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January 05, 2006



Michelle was lucky to have so much love in her life, but we are all lucky to have Michelle in our lives. We cant wait to have her home and be able to enjoy her friendly and energetic outlook on life. She always had a big smile for everyone and makes anyone feel at home. I know this because I have seen it numerous times in our 12 year friendship. We met in 6th grade and became best friends fast. In high school she was supposed to go to a different school & we were both devastated. So she gave me a friendship book which I read & cried over last night. She was a wonderful person & I just dont understand who or why this has happened. Please help spread her name & pictures so she can come home.


Just like Jessica, I had the privelage of being best friends with Michelle. I didn't know her as long, but we were quite close. We could tell each other secrets and trust they stayed between the two of us. We enjoyed each other's company and spent most of our summer shopping, laying out by the pool, and anticipating the upcoming birth of my newborn son. Michelle was a very giving person, a heart of pure love, she'd do anything for anyone. A loyal friend, a protective sister, and a well respected employee. I also worked with Michelle and could tell you first hand how hard she worked.She was liked by all the customers, and often we joked on how she was the only one "makin' money". Never in my life would I ever imagine someone wanting to hurt her. There weren't not even a handful of enemies in her past. Michelle deserves to come home. She needs to be able to return back to her life, and her longing goal to finish school. I hope that where ever she is, she's safe, warm, and peaceful. I can't wait to see her face again, and to hear her squeeky giggle. I will not give-up. I trust that God will see to her safe return. Please help by telling anyone and everyone about Michelle, and of this situation. Chelle, We love you and miss you more everyday!!-The Patterson Family<3

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