck rolling into the fence when he shot himself. The autopsy report stated that the his heart was perferated ( blown to pieces ), blood could not flow after death to make the brusies on his groin, and not only that what was there that could have hit him in that area...Was he sitting on the gear shift?. Its clear to see that there are two families greiving, but one family is greiving because the member of the other family kidnapped their daughter. When everything comes out and we the public are told what really happened, I think many of his family members and friends are going to be suprised that he was not the guy they thought he was. I mean was he not already a convicted murderer. The public needs to realize that there are alot of facts that the law enforcment has not released. Something is not right. Why was the law enforcement upset when they found out Karen Riojas (Michelle's Mother) had obtained the autopsy report of David Wilson, why do they still have his truck and the gun in evidece holding? One more thing, there were three other victims involved in the robbery/kidnapping. They are going through alot too, and the rumor mill needs to come to a hault. All I want is for the safe return of Michelle or some type of closure for her family. They are in my thoughts and prayers everyday.


I would like to comment on the Michelle Bullard case. I knew Michelle for a few years, we hung out many years ago. I have not seen or heard from here in awhile. There are too many unanswered questions in this case. First off, how did one man enter a house and rob four people at gunpoint and tie each one up by himself and then put them in seperate rooms? That makes no sense. If I were one of the four people, I would not easily let someone come into my home and tie me up without putting up some kind of a fight. Especially when it is four against one. Secondly, why would someone take just Michelle? Why her and no one else? For that matter, why did the person not just do what he wanted to with her at the house? There were two females in the house, why did he choose only one? Next is the fact that no one knew that Michelle was missing until they untied themselves. Come on now, as a woman, I know that I would scream loud enough for people in all of Broadway and Sanford to hear me, yet no one heard her? Going back to the robbery, why would a man decide to rob a TRAILER with four people occupying it and the four people still awake inside? He could have picked any other house on that road that would have probably had much nicer stuff. Not saying that these people did not have nice stuff, but they were young adults just starting out. I am 27 years old, I still do not have really nice stuff in my home that someone would want to steal. The only reason someone would go into that house and rob them, in my opinion, is because the person wanted something in there. I do not know the others that were in the trailer, not do I pretend to know what happened, but the only thing that I can assume is that the people in the trailer had drugs. Again, my opinion. I do know that when I hung out with Michelle, she did not do drugs or hang with anyone that did. The reason that I know that is because I never hung out with anyone who did drugs. I am currently in the process of obtaining my Criminal Justice Degree from Campbell so to me following the law is not only important, it is my passion. Ok, back to the case at hand.When it comes to Mr. Wilson, there are quite a few questions also. First off, why did his wife not know where he was? Why did they find cocaine in his system? What caused the bruises? Why were him and Michelle spotted at the same store at the same time? Why would he shoot himself? Why were Michelles belongings found close to his brothers home and business? I am not accusing Mr. Wilson of foul play, but people have to admit that is alot of coincidences. I have a few theories on this case, again it is just my opinion, I only know what the public knows, which by the way is not a whole lot. First theory: The people in the trailer were partying and things went wrong. Maybe Michelle overdosed, and the other three got scared and did hid her body and told the police that they were robbed. Theory two: Who ever robbed them, knew them and wanted to harm Michelle and planned the robbery for that reason. Theory three: Mr. Wilson robbed them and took Michelle, later killing hisself because of guilt. Theory four: There was more than just one person involved in the robbery, one being Mr. Wilson, and the other person involved is the one who took Michelle and harmed her, without the telling Mr. Wilson until after the fact, which would again explain the suicide. I am not sure! Maybe we will never know. I hope that in the end, Michelle will be found alive, or just at least found, so the Bullard family can have closure. I also hope for the sake of Mr. Wilsons family that he is proven innocent, which would still not help their pain. I would like to apologize if any of my opinions offended anyone, I am a partial party to this case, but as a citizen of this county, I think that someone needs to start answering more questions and stop being so vague. I understand that the police cannot release some information to the public because it could impede the case, but they could come foward to either say that Mr. Wilson did or did not do it so that the Wilson family could grieve in peace.

a friend

I just have one question for "ME". What would you do if someone burst into your home with a gun. The four people where all in one area that was not very large. When a gun is in your face you do not know how to respond. Would you have wanted to be the hero? Unless you have ever been in a situation like this one, do not judge. There were four innocent people watching a movie, and their lives have been turned upside down with fear and uncertainty. I understand its easy to sit here and write your opinion, but you certainly are wrong about one man over powerig four people. Its easy when you have a weapon.


Bruises of some age and intensity showed up on the autopsy. In all they are live impact occurrances.

The hand. In plumbing, grazing a knuckle is consistent with bolts, catches and U bends in his work as is the arm bruises inside and outside the forearm. But is it also consistent with forensic action in this line of work. There is no current forensic value to the bruises of a manual worker.

The bruises or contusions to the groin area. I would say they are thigh and not immediate groin area. A toe, foot, or leg impacting with an exposed surface in proximity could make the pattern that is suggested.

It is on one hand possible that the dead person had encountered a resist experience and contained it as suggested to Blue Line Radio. But why one leg only? If cocaine was ingested then the injuries would not be post mortem or caused by a vehicle rolling back where the person is deceased. Impact bruises such as the areas concerned point to a falling on a range of objects at the same time, that is on the same day, and in same frequency, with some more dated than others. He may have never felt the pain of the impacts or they may be contact bruises as crush or small confinement crawl spaces.

And there we have it. A plumber goes into small spaces, could he have done so forensically as forensically aware? Did Michelle ever leave the trailer as is suggested? Could a man with a loving family formerly institutionalized for murder resort to shooting himself deliberately in the heart in that sane mind when threatened? If so why, and how can the injuries when not in an arrest situation occurr?

If said person had been arrested live, then the said injuries could be said to have been caused by resisting arrest. But if he showed the left side of the thigh area to only be affected it means he had recently done some work in a space the size only a small child could crawl into. Entering a small hatch to a roof, or basement, or some container and hoisting oneself in with the right and leavering in with the left are common with builders, but also show that a person recently has squeezed into a small confined space, once or maybe twice in the small time frame before death. A day, or hours depending on the lividity of the bruising and the protective clothing worn.

I am concerned that it might be a simple occupational injury of a former major felon, but also that it could be a clue to where some action might be in attending or containing a missing person now assumed deceased?

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