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October 24, 2005



We need new ways to deal with sex offender. They are who they are and nothing is going to ever stop them no matter how many times they claim they won't reoffend.

The Twisted Line

Steven Mark Pilling

Dear Tre:

This sort of thing is hardly confined to North Carolina, God knows! As I've always said, the law is only as good as the willingness of legal officials to enforce it. To all too many of our officals, keeping track of offenders is a secondary function.

There's a reason for this, though. One of them you just illustrated in your remarks. Again and again, incompetant and/or depraved judges let sex offenders, even those convicted of horrendous crimes against children, off the hook. Social workers tasked with keeping track of them are either overburdened or just plain don't care. Sheriffs and police chiefs- who are most often politicians first- don't want to dirty their hands with something they consider to be SEP (Someone Else's Problem).

Of course, given the extremely high rate of recidivism among child molestors, the question is- "Why are these predators allowed to roam free among us in the first place?" The answer: Because children no longer enjoy the special status of worth and affection among us that they once did... and that they deserve in any healthy, moral society. The chaotic and largely unenforced child protection laws in many states and on the federal level (among which, unfortunately, North Carolina has become particularly notorious) has contributed to this sad state of affairs.

Steven Mark Pilling

Dear Tre: I JUST noticed that this article is dated 2005! I only hope that, since that time, those offenders you mentioned were caught and returned to prison... forever.


Oh yes, return them to prison...forever. Read your history, you Bud-light guzzling morons. Up until the late 1800's, the age of consent in every state but Delaware was ten, that's right, 10. In Delaware it was 7. So let's all go watch Dakota Fanning get raped in "Hound Dog" or do drugs and dress provocatively in "The Runaways", then maybe you'll all come to realize the truth, which is that humans become interested in sex at or before puberty. But no, honey, you must abstain, read your Bible and pray to Jesus for help in fighting those filthy urges. Then go hide away and Nasturbate until you are 18 and so screwed up you can't possibly have a normal life. Crack open another Bud-light and let's sit around judging others. Pitiful!!!

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