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March 14, 2006


Pissed Off

So what if they(police) lost their lives... no one seems to care about the innocent people that they kill while "in the line of duty" what about the 18 yr old boy? what about my baby father who go killed for no reason? What am I supposed to tell his son? tell me can I look at him and say.."baby your daddy got shot down by the police and we don't know why" sad ass world we live in and a sad ass police force we have....we as a world don't need you and haven't needed you since RODNEY KING..

R.I.P Larry Harrison Jr.

Thats right pissed off i feel you.....the police shot my son's father 11 times after they tazed him and cuffed him..they claim "he pulled a gun" but if he had been cuffed and tazed where did he get a gun from? you see all police officers are crooked to me and I don't trust none of hell with them all..and as for the officer(s) who killed that 18 yr old boy..may you ALL ROT IN HELL on a 1st class ticket with gasoline underwear on

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