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March 13, 2006



Still diligently following your updates. I don't understand why this case hasn't been given more media attention. We have a young woman whose families are DESPERATE to know something and all we keep hearing is "alleged" abduction. I just don't get it.

Can the other victims break their silence? Are they allowed to make any kind of statements or is the LCSD instructing them not to?

Also, I wonder if the other victims are helping search for Michelle?

These are just some of the questions that are bugging me, among others.

Thank you for continuing to follow this story.


There is absoultely no definite evidence that David Wilson had anything to do with the disappearance of Michelle Bullard. I realize that it all seems too wierd, but there is no proof.
I knew David and Michelle and everyone needs to realize that their are two families that are trying to cope with their loss. It is easy to blame something on a dead man that is not here to defend himself.
Even a dumb criminal could set up a dead man.

Yes, David had a past, but tell me, who doesn't? Sure some are worse than others but we all have one. You can't lay blame on someone just because of their past. Sure it would make election time look alot better if this could be dumped on David but don't you need a body first to even determine if there has been a real crime. It is amazing to me that when the first report came out about the abduction that the other people in that house did not know if the intruder was white, black or spanish but when pictures of David were spread all over the media they came back and said that the intruder had a scar on his face. Naturally that scar was obvious when his picture was plastered everywhere. The paper likes to state that David killed himself just a few miles from the abduction site...not the fact that he was less than a mile from his home after telling his family that he was coming home until a police officer pulled up behind him. David had told me out of his own mouth several times that he would kill himself before he would ever go back to prison. He was a felon with a gun and that would have sent him back. David Wilson was a hard working man that loved his family and they were not in the financial problems that was made out to be. I believe with all my heart that he would have gone home if he would have been left alone.

There has been so much he said, she said like with any case but just because David took his own life doesn't mean that it was because of Michelle's disappearance. I saw the video at one of the stores and the clothes he was wearing did not match what was claimed by the people at that trailer.

Also,as far as the cocaine in his system that doesn't mean he took Michelle. Like alot of people he could have been out doing it all night by himself. I was a user 11 and a half years ago and I spent a many a night just riding or parking somewhere. And as far as the missing money from the trailer....where is it? It would have taken more time than the missing hours to spend that much.

I pray to God that Michelle is somewhere alive and well and was ready to just get away from this area. My heart goes out to her family and also to Davids family. Please don't just blame David Wilson because it's convenient. Please keep both families in your prayers and also the police so maybe this can all be resolved and let David rest in peace.

I had back surgery in January and when I came to I had been talking to David and he was waking me up and I know that he had to be in Heaven because I'm sure that Satan wouldn't have let him contact me...only God would have done that.

Please don't blame David because it would be an easy out. Thanks for your time and God Bless you and the Wilson and Bullard families.


woman you wont get a thing in life being so gullible. every con i know has a story to tell to gain trust and sympathy from people like you. what burns me up is that you said that hod the cop not have stopped david he would have gone home and everything would have been ok. well bull cause he killed michelle and you know it too. that man is no differnt than guys i know bad guys that play people left and right to get their way. you say he came to you in a dream or something. id call that a nightmare and so would everyone in that house that night. tell me this if he didnt do it who did huh? are you saying he was framed? unreal.

One of the other three victims the night Michelle was kidnapped

I am sorry to say it but you are full of crap.


I have a question to the victim that posted a comment. Why did they take so long to release your names? I am not even sure that they ever released the other girl or boys name in the house that night. The only name I saw was Michelles boyfriend. What is funny to me is the fact that I have lived in Sanford my whole life, and everyone from here knows that gossip is spread faster than a wildfire. Everyone know everyone. Yet I have questioned many people in the Sanford and Broadway area and no one knew who was in the house. Isn't that odd? No other names have gotten out, not even speculations of who was in the house. Hmm... Now realize I am not jumping the victims or anyone else for that matter, it just seems odd to me. Why have none of the victims come foward yet. Especially if you are accusing Mr. Wilson of the robbery and kidnapping then none of you should be afraid to come foward. You have no one to fear, the guilty person is already dead, right? I sincerely hope that they find Michelle soon and I am also praying for the others that were in the home that night, how terrifying it must have been and I can imagine the guilt you must be feeling. I am also praying for the Wilson family and I hope that people are not ruining Davids name for no reason. If he did kill Michelle, I pray that God and the Bullard family forgivc him and that the Lord have mercy on his soul.



