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January 04, 2006


A. Cristello

Hi, my name is Amanda. Julie Michelle's father is someone both my husband and I think very highly of and depend on him greatly whenever we need help with various projects at our business and properties in N.C. The store that I own was purchased from his stepfather, my mother's brother in 2004. Julian has always gone the extra mile for us both professionally and personally - he is a man of great character. Although I've never had the privilege of meeting Julie Michelle, due to her living with her mother while growing up and the fact that I've lived out of the area for the last 18 years, I've never heard anything but wonderful comments regarding her stability and character.

My husband and I wanted desperately to help Julian find his daughter in anyway possible, therefore we decided to create a reward fund. Last week I spoke with my attorney, my local bank and Julian regarding the creation of this resource/fund that would hopefully prompt someone to come forward with information that would lead law enforcement to recover Julie and bring her back home quickly. Julian had voiced his concern to me that people/media would soon forget that his daughter was missing and that is why we will continue to raise the funds in this account until she comes home. I've also contacted local churches to let them know we would be willing to donate food for plated dinner fundraisers and we are also selling home made baked goods in our store to raise funds.

After reading your website and the comments written after the mention of this $10,000 reward fund it became clear that you and/or others had questions regarding the legitimacy of this fund. In turn, I contacted my attorney again yesterday to ensure that everyone is clear as to the purpose of these funds. At this time he is creating, with the assistance of Wachovia, legal documentation that makes it clear that funds raised will go to the purposes as they are stated on the attached Reward Poster. If Julie returns home tomorrow, next week, next month, or next year this money will be donated to a charity or to another non-profit organization. The donation destination will be determined by Julie's family. I feel that it is an inappropriate time to discuss this with her family as they are clearly overwhelmed with what has happened and are spending every waking hour looking for her. My hope is to contact Julie's father shortly, once the documentation is written, and let him choose the time and place to go over this matter with his family and his ex-wife's family.

Also, just an item you might find of interest - I'm the one who informed Julie Oliver last night at 7pm, just one hour before her appearance on the Nancy Grace show, that your web-site was reporting the murder conviction that David Wilson served time for many years ago. Julie Oliver had contacted me regarding the reward fund and this is when I pointed out your website and this rather pertinent information. She did look a little disheveled on the show - probably because she was scrambling to get her facts in order. Wouldn't want Nancy Grace to call me to the mat so I imagine she didn't want her to either.

Last week I left Chief Kevin Bryant in Lee County a message regarding the fund we were creating and I have not heard from him. The poster states clearly that anyone with info. should contact law enforcement and that we should only be contacted regarding fund raising activities. I'm not interested in becoming an (armchair quarterback) crime investigator only in providing means of prompting those with information on this crime to contact the law authorities.

P.S. If you see another pimped out Cadillac Escalade with 26" rims and NJ plates - that's probably me and I have absolutely no connections with drugs or drug dealers. The driver of the black Cadillac in Julie Michelle's yard probably didn't either.

The panties that were taken for DNA evidence couldn't be of any more value than the toothbrush or the hairbrush. The lab separates all DNA from these items and let's not forget that Julie has a boyfriend whose DNA might be found in any or all of these items anyway.

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