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January 10, 2006


Search Gal

There are those of us who do care and do something about it. I've been on a professional volunteer search team for over three years. Each case we get involved with, we stay attached to. Last weekend, for instance, we were looking for a missing woman. She's still missing and every day we check to see if there are any updates in the news. We may be called to come back and look more this Saturday. Her family has no idea that we were even there, or that we care and are praying for her each day.

However, there's another issue that I want to touch on. Often in the initial phase of a search, family members, friends, and neighbors all want to get out and help. Honestly, it's not helpful. By having huge search parties out looking for the missing person, untrained people are inadvertantly destroying clues. The best approach is to call the police first and have them bring in a bloodhound. One handler and hound can many times eliminate about 3/4 of the search area. Once a targeted area is defined, then article and air scent dogs along with man trackers can quickly move through areas, identifying both scents and a flash in the grass, track traps and other clues that often lead to recovery.

Our team trains over 400 hours a year and are certified in many areas of tracking and searching. This includes such things as scene preservation. Untrained searchers can unknowingly obliterate the very evidence that could convict someone of a heinous crime.

So please, if someone really wants to help, encourage them to join a search and rescue team and commit to training properly. It's not fun work, it's hard, but they'll sleep good at night knowing that they may have helped to bring some who was lost, home.

Tre Benson

Search Gal is correct in saying people out stomping around at the crime scene can ruin evidence, even people who are supposed to be trained will sometimes forget their training and do stupid stuff themselves, such as pick up human remains and place them in a cigarette wrapper, which has been done before.

The most important thing is that you have to commit yourself to do something, even if it is talk with your neighbors to see if they know anything. If you wait for others to do something that is a shame. There are not enough people to do everything that can be done in this case. Become involved. Take an hour to look around your property, drive down a road looking for clothing, pocketbook, something out of place. Get your church involved, hold a bake sale, contact your elected officials to ask for their help. Talk her up to friends, to strangers, shop keepers, "Have you heard about that missing woman?"

Search area in this case could easily be about a 100 - 200 mile radius out from Broadway, that is if you don't limit yourself to believing the victim is stashed away somewhere in the initial crime scene's backyard. Michelle could be anywhere and to wait and eliminate that fact from the equation, to wait until the immediate area is properly searched, is a critical mistake in judgment. Think for a second, how much time transpired between the time Michelle was taken and the time it took the other three in the house to free themselves? You don't know do you? You have no idea whether it was 10 minutes or 2 hours. The abductor had no idea either, that's why you rarely find a missing person near the last point a victim was reported being seen unless the person moving her knows how much time he has. This is because moving anyone from one location to another can be extremely risky, someone may see something, such as in a metropolitan area with people up and out all hours. They typically snatch and run as far and as fast as they can get. In an area like Broadway, NC, the biggest risk would be in making it to your vehicle undetected and in the cover of darkness that isn't much of a risk. The distance the abductor would travel would depend on the reason and motive for the abduction. The area is like a spiderweb of side and back roads, you would have needed a helicopter to find a car traveling late at night on some of those roads. I am certain that if the abductor was familiar with the area then he knew where most of these backroads are and he took advantage of that.

So join a search team? Yes, definitely, great. But also get your butt off the couch and check your own backyard and neighborhood. If you find something DO NOT TOUCH IT, CALL 911

Where are the missing posters for Michelle Bullard in Spring Lake?


To Amanda; You go girl Michelle would be/ is proud for you sticking up for her and her family and what you believe in. We'll keep looking and praying till we bring her home. Please keep praying for shell-bell, that we find her and bring her home where she needs to be, KEEP LOOKING!!!!!! NO GIVING UP



If only he were here today, he would know just what to say. Today he is still lovd but now he is in the heavens above. I know i'm not supposed to ask why, but I just can't help not to ask the Lord, Why did my daddy die? He was the only daddy that I ever loved, he was loved,loved so much. No one knows, just how I feel inside now that my daddy has died. We all miss him so dearly, but yet he told us so clearly, he showed us how bad that he was ready to go. He was in so much pain, he had nothing in life left to gain. A tragedy like this can tear apart your whole world, all I can say is helpme,oh help me Dear Lord. And hold on to what you have and don't let it go, because sometimes life can get so,so low.

Love Always,
Baby Girl!!!

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