I guess this is the part of the post you are talking about, "sincerely hope that they find Michelle soon and I am also praying for the others that were in the home that night, how terrifying it must have been and I can imagine the guilt you must be feeling." Honey, you must have been the same one to comment in the last post. Exactly what are you so angry and jumpy about? READ CAREFULLY!!!! I have not jumped on anyone, do you understand? The reason that me, myself, and I would feel guilty if I were one of the other victims is because I was here, safe and sound while one of my friends whereabouts were unknown. I mean HELLO, would you not feel the same guilt. Can you imagine being thankful that you were safe and not hurt, but yet at the same time worried that your friend was hurt. That is guilt. Please, I ask of you, read carefully before you jump all over me or just do not say anything at all.

a friend

Me- I still cannot figure out how you can have such a lack of compassion in this situation. No one is jumping all over you, but I do feel that you are writing about situations that you do not have any knowledge of. I know sitting off to the side it is easy to judge, but we who have hearts are thinking about the families and the other three victims. As far as why names of victims have not been released, their protection. Their names do not need to be public because of people like you. The other three victims have gone through enough already. Yeah Sanford is a small town, I am not even out and about much and I know all three of the other victims. People like you and Millie are why the names are not released. These kids have had their worlds turned upside down too, and all you can do is judge---grow up. Unless you were there that late night/early morning then stay out of it.

Michelle's Sister

This goes for Allison, you need to stop being so protective over David Wilson. HE was a Criminal, with a drug problem and a gun. Let me remind u, he spent time in jail for killing someone, what makes you think that he would not do it again. Obviously your drug problem has you messed up in the head too. U act like DW was a saint from heaven let me remind you again, he is a possessed devil from hell and I hope that's were he is burning now. People on drugs, especially on cociane do crazy things that you would not think they would; they alter your state of mind. DW cociane level was exceptionally high at the time he killed himself and I don't beleive anybody would kill themselves over a gun, obviously he was feeling really guilty about something else...I believe u know what it was. Hey maybe thats why they don't give felons guns; b/c they don't know how to act when they have one they like to go rob people and abduct innocent people. ANd I do'nt think you wanted to talk about the numerous bruises they found on his lower pelvic region and his hips, now do you? The last time I checked you cant get bruises after you shoot yourself in the chest and kill yourself. I mean it doesn't take a rocket scientist to look at the pieces and put it together. Even Ray Charles could see that and he's blind and dead.AND for someone to just to be going to the store to get paper towels and never returns, that's alittle suspicious. And also how do you know that there is NO EVIDENCE in this case? Are you a LEE county sheriff officer. I am sure they do, and maybe you don't know b/c people like you might try to cover up for him. As well how do you know that he didn't have extra clothes in the car and how long does it take to change clothes? Less than a minute so stop trying to cover up. And the money, how do you know that their wasn't a person assisting DW? They could have the money, so STOP trying to cover up. With all your heart do you believe that if he was just left alone he would have went home? You know what, if he did just go home a day later and act like nothing happened then he would have a chance to do it again to somebody else... maybe someone like your sister or yr daughter, how would it make you feel? Would you like to go on the internet one day to see that someone was deffending a person with such a reputation? Also, it's easy for you to say that you hope that michelle is alive,well and just wanted to get out of the area, well you don't have to think about it every second of the day and i'm sure you don't cry every night for your sister to come back.I know that Michelle did not run away or stage her own dissareance b/c she was happy and had her own money and her own home.I hope you write back b/c you will NOT sit here and take up for David Wilson. I challenge you. come on.


