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October 08, 2005


Crooked Columbus County Commissioners Rob the Taxpayers a Little More

Monday, September 25, 2006
Columbus County Commissioners Take a Collective Stupid Pill
Our grand bunch of commissioners got together the other day and in a closed meeting, unamimously voted themselves a very generous health insurance benefit. The plan was included in the county personnel manual by commissioners Godwin, McKenzie and Jacobs. The News Reporter stated that they requested a copy of the manual before the vote, but that county Manager Jim Varner wouldn't allow. After the benefit was made public, some of the commissioners said that they thought it was a grand idea, that their constituents would want them to have this token of appreciation, other counties have similar benefits, I didn't know it was in there and no comment. Board rebel James Prevatte, stated that he didn't read the manual word for word and must have overlooked that section. Everyone I've spoken with has said that that was no excuse and wondered what else he might have overlooked since taking office.

The benefit would pay 50% of the health insurance for a 1 term commissioner, 75% for a 2 term and 100% for a 3 term. They would recieve the benefit regardless of their antics while on the board. The News Reporter published the following chart showing what some of the surrounding counties have like this. Just to make it clear, the Columbus County plan is the best of the bunch, even better than counties that have 5 times the tax receipts as Columbus.

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