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October 07, 2005




Tina and Bethany Sinclair have been missing from NH for over 5 years

(We greatly appreciate any help you and the Public can offer. Please visit our website for further details)

Tina and Bethany Sinclair have been missing over 5 years from West Chesterfield, NH. They were living with a "now-convicted sex offender."

Tina Sinclair, at the time age 34, and her 15-year-old daughter Bethany, were living in the Chesterfield home with Eugene Van Bowman. They were last seen on Feb. 3, 2001. According to Bowman, the two had a fight, and Bowman told police he ended it by walking out of the house. By the time he came back, he told police, Tina and Bethany had taken their clothes and left.

Left behind were Tina's car and cat, and both women's possessions.

On Monday, Feb. 5, an unknown woman called Keene High School to say that Bethany, who was a freshman at the time, would be out sick. The last person to talk to Bethany was her date on Saturday night, over the phone, just before midnight. The women have not been heard from again.

Chesterfield police were called after the women had been missing a week, and state police were brought in after that.

Officially, the disappearances are classified as a missing persons case, and no suspects have been named. However, Bowman has been called a "person of interest" by authorities, and his home has been searched several times, including a search of the residence in April and a river search after the river thawed out.

After five years, it is doubtful that the women will be found alive.

APRIL 28, 2006 - CHESTERFIELD, N.H. Searchers with dogs were in woods Friday in West Chesterfield, an area that has been searched before.

State police say the search was prompted by a tip from the local Canine Alert Search Team.

The family and friends have published a NEW website in attempt to bring new life to their COLD CASE. We are soliciting the public's help in finding the missing mother and daughter.

Our contact email address is: [email protected]

Sharon Garry (sister of Tina Sinclair and aunt to Bethany Sinclair) can be reached at: [email protected]

MerryJo: friend and webmaster can be reached at: [email protected]

Gillian Overing

The Media has turned silent on the death of Taylor Behl, a young college student who went missing and whose remains were discovered in a remote area east of Richmond, Va. Presumably we're supposed to be satisfied that her probable murderer is in police custody, but those who knew Taylor are certainly not. We want to know why a 38 year old male was allowed to prey on a 17 year old over a period of months within the jurisdiction of the VCU police. We want to know specifically "where was VCU police captain Tina S. Buck?" Instead of focusing on protecting young women on the campus of VCU, it's not uncommon to find Captain Buck at out-of-state conferences presenting herself as an expert on stalking (oh, the morbid irony). And what was Taylor Behl experiencing if not that? As far as unwanted attentions from a male is concerned, it doesn't get much worse than Murder. Where was Captain Buck? Not only was she not involved in any aspect of the investigation, she may've actually hindered it: one of Taylor's friends was putting up missing fliers and officer Buck made him take them down as she was not considered missing at that point(!)., over a year since Taylor's death, it's time for some accountability to ensure that this horrific act may not repeated on another young woman.


UPDATES Jan. 07':
Gil Alba of NY's Gil Alba Investigations has taken on our case!

Mysteriously, our POI, Eugene Van Bowman, Jr. has been taken off of the NH Sex offender registry. We are trying to find out why??? He was incarcerated on an unrelated offense. We are not sure if he is out or where he is at this time.

Please visit our sites for lots of updates.

We need the public's help/media attention.

Admin./friend of the family

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