To a Friend: I am sorry, I still can not see why you are getting so upset. I have not jumped on any of the victims and if I have please point out where!! I know the victims are having a hard time with this, I have been robbed at gunpoint, I know how it feels. No one was kidnapped in my situation, but still it took a long time to get over. I think if you would READ CAREFULLY my posts then you would see I am not judging any of the victims.


This is to everyone who is commenting on the Michelle Bullard "abduction'. Michelle and I were best friends. I also was friends of some of the other people in the house. Notice how I am not calling them victims, because for a few reasons: 1-The reason why their names were not released is because they didn't once ever show their faces, not the first day we were searching, or any of the days after. I was there the whole first week. I was there for many weekend searches after. I just have had one question in my mind the whole time, I don't think I could ever let ANYONE I love just walk out of my life, and never once offer any help. The only time I ever saw the other victims was when we had a candle light service for Michelle. I have had trouble with this abduction from the very beginning, I have spent many nights thinking, wondering, asking myself, and then rethinking my beliefs. I know that in times of despair, many people are quick to point fingers. At this point I have pointed my fingers mainly on the Lee County Sheriff Dept. because, for the first week, they acted like they cared, and now they have literally given up. When they had us down there asking questions, they should've been searching for clues, answers, SOMETHING. I have thought many times what would be done differently if it was there children. I have heard so much crap and rumors about Michelle's past, David, e.t.c. The bottom line is when evidence doesn't fall out the sky and you actually have to put your energy to work, it's easier to just blame it on the obvious, well the obvious is that David was involved, but how will we ever know if we just sit around and gossip back and forth. We can't blame this incident on any reason other that whoever done this is EVIL, and pure hate is the only reason why I could see someone hurting Michelle. We tend to be selfish when things like this happen. I can say I have had selfish thoughts at times, like wanting so much for Michelle to come home so that I can hear her voice, but what about her, she deserves to come home, and she deserves to be heard herself! This is a cry from God, to remember our morals, and pray, search, find some way to help. People feel helpless, but one thing that could help, is to stop the rumors, and spread more positive information on this. I pray every night, that God will let Michelle send me a message, to find her. I want her home, her family wants her home, and mainly she wants to come home! I miss that beautiful smile and that lovely squeky voice.


Forgive me for stating some agenda here Breanne. You are implying that the persons in the trailer that night did not stop her abduction, did not attempt to come and search for her with others. That means that 'abduction' is as yet unsubstantiated by action or fact. That means there is no truthful as yet answer to how and why one person was selected and then another in the female category. Why a 911 was not given.

In the case of a convicted felon being in the vicinity it is easy to find correlations of events in such a case. It might be a case of drugs, drink and a whole cocktail of reasons. But as yet the reasoning behind the incident is flawed in logic, hence 'abduction' is suspect till more information comes from the 'informants'as evidence of such an event. In doing so the minute details leading up to the event of Michelle being taken out of the trailer and never being seen again will confirm whether or not a single or multiple, or even an abductor was ever present.

The issue is of credibility. In the last post Breanne you informed the world's media that the persons in the trailer who to me were not and could not be classed as 'victims' as no harm presented itself to them at any time, had not sought to move Heaven and Earth to search or show themselves. Instead seeking invisibility for some reason unlike most witnesses of an abduction or missing person appeal.

That is really what you are highlighting is it not, and a very valid psychological point. It does not, however, let Wilson off the hook, quite the opposite. A drugs deal gone bad, and no robbery? An invited person who was in collusion? A chance and random event that spiralled into violence and death?

If any of these questions are admissable, a junior and less forensic mind in a group or with another would place Michelle in their own boundary of comfort zone in complete contrast to the Wilson camp and in others than Wilson seek to throw items to show blame on the notoriety of the Wilson encampment. That is Devil's Advocate. A theory of who would dispose of Michelle where during the night. Who/Whom??????????????

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